My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 232


Shay fell into contemplation. Pondering for 5 seconds, he slapped his head.

“Oh, yea! I can teach marksmanship! Whether it’s arcing bullets, floating bullets, or gunfights. As long as you can afford it, there’s nothing I can’t teach! I’ll discuss it first with the owner of this school. When the time comes, there will be promotion and salary. This way, you can reach the peak of the hunter ranks easily!”

Shay nodded, feeling that his idea was feasible.

Sniper is also one of the five jobs available. Why does the school only teach melee combat skills? It doesn’t make sense!

His gaze burned as he looked around at the hunters.

As if he was thinking of something. He coughed dryly. His face turned serious. He put his hand behind his back, and his friendly demeanor dissipated into nothing.

“So what about it? Are you guys interested in signing up for my firearms refresher course?”

The hunters looked at each other. They thought this man with… Ahem, eccentricities were getting more and more eccentric.

It seemed that he’s addicted to firearms.

There were a lot of people who mainly rely on firearms to kill demonic beasts. But they had to admit, as they got stronger, firearms were becoming less and less useful. Even when using special bullets, it’s difficult to penetrate the skin and scale armor of a high ranked demonic beast.

But this eccentric expert in front of them seemed to have a particular fondness for firearms? That’s entirely possible.

But when the man gazed at them, it felt strange.

His fiery gaze made them shiver.

After a while, the hunters present politely declined Shay’s invitation to his firearms refresher course.

Shay looked a bit disappointed.

He was constantly chanting. ‘No more money, no extra money.’

But he’s a strong person who can handle mental blows. He quickly recovered and said, “We have three masters who permanently resident here at our school. These three masters are excellent in using three kinds of weapons, greatsword, sword, and lances, to meet the mainstream market, ahem… I mean, they will regularly hold classes to teach weapon skills, as well as training methods.”

“As for the strength, well, they’re certainly weaker than me. After all, an explosion in art, firearms is the king. How about it? Isn’t anyone here wanting to enroll in my firearms course?” Shay couldn’t help but ask again after a brief pause.

“Our school occasionally will have special instructors to teach the use of your special abilities. Including how to train, use, and even develop your ability. Of course, such an advanced course will be charged for the extra cost.”

“As for the owner of the school… maybe… maybe he’ll come to teach the students. I think?”

The martial art school’s equipment, Shay’s strength. Seeing the two factors, the hunters who came here only to visit become interested.

Some people asked about the most crucial part, enrolment fees. “I wonder how much it would cost a student to enroll in the school for a month? And how much for a senior member? How will the classes be calculated, and are there any special events?”

“We don’t have senior member options available. The cost to enroll as an ordinary member is very cheap, only 30 spirit stones a month.”

“But well.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “Because our school’s advanced training equipment is still scarce, it would require time billing to operate an advanced equipment. Ordinary membership cards can only use ordinary equipment for free. Oh right, if there’s a queue in the advanced training equipment, then members would have higher priority.”

Some people couldn’t help but say their thoughts. “The equipment from this school is very good, but time billing is too much…”

After all, time billing can’t possibly be cheap. They might get distracted while training, too, because they paid too much attention to the timer.

Shay nodded and smiled. “How much equipment do you think we have here?”

How much?

They were on the first floor of the building.

In addition to the fight arena in the center of the ground floor, there were all kinds of training equipment on the left and right sides, and what they just saw was only a small part of the school.

Just one floor.

The martial art school is divided into several areas. They said there was also various training equipment in these areas.

So basically, the number was true quite a lot.

No other large martial arts school can compete with the Extreme Martial Arts School, both size and the number of training equipment.

“Could it be… these are all ‘ordinary’ equipment?”  The first person who spoke pressed the word ‘ordinary.’

A fist power testing device that could withstand the power above a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter’s full burst.

A high-speed runway device that could withstand high-pressure trampling.

Even the Wild Lion Feng Yu can’t even pull half of the chest expander.

If these were all ordinary equipment, then what about the training equipment from other schools? Are they junks?

Yet, this is the truth.

“We’ve seen the first two floors. The equipment here belongs to ordinary training areas. Members can use them for free. On the higher floor is the advanced training area. Generally, you’re not allowed to go up there. However, today you’re lucky because the owner said you could use all the equipment here for free for three days. Of course, advanced training equipment is also included.”

Led by Shay, the hunters come to the advanced training area with high expectations.

One by one, they passed through training equipment.

Shay pointed to a spherical-shaped room. “This is the gravity chamber. Yes, it’s exactly what you think. You can adjust the gravity to achieve high-intensity training effects. Even, this chamber can also release mental pressure, bringing out a sense of oppression which is helpful for breakthroughs.”

“And this is the strain space. It’s equipped with illusions to simulate various types of attacks. You can choose to dodge or to take a weapon to block it. Through this high-intensity training, you can perfect your power control. Your ability to adapt in the face of danger will be boosted highly.”

Rapid runway.

Fantasy Shooting range.

House of fear.

They were new types of training equipment that the hunters had never heard of. Let alone seeing with their own eyes.

This time, even if there was no reward offered, they were curious enough to try it.

At first, they were both shocked and delighted by the advanced training equipment.

They were shocked by the Extreme Martial Arts School’s advanced technology. Even the Luoxia Shelter’s official Academy of Sciences’ couldn’t produce such equipment.

And they rejoiced.

With the help of this kind of equipment, they can achieve various benefits through exercise alone.

In the doomsday, who doesn’t want to get stronger?

Feng Yu, the Wild Lion, stared at the equipment with a fiery gaze. He had been stuck at the bottleneck for a long time. His gaze was even hotter than Shay’s gaze earlier.

They all tried the equipment.

Even if their body was exhausted, their spirits were on fire.

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