My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 233


From the Extreme Martial Arts School’s opening ceremony early in the morning until the sunset on the west sky.

The last ray of the setting sun reflected half the sky, the mercenaries who were out killing demonic beasts all day long returned to the shelter with tired bodies.

At this time, the hunters who visited the Extreme Martial Art School were… still trying out various new equipment.

Like a child having a new beloved toy, even some of them almost forgot to have lunch.

Tang Yu had been secretly observing them. This scene was a bit unbearable to watch. He had performed such a grand opening and made the school equipment free for three days to attract customers. But… those who come weren’t that many?

The school had not accepted any students applying for a membership yet. Nor anyone else had inquired about the future classes in the school.

Tang Yu believed that it’s not because these hunters had no interest. He used his Lord’s Authority to see clearly. The hunters were all having fun. They were all addicted to the training equipment.

Of course, he wouldn’t do such a thing as peeking at the ladies with great bodies.


Shay and the three Carmen brothers will be in charge of the martial arts school, hurriedly instructing the staff and the guards to arrange things down.

The number of hunters who may have come to visit, how many will choose to apply for membership cards, and how many will have the will to pay to use their advanced training equipment in the future.

Just like a web novel, how many readers would join the subscription?

It’s very important for a martial arts school.

Since the first three days are free, the membership card can be extended to three days later next month.

Hearing the news, the Wild Lion Feng Yu and the hunters who just got out of the gravity room hurriedly rushed to the first floor and applied for a membership card. Ignoring their physical and mental fatigue.

In just less than a day, they felt significant progress from using the gravity chamber and strain space.

Feng Yu was clearly stuck at the Fifth Awakening Stage for a while now. Even if he absorbed and refined his spirit power, he couldn’t raise it any further.

But now, he had improved significantly compared to earlier this morning. If he recovered his strength and tried the fist strength device again, he believed he could score more than 10.000 points.

Even if the membership price was 100 spirit stones instead of 30, he would apply as a member without hesitation.

“Well, we have to inform the others in the regiment as soon as possible while the school is new. They can use the training equipment here to improve their strength. With this, our regiment’s strength will improve greatly.”

“Fortunately, I came here today. Otherwise, we might have missed this important information. Once the school gained popularity, it would be harder to train here, I’m sure of it.”

Feng Yu handed over 90 units of spirit stones to the staff. The staff used some kind of hand-held scanner to measure the value of the spirit stones.

He wasn’t surprised.

Compared to grand equipment such as the gravity chamber, this scanner is a piece of cake.

The hunters beside him also looked calm. Even if he didn’t bring that many spirit stones, he could always recharge. Or he can sell something.

The school had just opened. They had no core members yet.

Feng Yu thought back to the scene he saw this morning. There were around 200 or 300 hunters attending the ceremony. The number was small, the competitiveness was weak, and the school still needed to gain a reputation. They also needed a star student.

Right now, it would be easy to gain the school’s attention since there was not much competition going on between the members. But of course, he had to prove his worth first.

After completing the registration card, he didn’t leave. He wanted to take a look around for his competitors.


A minute passed.

Two minutes..

Ten minutes…

The number of people coming to the registration area to apply for a membership car didn’t decrease. In fact, there were more and more people coming, eventually forming a short queue.

“Their goal is to provide a wide arrange of service and product to the market. Although they might become one of the biggest schools in the shelter, it would take time to gain a reputation. So… where did these people come from?”

The other Red Maple mercenaries couldn’t figure it out either.

They were so engrossed in training that they hadn’t even had the time to inform the other mercenaries from their regiment. Probably that’s the same case with the other hunters from the other regiments who visited the school.

Little did they know that a group of students from Zhentian who had witnessed the scene of the two maidens kicking the asses of a powerful demonic beast had followed the newly opened school.

The news wasn’t really a secret and had long been spread among the other students.

Some of the hunters also heard it. Some scoffed, some come half-heartedly to the school. While some finally inquired why a school would open this time while the martial arts school industry was dying.

Since a while ago, the Extreme Martial Arts School was no longer obscure.


Luoxia Shelter, Central District.

Public Security Bureau, Chief’s Office.

Chief Jin, a man with beer-belly, was leaning back in his chair, frowning at the information in his hand.

“Tang Yu, male, Xiahu District. After finishing his study at Lincheng University, he stayed in the Lincheng territory before the doomsday. Until some time ago, he crossed the provincial border with a team of powerful allies and arrived at the Luoxia Shelter.”

“Among the team, there is a hunter with ice element ability. Extremely strong, capable of freezing an entire underground cave. Something even the top-ranked hunter among the Ancestral Dragon can’t do. There’s some speculation that the hunter received help from some kind of ice treasures. But the hunter’s strength is unarguably could reach the shelter’s top rank hunter.”

“According to the observation. Tang Yu is the core figure, the captain of the team. The other members respected him well. Thus presumably, Tang Yu’s strength is even higher, someone who needs to be observed closely.”

Looking at the information his subordinate reported, Chief Jin had a headache.

As the Chief of the Security Bureau, although his job doesn’t look very grand in the doomsday, they were responsible for the order and security within the Luoxia Shelter.


The Chief was considered as one of the shelter’s top brass.

He had countless experts under him, but the task is very heavy. They had to take care of the strong ones among the shelter. If an accident occurs, it could harm the civilian’s safety.

And among them, the people in the Extreme Martial Arts School are particularly powerful.

“But after clearing the anthill, those people, including the ice ability use haven’t reappeared. They can’t be staying at home all the time, right?” Chief Jin scratched his non-existent hair.

They can’t even find the people they need to observe. So what should they do? With their strength, if they wanted to stay hidden underground, then no one would even find them.

He continued scratching his head that it was almost gone bald!


A member of the security team hurried in. “Chief, something had happened! There’s a major murder case in the second block. Thirteen were found dead, and… it seems a little weird.”

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