My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 234


Chief Jin rubbed his temples and looked at the visitor.

This person’s his right-hand man. A strong ability user. He was newly recruited after the doomsday and quickly climbed through the ranks.

He’s too unpredictable…

The company’s business seemed peaceful enough. There were no problems yet.

‘Those people from the Extreme Martial Arts School… forget it, they seem to be peaceful. Let’s put that aside first.’

Chief Jin pondered and took the information handed by his subordinate.

The information was in a file bag. He casually took out the papers inside, sighing, “Xiao Xu, please remember things steadily. You’re so unpredictable. I can’t help but feel anxious, giving you a task. This time, 13 people were dead.”

“Before the doomsday, 13 dead people will be a major case. But even now, we can’t rest easy knowing survivors get killed everyday. We can only look for the solution with calm minds. Do you understand?” Chief Jin was going to continue, but he stopped.

His gaze fell on photos taken from the file. His face frowning.

There were men and women among the victim’s photos, both old and young. But the only common thing among the victims was their facial expression. It’s extremely distorted as if they had experienced great pain at the moment of their death.

Yet, none of them were injured.

If it wasn’t for the distorted face and the fact that they weren’t breathing, one would actually think they were asleep.

“No injuries at all? The investigator… Do they find something else? Such as toxic gas residue or something like that?”

The young man in front of him shook his head.

Chief Jin rubbed his temples again.

Most of the investigators were pre-doomsday professionals. Since there was no other information, he wasn’t sure what to ask.

No wonder he said the case is a bit weird.

Chief Jin continued to read on the information. Tapping his fingers on the desk until he suddenly stopped. He jerked his head up from the papers. “There was a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter among the victims? This… this is serious!”

“Why didn’t you say earlier?”

The man lowered his head with a twisted expression.

‘Because you said you want to be discreet!’


At the crime scene.

It was an upscale residential neighborhood in the Luoxia Shelter. Most of the residents were hunters, as well as their relatives or closed ones.

The security company was hired to ensure the safety of the neighborhood while the hunters were away. To prevent revenge murder and other accidents.

The captain of the security team was a Fifth Awakening Hunter. Most of the members were at the Third Stage, fully equipped with weapons and items.

Although there’s a lot of survivors going missing and dying every day in the shelter, most of them lived in relief districts, or ordinary residential areas.

But that’s not the case with the upscale neighborhood. They were able to hire security companies to secure the neighborhood so accidents were scarce.

Most hunters willingly spend their money to be able to live here.

This was the first death in the upscale residential area. 13 of them.

The First Captain of the Security Bureau stared at the dead ones in front of him for a long time and frowned.

“Did you find out the relationship between these people?”

The person next to him shook his head. “Their identity has been verified. Among the 13, 3 were a family of 3, 5 were members of a mercenary regiment, and the other 2 were a couple. The rest of them were alone.”

“There was no contact between the victims on a regular basis. Except for the same living area.”

“Six of them lived in Building 17, and the rest in 18.” The man finished his report. Carefully observing the scene as if there were a scary ghost in the area.

“Captain, how do you think these people died? Especially the Fifth Stage hunter? It doesn’t look like he had put up much resistance. There’s no such thing as a ghost, right?”

Humph! Stop saying nonsense. We’ve defeated a demonic beast wave. How scary a ghost would be?”

“But looking at the situation, it doesn’t look like a murder for revenge, right? Is there any psychopath hunter? In this case, that person must be stronger than a Fifth Awakening Stage. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly kill the victims.”

“If that person is only targeting strong people, it could be. But it’s not the case this time. There were a few ordinary civilians among the victims.” He shook his head, and the more he deduced, the more he couldn’t figure it out.

The officer was pacing back and forth in the room. “We can’t figure something out by doing the same thing before the doomsday. Time’s changed, let go of your imagination. Theoretically speaking, anything can happen.”

“First, according to the estimated time of death, the murderer should be only one person. His or her strength is at least at the Sixth Awakening Stage or up, and probably had some kind of ability. The strange kind, good at sneak attack. Maybe some kind of spiritual ability.”

“The motive of the murder is unknown for now. It could be a mental condition, but it could be on purpose. It’s entirely possible. Maybe it was a way to enhance his own abilities.”

“Ability? Can killing people enhance one’s ability?”

“This is just my speculation. But indeed, it’s entirely possible.” The First Captain said.

“Among the Ancestral Dragon Elite Hunters Warfare Regiment, there’s a certain hunter who had a metal ability who could enhance his ability by absorbing special metal. Such as making the metal growing out of his body harder, or something like that.”

“In short, we can’t take this case lightly. If it’s really because the killer wanted to enhance their strength by killing people, the killer would definitely commit the same crime. We must solve this case as soon as possible.”


Just a few hundred meters away from the crime scene.


The environment was horrible.

In the basement, an array of scarlet rune was painted with blood.

In front of the rune, several shadows stood. Their appearance was hidden in the darkness.

Beside those who stood, there were several blurry faces… no, they had no face.

The layer of skin on their faces was ripped off, leaving only bloody flesh as their faces.

The shadows couldn’t care much about the corpses, they were busy talking among themselves.

“Human soul’s quality is marvelous, especially an awakened human’s soul. A single soul is worth a few ordinary humans. It seems it won’t be long until we can fill the rune array to open the black door. Hehehehe…”


In the darkness, the rune array let out a faint scarlet red.

Illuminating the shadows who wore an expressionless face, as well as their hollowed eyes that wavering blue flame.

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