My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 237


“…Why several young men and women died naked in the streets.”

“…Why hundreds of survivors are frequently missing.”

“Behind all this is the brilliance of humanity or the sublimation of morality, it is..”

Tang Yu was puzzled.

For some reason, he couldn’t help but recited the words in his head when he read the headline. 

So, this is the reason why the Luoxia Daily Times was more popular than the official newspaper? 

He continued to read down, “Recently, there have been several vicious killings in the shelter. According to our secret resource, there were a lot of victims whose head was missing. Most shockingly, the headless corpses were hunters. It seems that the killers loved the heads.”

“In addition, according to the information we have gained, aside from the murder cases mentioned above, there have been a lot of survivors missing within the shelter. We would like to remind you to take extra precautions. Avoid going out late at night, and don’t go to deserted or desolate places…” Tang Yu frowned.

He didn’t expect a large shelter like Luoxia had a security problem. The crime scenes of the cases mentioned above were concentrated in the center of the shelter: the Xiawan district, the commercial district, and more stable and prosperous districts.

It’s not that there were no cases in the Relief District. Even if there were any, it would be hard to track, right?

Tang Yu wasn’t sure if it’s because the Shelter official’s focus is to defend from the demonic beast’s attack, or if it’s because the hunters after the doomsday had gone mad after gaining power. 

“Forget it. It’s the official’s business, not mine. At least, I should tell the Carmen Brothers to strengthen the patrol within the territory. Building various defense structures. Well, that should do the trick.” 

He shrugged it off. He wasn’t interested in the murder case. He turned the page of the newspaper and continued reading. 

[It is reported that the Zhentian Martial Arts School had reached an agreement on compensation with most of the deceased students’ families. But there were still some grief-stricken families that kept asking the school to send people out to search for the missing student. Saying that they wanted to see them, alive or dead.] [The top-notch news was that the Feiyang mercenary regiment, which ranks 18th in the mercenary guild in terms of mission points, was attacked by a powerful demonic beast in the wilderness, and the whole group was wiped out. The head of the Feiyang mercenary regiment was at the peak of the Sixth Awakening Stage. Most of the team members had the power of the Fourth and Fifth Awakening Stage. We can conclude a mighty demonic beast had attacked the Feiyang mercenary regiment. We pray that there won’t be any demonic beast in heaven.]

Some other news was either the head of a particular powerful mercenary regiment, strong enough to kill a super demonic beast.

Or an expert breakthrough the Sixth Awakening Stage, among the ranks of the first-tier power. 

The news of the hunters was also the ordinary survivor’s interest.

Tang Yu was a little surprised that he didn’t see any gossip within the newspaper. He didn’t believe they couldn’t gather them.

He thought the editor was probably scared of being attacked by an angry hunter if they exposed some private information, right?

He put down the newspaper. 

Tang Yu raised his eyebrows and sensed a hunter aura that was not less than his.

In front of him, several hunters wearing light blue uniforms with ret crests on their clothes’ arms hurriedly ran past him and ran off towards the distance.

The one leading the team was at the Fifth Awakening Stage. 

“That uniform belongs to the shelter’s security team, right?”

Thinking about what he just read in the newspaper, Tang Yu looked around him. At the corner of an alley, there was quite a crowd gathering there. 

They formed a half-circle, blocking the alleyway entrance. They tiptoed and tried to see the situation inside until the security teams’ arrival, who quickly dismissed the crowd of onlookers from the alley.

Even in the doomsday, the crowd of onlookers was too bold.

“Aren’t those people worried about getting into trouble and being in danger? Especially the one closest to the crime scene, if something happened, there won’t be a chance to escape.

While thinking about it, he walked over. 

The crowd of onlookers had been dismissed, and the whole alley was closed.

Tang Yu didn’t need to get close. With his Fifth Awakening eyesight, he looked inside through the gap of the crowd. 

With high buildings blocking the sunlight on both sides, the narrow alleyway appeared dim.

His sight crossed the police line, past the security team members guarding the alleyway entrance, dispersing the crowd of onlookers, and saw two dead men lying on the ground. Their lapels were stained with blood.

Beside the corpses, two forensic doctors wearing white coats and gloves were examining the bodies.

The corpses had their feet facing the entrance of the alleyway. Tang Yu couldn’t see the whole scene, so he walked a few steps to the side. His gaze was fixed. 

“Sure enough. These two corpses were also headless.”

The heads didn’t look like they had been cut open. There was no smooth flat cut. Instead, it looked as if they had been pulled up hard. 

The neck was stretched. The pain made the victim’s face extremely distorted, and their lips and face became pale. Their muscles twitched as their blood vessels looked like a crawling insect.

From their faces and the necks, it looked like they’ve been putting up violent struggle and resistance.

But without avail.

Until they were pulled off like carrots, ripped off, gushing out blood from the broken neck. The victim’s body unconsciously twitched twice before finally losing its life. 

That was what came into his mind when he saw the corpses.

His intuition told him that the victim’s head wasn’t pulled off after death. But while they were still alive. Increasing the force little by little until it finally snapped out. 

It was that cruel.


Public Security Bureau, Chief’s Office.

Chief Jin sat in the main seat of the conference room and couldn’t help but rub his temples.

“The 15th. This is the 15th headless murder case. With a total of 39 people, 38 of them were hunters. Their strength ranges from First to Fourth Awakening Stage.”

There were only a few cases of murder mentioned in the newspaper. Those were cases where there were too many witnesses to cover up, and thus, were published by the newspaper.

Most of the cases were suppressed by their office. But even so, the shelter was also on edge. Everyone was panicking because of the cases. 

The punishment for the crimes on the doomsday was heavy. For troubled survivors, the Public Security Bureau had no mercy. They would arrest and kill murderers.

The Chief wasn’t worried that these people would take advantage of the opportunity to make trouble.

The source of his headache was that they haven’t got any clue regarding the headless murderers.

It was a powerful, organized, multiple crime. 

If he didn’t come up with a result, his job as the Chief would be threatened.

Chief Jin scratched his head and accidentally pulled off a handful of hair.

His heart was even more restless. 

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