My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 238

[Author’s note: I forgot to write the chapter name. Now I can’t change it, let’s just forget it this time.] 

The pictures of these case scenes were scrolling on the projection curtain.

In the meeting room, many people are frowning.

After the doomsday, there were all kinds of cruel murder and mutilated bodies. They who worked in the Public Security Bureau had seen and dealt with similar events.

But it’s different this time. 

Even the Fourth Awakening Hunters were killed without resistance.

Among the dead, there were relatives of the shelter’s higher up. The pressure came from the top, and also middle and upper-class people.

Therefore, they were all anxious. Everyone in the Chief’s Office was under a lot of pressure. 

The Chief transferred his pressure to the senior captain. The senior captain assigned the task to the squadron leader, and the squadron leader ordered…

Layer by layer, none of them truly had any good sleep.

Some people complained they want to die, or they don’t want to work for the Bureau. 

However, if one would notice the number of hunters missing in the wilderness, they would find the number of missing hunters in the wilderness had unknowingly gone up quite a bit these days.

“What do you all think about these recent cases?” Chief Jin was the first to speak up, breaking the dull atmosphere.

“What else? This is simply a group of psychopathic murderers! Murderers with antisocial personality disorder!” A deputy director said with a huff.

Chief Jin didn’t look at him but instead looked at one of the first lieutenants, “Captain Lei, you have the most exposure to these cases, what’s your opinion?”

“These people are well organized and frequent. I am more inclined to think that there is some kind of special purpose.” Captain Lei said deliberately, “In order to catch this group of people, our goal can start from two aspects. One is to find out the group’s stronghold in the shelter, two, to determine their starting target.”

“Determine the target? How is this possible! Have you forgotten we can’t even find the relationship between them? How should we judge them?”

“No, there IS a relationship.” Captain Lei paused and continued, “First of all, the dead are mostly hunters and young. These we already know, of course. But this can also be attributed to the murderer’s certain quirk. In short, even if we can’t find the motive, we have an area for the two common points.”

“Area? There had been cases in the Red Light District, the Central District, the commercial district, even the relief district. They pretty much cover the entire shelter.”

“Not really.” Captain Lei said, his fingers controlled the mouse of the desktop computer.

The projection screen showed a map of the shelter. 

On it, various districts and even streets were marked in detail. A small red dot appeared across the map, marking the crime scenes. 

A red light district enveloped these fifteen cases. 

“Look, guys.” Captain Lei stood up and pointed to the screen with a laser pointer, “Although there are murders in all areas, the most cases occurred in the Red Light District, including cases that occurred in other areas, the location is also biased towards the Red Light District.”

Someone frowned, “This area is too big to say anything.”

Some of the members present also nodded their heads, “With such a small number, we can’t conclude anything just from this phenomenon. Even the light red district covered a third of the shelter. It’s too big.”

“Do you guys still remember the disappearance cases that happened before?”

The disappearance cases were also the source of the members’ problem. 

At that time, they followed the clues all the way to track them. I even bumped into a strong man carrying a huge sack late one night. I only ended up losing them after some chasing. 

“…After that time, the disappearance cases looked like they had been reduced. But in fact, it was becoming more discreet. I believe there’s a lot of missing hunters we couldn’t find.” Captain Lei said.

“The disappearance case and this headless murder case was done by the same group of people. We also have some speculation, but no evidence to prove…”

“Wait, you are trying to say that the disappearance case also happens mostly in the Red Light District?!” One of the brigade captains suddenly thought of something, pounded the desk.

After being whacked to pieces repeatedly, they finally replaced the desk with a desk made of special metal materials. This time, it avoided the fate of being whacked into pieces again, accompanied with a loud clunk. 

The others did not care but frowned in thought.

In retrospect about the disappearance, the earliest first was also reported by survivors of the Red Light District, and only later gradually spread outside the Red Light District.

“Although the Area wasn’t small. But compared to the entire shelter, the scope was ultimately much narrower so the exclusion work can be easily done…”

According to the existing case clues, the people in the conference room expressed their views.

Captain Lei kept silent. He actually already had a suspected location, right in a certain upscale residential neighborhood in Red Light District. 

The first thirteen survivors’ strange death case with no wounds was in his responsibility.

Although from the first glance, both the headless murder and the missing cases weren’t related, Captain Lei had a feeling that the culprit was the same group of people.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the power to search the high-class residential areas like this one unless they can get hold of definite evidence.

“We can only discreetly investigate the area, but also should be careful not to alarm the other party.”


A member of the investigation team hurriedly ran in.

“Chief… Captain… We found the clues!” 


Wang Ran was an ordinary survivor. 

A lucky one.

After the doomsday, he came to Luoxia with the army. Without any danger, or even demonic beast appearance. 

Because he arrived early, the Luoxia big construction had a shortage of manpower, so he easily became a factory employee. This job was a dream job that many survivors envied him. 

What was more enviable than the job was, in fact, his girlfriend. 

Both of them didn’t get separated after the doomsday. They had arrived together and worked in the same factory. 

Although his qualification wasn’t enough to be a hunter, Wang Ran wasn’t too much disappointed. Even, he thought, would most hunters have such a beautiful girlfriend?

His salary was enough to live a comfortable life. With his girlfriend’s company, even in the doomsday, he can live a happy life. 

Or that’s what he thought.

Until three days ago, he saw her snuggling in someone else’s arms.

Her eyes looked at him with pure disgust. 

The harsh words were still fresh in his mind.

The girlfriend he had dated for a few years, the one he had always been faithful to, was surprisingly already becoming a regular guest in someone else’s bed. 

The reason was that he was just an ordinary survivor.

A lowly survivor, from the eyes of a hunter. 

Wang Ran’s dream shattered as his life crumbled.

However, his resistance against the hunter who snatched his girlfriend was so powerless. 

The hunter easily defeated him. 

Their power gap was wide, like heaven and earth.

He was desperate.

He became muddled.


“You crave for power? Thirsty for revenge?”

The black shadow, appearing before him, promised him unparalleled power.

Wang Ran did not hesitate to agree, no matter what price it would cost him.

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