My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 239


Wang Ran passed out.

Once he woke up, he found that everything in front of him had changed.

He was no longer the powerless ordinary man, and with every move he made, he was able to pull a great power. So powerful that even he, himself, could not believe it.

In just a few hours, he was transformed.

All he needed to do was to do some simple things for the mysterious man.

That’s right.

Killing the right hunters and collecting their souls, in Wang Ran’s opinion, couldn’t be simpler.

After all, with the power, there’s not much that he can’t do.


The mysterious man left some information inside his mind, allowing Wang Ran to become familiar with his power in a short time.

He discovered that not only his strength, speed, and physique were all countless times stronger. His body had also partially mutated and become stronger.

Inside his body, there was also a powerful and mysterious power hosted. By invoking this power, he was more able to perform all kinds of weird and powerful means.

What made Wang Ran even more excited was the mysterious man’s promise that he would be granted even more powerful strength every time he brought back a certain share of souls.


The mystery man asked for a young soul, a hunter with strong negative emotions, whether it was resentment or despair—the higher the negative emotion, the better the soul’s quality.

The first target Wang Ran chose was the pair of scums he despised the most.

The male hunter that had abused him now became his victim instead.

He had also abused and killed his ex-girlfriend.

Thinking back, the two people were looking at him with shock and regret in their eyes. He remembered how they were begging like dogs. Wang Ran’s heart burst with pleasure.

The abuse became more exciting.

The last two souls collected, even the ordinary human souls of his girlfriend, were praised by the mysterious man for their superior quality.

As a result, he was also given power by the mysterious man to become stronger.

“The old me was really stupid, women, heh, with power, wealth, and women are nothing.”

For several days, Wang Ran frantically stepped on the spot, collected and screened information about the target, contributed many fresh souls to the mysterious man, and his strength soared.


At this moment, inside a certain room.

Wang Ran stepped on the blood-stained floor.

All around him, the walls and windows were covered with a strange ink-like veil. 

In front of him, a pair of male and female hunters fell on the floor with a pained expression.

The male hunter struggled a few times, stood up, grabbed the combat knife that fell by his side, and rushed forward with a slash. 


However, before the hunter could launch his attack, Wang Ran’s back split open, and a black thread emerged from his bare muscles. 

Like a long whip, it was as swift as lightning. 

The male hunter was jerked away by the black thread and crashed heavily against the wall. 

Strangely, the wall was still intact. The ink-like veil layer seemed to separate the room from the outside world as if they were in two different worlds. 

More and more black threads emerged from behind Wang Ran.

Wang Ran walked up to the female hunter who had fallen to the ground, and he laughed a few times.

He laughed towards the male hunter.

The black threads tied up the female hunter and pulled her into the air.

The flying lines danced like a group of devils.

“Devil, you…devil!”

Tear and pull!



And the female hunter’s miserable screams were heard.

With bound hands and feet, the distorted face was covered in blood.

The black veil blocked everything. 


Three minutes later.

Wang Ran looked at the two tortured corpses. He laughed a few times and drove the mysterious power in his body to seal the two people’s souls, which had not yet dissipated from inside their skulls.

Then his hands gripped the chin and neck, ripped the heads off, and threw them into a duffel bag he carried with him.

Through the cracks of the bag, faintly visible, there are several wide-eyed, blood-stained, dead human heads inside.


Another place.

Chief’s Office. 

Several senior captains, including Captain Lei, with their men, arrived in a hurry.

There were already a few investigators here to maintain order.

Crossing the police line, Captain Lei walked into the room and saw the three dead people who had fallen to the ground.

Not surprisingly, the three dead all lost their heads.

But it wasn’t the same…

“Captain, the time of death of these three people was no more than forty minutes.”

“Very good.” Captain Lei looked to one of the team members, “Huang Yu, can you tell anything from this?”

The team member who was named was not strong. Just a Triple Awakening hunter. Yet the other investigators present looked at him full of expectation.

Huang Yu took a few steps forward and squatted down. He closed his eyes and moved his nose.

As a special department of sense ability, his nose was more sensitive than police dogs. If not for his ability, they won’t find any clue in this case.

But suddenly…

After a few moments, Huang Yu snapped open his eyes, “I smell it! Follow me!”

He followed the last bit of information remaining in the air and quickly darted.

Except for the few left behind to deal with the scene, the other members of the investigation team followed closely behind.

In their eyes, there was excitement.

‘This time, we can finally catch them!’


A certain high-end neighborhood.

Huang Yu stopped under a certain high-rise building, “It should be around here, but I can’t find a more detailed location.”

Captain Lei waved his big hand, “First team, second team, blockade around the building, Captain An, Captain Xu, should we go up together?”

This high-end neighborhood was inhabited by hunters and their relatives, so they can’t search the place by force.

They could knock on doors and ask questions. Most hunters would be eager to cooperate. As long as the culprit was still in the building, then they will catch him!

In the search party, Huang Yu ascended each floor, carefully sniffing the difference in smell around.

Suddenly, his face changed, “Blood scent, there is a very strong blood scent.”

For Huang Yu, this strong blood scent was like a bonfire in the dark night. But the weird thing is, he was very sure that before this, he didn’t smell any hint of blood in the air at all.

There’s no time to think about it. The crowd hurriedly followed the direction from which the smell of blood came and sprinted as fast as they could.

Soon, Captain Lei and the rest of the team came in front of the door of a room.

He broke through the door and entered.


Inside the living room, two headless corpses had fallen on the floor.

Wang Ran, who was standing next to the corpses, seemed to be a bit surprised as well.


The two investigators, holding their firearms, surrounded him, and went forward.


In the next moment, the black thread shot out like lightning and smacked the two investigators.

The two men flew out backward like cannonballs, collapsing the wall, and rolled into another room.



Bronze-colored bullets flew out.

But Wang Ran’s black threads blocked some of the bullets. 

His figure was ghostlike. The building’s anti-theft system in the window was easily cut off by the threads. 

Grabbing the duffel bag with several bullet holes, Wang Ran didn’t hesitate to jump down from the security net. 


Captain Lei hurriedly chased him to the window, but he was still a step too slow.

He stretched out his head to look out.

Even with his strength, he couldn’t avoid being injured falling from this height. But the culprit, who looked to be in his early twenties, had black silk threads wrapped around the security net behind him, slowing his fall. He easily jumped on the ground. 

‘Fortunately, we stationed a party outside. He won’t be able to escape this time!’

They can’t afford to lose him again.


Wang Ran looked at the members of the Public Security Bureau that surrounded him.

On all sides, there were personnels armed with both melee and long-range weapons.

Previously, he was shocked the moment he saw the investigators. His instinctive fear made him jump out of the window to escape.

But now…

It was not until he was completely surrounded that he suddenly remembered that he’s no longer the old Wang Ran. Now, he has unparalleled strength.

The previous instinctive counterattack had seriously injured two members of the security forces.

Now, although there are more people, what difference would that make?

Wang Ran coldly looked at these investigators, “losers.”

He slowly put down the duffel bag in his hand.

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