My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 24


Chapter 24 – Camouflage

As the population of the shelter increased, the area gradually became more lively. Especially the survivors who had witnessed the city wall construction. Although they were shocked, but as a member of the shelter, they also had a sense of pride.

In the future, a new shelter would be built here. There would be more and more survivors. While they were the first batch of builders.

“We’re here. It looks like the shelter.”

Outside the resort, a few figures appeared. Their clothes were tattered like survivors in refugee. But what they carried distinguished them from an ordinary survivor.

The leader carried an M4 assault rifle in his hand and a type 54 pistol on his waist.

“Boss gave us the order to find a missing team. According to the investigation, the team’s route will pass through this shelter. And from the news we had received, the Tree Shade shelter was destroyed, but it’s not likely the case.”

He squatted down and looked at the clues around him. “There are obviously traces of survivor’s activities here. And maybe in this shelter we could find the clues we were looking for.”

“The boss already said that. But how do we capture and investigate the high rank person among the survivors?”

Someone suggested, but he quickly denied it himself.

The four of them weren’t masters. Only two are hunters. Two of their teammates were injured along the way from Lindong. In contrast, the missing team was more powerful. They had many triple-awakening masters.

Even such a team was missing completely without a trace, they could only be careful in carrying out the order.

Although they didn’t think that the disappearance of that team was related to the remaining survivors.

Everyone looked at the third person who were more flexible and always had an idea in the team. There should be a way.

As expected, the youngest man with glasses chuckled, “Our goal is to find clues regarding the missing team. In fact, we don’t need to make a conflict with the Tree Shade shelter survivors. We too are survivors.”

Seeing some people didn’t catch the meaning, the youngest shook his head. He dropped the rifle in his hand and pointed to his ragged clothes. “Look at my appearance. Don’t I look like an escaping survivor?”

It’s natural for an escaping survivor to see a shelter and want to stay in it. As long as they’re already inside the shelter, contacting the person in charge in the shelter or searching for clues from ordinary survivors was not an impossible task.

That way, they could investigate for the clues without any risk.

Several people smiled as they had been enlighten in their task.

As soon as they entered, they saw the shelter was full ruins and debris. They were attacked by a demonic wave, which proved that the news they had heard is correct. They felt even more sure in finding the clues.

Everything seemed to go well according to the third boy’s expectations.

They pretended to be escaping survivors who stumbled upon the shelter. After discovering they were also ‘survivors’ and they shared the same fate, they just showed joy and wary. They were soon led by a survivor of the shelter.

The person in charge of leading the foreign survivors in was Wang Zhou. He had seen events such as hunter team extermination, miraculous wall construction, and so on. He was also considered a senior among the survivors. They all had a relatively high sense of belonging to the shelter.

Considering that more and more survivors would come to the shelter, Tang Yu estimated that someone needed to act as a guide. Introducing the rules of the shelter and showing the shelter’s power and defense. In addition, they would need to register the foreign survivors and so on.

Of course it’s nowhere complicated at this moment. He’d simply provide guidance and introduction for the foreign survivors. With the increase population, a series of rules and regulations needed to be perfected. Personnel registration, talents and abilities, work arrangement, and so on.

With just all of this, it already made Tang Yu’s head aching just to think about it. If he wanted to make a specific frame, he’d still need professionals. He could only hope that there would be a person with such talent among the new coming survivors.

Among the survivors he had rescued with Chen Haiping at the earliest moment. Wang Zhou was the cleverest, boldest and more… able to lick his boots.

He was assigned as a guide.

He led a few foreign survivors with a smile on his face.

Over the past few days, the nutritious meal had gradually made his body gained a few weight. In another word, it was the best time of his year.

Wang Zhou pointed to the surrounding buildings and said. “Look around, the nearby buildings here are damaged. What does that means? That means, our shelter had endured a fierce battle and overcome it. Just like the wounds on the soldiers represents the glory, these traces are the representative of our shelter’s strength.”

“You know, a demonic wave attacked. They were overwhelming but we were able to defend against it. You might not believe it, but some of our masters were killing demonic beast everywhere. Gee, that scene was bloody. And if I were a hunter, I wouldn’t be able to hold back and rushed to help.”

Nonsense was fluently spoken out from Wang Zhou’s mouth.

Behind him, a few people gazed at each other, they felt confused.

The amount of the information they already had and the information they just heard didn’t match. Wasn’t the shelter destroyed by a demonic wave and their leader Wang Tai fled with his men? But now they heard a master was clearing the shelter from demonic wave? Stop telling lies. Even though the team didn’t know how many strong men exist in Lindong, they had never seen a master fight a group of demonic beast before! It’s impossible!

They didn’t know although some of it was lies, Wang Zhou had really thought about it. If there’s another demonic wave attack, Leader Tang and the others would stop it. Also they now had the towering city wall, should another demonic wave came crashing, they could defend against it.

The whole resort wasn’t big. Everything was in a walking distance. Wang Zhou was like a tour guide introducing tourist attractions. Soon, they were walking on the path leading to the villa area. From there, they could see the towering majestic wall. Like a titan stood above the ground.

“Did you see it? Did you see it?!” Wang Zhou pointed at the city wall. They couldn’t believe it unless they saw it with their own eyes.

“This is the strongest defense line of our shelter. The ten meter city wall! The whole wall completely encloses the villa area. No matter from which direction the demonic beast came, they will be blocked out without exception! Even a demonic wave had no chance of breaking in. it’s no exaggeration to say that the most feared thing in our shelter is a demonic wave!”

Wang Zhou’s arrogance boosted high.

The most terrifying thing about a demonic wave was the number of demonic beast. When the wave came crashing, even if guns could deal with some demonic beasts, it couldn’t stop the demonic wave completely. The general defense line wouldn’t last for a long time. they would eventually be flooded by the demonic wave.

But it’s different with the city wall!

The ten meter wall was higher than most three-story buildings. In case some demonic beasts couldn’t burrow underground, they couldn’t cross this height. Even if some terrifying demonic beasts could jump from the city wall, the damage done would relatively be smaller than without a city wall.

As long as the demonic wave was blocked by the city wall, the rest of the survivor could stand on top of the wall and shoot the demonic beast on the ground. Facing the wave would be so much easier.

The four squad members disguised as survivors originally had a sense of superiority, given they were coming from a large shelter. But when they saw the city wall, they were stunned. They stood before it for a moment, their eyes were fixed on the towering city wall. Their brain could not think of anything.

As a large shelter with a population of hundreds of thousand, Lindong shelter naturally had built a city wall. But it was built with so many resources and manpower. While here, even if the scale of the city wall was smaller, they still could not imagine how it was built. Even this shelter was able to build such a tall city wall.

The four of them glanced at each other, puzzled.

With such a strong wall and strong defense force, this shelter could resist a demonic wave.

Moreover, looking at the appearance of the city wall, it couldn’t have been built in a short time. The information that the Tree Shade shelter was destroyed by a demonic beast wave a few days ago became very suspicious.

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