My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 240


The air was filled with a cold murderous aura.

Like water meeting cold air, it gradually condensed.

The scattered ordinary pedestrians have retreated. Some hunters were confident with their power and didn’t stay too far away.

The uniformed investigators had a powerful aura that could be felt from afar. The hunters in the middle were surrounded.

Like a sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves.

A part-time reporter quickly ran towards a nearby building, found a suitable position, and took out a high-definition camera from a yard sale, and captured the picture of the hunter encircled. 

With the lens stretched out, he could see clearly the face of the hunter. He was in his early twenties.

Although being surrounded, he didn’t panic. The corner of his mouth raised, forming a smile… which was a little weird. 

Captain Lei was on the stairs. He grabbed the handrail and leaped down one level, and soon rushed out of the building.

He saw a group of vigilantes holding firearms, guns pointed at Wang Ran and slowly approaching.

“Be careful. That’s not an ordinary Fourth Awakening Hunter. He has a Shapeshifting ability! Watch out for the black thread on his back!”

“Shapeshifting ability?” Captain Lei and Wang Ran looked at each other with both eyes and saw each other’s slightly moving lips.

From the mouth shape.

He read a word, ignorance.


A black thread emerged from Wang Ran’s back, as fast as lightning.

The eyes of the nearest security forces shrank. His body instinctively moved his fingers, wanting to pull the trigger.

However, it was too late. 

The black thread was like the scythe of death.

In the blink of an eye, it slashed through the left chest of two security team members, gushing out blood and retracted.

Several other investigators who could react in time were seriously wounded.


The rifles opened fire, this time with a more intense barrage.

The young man with black thread writhing behind his back, as if he were a devil, did not resist hard this time.

He was extremely fast, using the complex number of houses around him to keep avoiding.

Every time he seized the opportunity, he was able to form a fatal blow to the investigators.

Captain Lei was enraged.

“THIRD AWAKENINGS, BACK OFF, AND EXIT THE BATTLEFIELD! Three people with Fourth Awakening, one team, block the movement of the other side, Captain An, Captain Xu, let’s go together!”

The three senior captains with Fifth Awakening Strength flew towards the other side and chased the man.

In the distance, the gunmen suppressed Wang Ran’s range of movement, and the other investigators with Fourth Awakening Strength slowly closed in on the periphery.


Captain Lei’s body fluttered, avoiding several black threads. He landed on one foot and used his strength to twist his body, move his waist, and slashing down diagonally with his combat knife.


Several black threads fell to the ground and quickly turned into ashes.

Not far away, Wang Ran, who had the equivalent of some of his own limbs and organs chopped off, covered his chest and coughed out blood.

“Good opportunity, waste him first, then consider capturing him alive!” Captain Lei said in a deep voice.

Obviously, the other party was a member of that group, yet definitely not considered the real mastermind behind it.

Although he seemed way more powerful for a Fourth Awakening hunter, at least the man in front of him could never kill Fifth Awakening Stage easily.

By capturing this man, they could discover the entire group. 

He and the other two captains looked at each other and made eye contact.

Soon, he and Captain An combined their efforts to cover and deal with Wang Ran’s black threads that danced around, while the other one, Captain Xu, who excelled in speed, flew out like a cannonball.

“‘Scrap the other party’s legs first.'”

Captain Lei’s mind was spinning, just waiting for Captain Xu to get his hands on him, storming up to attack and seriously injure the other party in an instant.

This way, there was a possibility of capturing him alive.


A hoarse voice sounded abruptly.

As if the voice came from a gloomy cold canyon. 

Reverberated non-stop in the air.

Visible to the naked eyes, a pillar of purple and black light enveloped Captain Xu in it as soon as Wang Ran finished his words. 

As if between the gloomy cold canyons, the sound that came out

Captain Lei and Captain An were in opposite directions. From their position, they could see Captain Xu’s stunned face as he struggled. As well as a violent protrusion of his blood vessels, but his movement was frozen. 

In the moment of their astonishment, the black thread pierced through Captain Xu’s body. After the purple-black pillar dissipated, his body fell to the ground.

“OLD XU!” Captain Lei exclaimed.

But saw Wang Ran turned around, their gaze locked.

His lips slowly opened as he felt a sudden feeling of death approaching. The feeling was thick in the air and was about to envelop him.

As if he was about to be locked in a box.

The bizarre power… was so powerful.

Captain Lei’s heart was panicked and alarmed. He couldn’t understand. Somehow, the other side’s initial silent words came to mind.


A purple-black pillar of light enveloped him, and unsurprisingly, a black thread, like lightning, shot toward him.

He could see clearly and think very smoothly, but his body, however, could not move.


Wang Ran’s shoulder burst open, blood kept spurting out, and he bent his knees, half kneeling on the ground.

The purple and black light pillar dispersed and the flying black thread shrunk back with a faster speed like lightning.

… it’s a sniper.

Well done!

Captain Lei understood a second delay would mean his death.


At this time.

“Black fog.”

Just like that, the hoarse voice sounded once again.

This time, a black fog enveloped his vision. In the black fog, his perception ability had dropped sharply. He can’t even capture the nearby enemy’s aura. 

He shouted, let the others be alert, shrink the encirclement.

Not long after, the black fog dispersed, while their target person disappeared.



Wang Ran controlled his muscles, writhing, forcing him to stop the blood. However, his face was pale as a corpse.

“Damn… ignorant… Security Bureau!” Covering his lost arm, he flew away.

The scenery on both sides of his eyes constantly flashing.

“In my current state, I’m no match for them. I must find a place to hide and recover from my injuries as soon as possible…”

“I remember that there is a secret technique called ‘Life Extraction’ that can make me recover from injuries fast.”

By invoking the power deposited in his body by the mysterious man, Wang Ran could perform several powerful secret arts. 

Life Extraction was one of them. However, this kind of secret technique had a prerequisite that required finding a target that provided him with the life force he needed.

The massive blood loss made his face even paler, and his strength was running out fast.

He just ran in a hurry and scurried around without direction. He was not sure where he was at this time.

Wang Ran slowed down his pace and surveyed the surrounding area.

This area wasn’t downtown. It was sparsely populated. There were construction vehicles in the background. It seemed like construction was developing in this area. 

At this time, it should be at their lunch break.

He swept around, both hoping for a suitable target and worried about bumping into a powerful hunter.

He looked back from time to time, not knowing when his pursuers would catch up.

He gazed around as he walked.

When his gaze fell to a particular tree, and saw the light. 

Two teenage girls were under the tree. One of them had tender green seedlings emerging from her palm.

A wood hunter, often with abundant life force.

Wang Ran was excited.

Sure enough, God hadn’t abandoned him, yet.

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