My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 242


Wang Ran was frantic, single-mindedly trying to break the seemingly unstable barrier in front of him.

When he sensed that something was wrong, his eyes glanced around, only to find that those guys from the Security Bureau had already caught up.

One of them, a strong hunter, was just a hundred meters away from him. 

His expression drastically changed. 

He took an in-depth look at Chen Xiaojia and Xiong Qianqian, who were protected by the barrier.

Hesitation flashed across his face. He finally gritted his teeth and retrieved his black threads, preparing to scurry into the nearby forest to escape. 

Wang Ran raised his leg, but then, it was heavy. He found his legs were bound by something as if he was stuck in a mud swamp.

When he looked down, he realized that the seedlings broke out of the soils and grew rapidly, forming vines like countless thick and long ropes, binding his legs.

With some struggle, he snapped apart some vines. But more and more vines were growing out from the soil.

From his legs, climbing upwards.


Captain Lei’s eyes’ widened when the young girl in the barrier stretched out her palm, and vines sprang up.

To his surprise, this girl’s strength wasn’t strong, but her control of vines was unusually strong. Even the extraordinary Fourth Awakening hunter that was stronger than her couldn’t break free. 

He saw the black threads emerged from behind the target once again. These black threads strangled towards the vines below. 

But the vines weren’t willing to show weakness. They continued to wrap around him. And some parts fought with the black threads like small wandering snakes. 

At the same time, more and more vines had emerged from the surrounding soil. 

Until Wang Ran was wrapped around them like a dumpling. 

Captain Lei hurriedly flew towards Wang Ran’s side, looking at the target person who was injected with vine toxins and lost consciousness.

He still had a complicated expression.

The Public Security Bureau had 3 Fifth Awakening experts, over 15 Fourth Awakening elites, and countless gunmen and arranged the encirclement in advance. 

Even a normal Sixth Awakening Stage hunter couldn’t escape them.

However, their target actually managed to escape. 

They also suffered a considerable amount of casualties after encountering an unexpected situation. 

But the strange and powerful target was quickly solved by a Triple Awakening stage young girl. 

For a moment, the battle-hardened Captain Lei doubted his life.

Was it us that was too weak?


At a newly renovated villa. 

Tang Yu was feeling sleepy. The room’s thick curtain blocked the sunlight, creating an environment perfect for napping.

He raised his eyelids and muttered. “I think I just saw a bright red dot. No? Well, it must be an illusion. I’d better get back to sleep. I can’t go too far in my future cultivation, and I should take my time in breaking through the bottleneck. I feel like my body is being hollowed out.”

He rolled over, changed into a more comfortable situation, closed his eyes, and went to sleep.


Chief’s Office.

After a good talk and the promise of the ‘Bravery Award,’ and ‘Outstanding Luoxia Citizen Award,’ and the corresponding bonus, etc., they finally brought back the target person belonging to Chen Xiaojia’s ‘loot.’

The personnel, including Captain Lei, were very excited. 

Outside the interrogation room, a lot of people were observing. 

Inside, the officers in charge of interrogation did not show any mercy.

In order to pry Wang Ran’s mouth open, and also to get the most critical information, they had used some special means.


“…Wang Ran.”



Time passed, and they got a lot of information from Wang Ran’s mouth.

“A person named Mr. K asked you to do all these things you’ve done?”

Wang Ran’s hands and feet were cuffed with special metal bindings, and his body was filled with injuries.

However, his eyes were dull, and he did not know what kind of means he had suffered.

When he heard the interrogator’s question, he remained blank for a few seconds before answering with a hoarse voice, “…Yes.”

“Where is your base?”

“…There is no base.”

“How did you deliver the heads you collected to Mr. K?”

“…Every other day, Mr. K, through special means, will inform me about the special location. Where to meet him and hand over the items to him.”

Wang Ran seemed like a puppet, asking a question, answering a question, and stopping a sentence.

The interrogators frowned.

They knew very well that Wang Ran was not lying. However, they couldn’t get the most important information.

“Your power, was it given to you by Mr. K? In just a few days, it gave you the strength you have today?”


“What is the purpose of your wanton killing of hunters and collecting heads?”

“…is to collect their souls-“


Outside the interrogation room, the people from the Chief’s Office were unhappy. 

Someone smashed a wooden table into pieces with his fist. “F*CK! They couldn’t get any useful information. This guy is just a minion!”

Captain Lei thought, his face gloomy. “Even a small minion had this kind of strength. How about the man behind the curtain’s real strength?”

Captain An also frowned. “What’s even more frightening is that this strength was given to him by Mr. K. He had never hunted and killed demonic beasts, nor absorbed and refined soul power. But he could gain power and get stronger faster than us.”

“Fortunately, we caught him. Even if we didn’t know yet about their identity, we can follow the lead and will eventually find them!” 

Captain Lei waved his hand heavily.

The duffel bag Wang Ran left was brought back by them. Opening the zipper, there were several deadheads with wide-eyes touching their hearts. 

This was what Mr. K and Wang Ran do.

Obviously, he had a purpose. 

Suddenly, Wang Ran’s lowered head jerked up. His eyes gazed through the surveillance and saw Captain Lei and the others standing outside the interrogation room.

Wang Ran, whose eyes were originally dull and expressionless, grinned at the corner of his mouth. 

In the smile, there was a mockery.

In the next moment…


Wang Ran’s body expanded and then exploded. 

The entire interrogation room was completely dark because of the explosion. The officer in charge of the interrogation fell to the ground, lifeless. 



In the basement of a certain villa.

There was no light, no window, but it is as if there is a shadowy wind, blowing by at all times.

In the center of the basement, the array of runes poured with blood had mostly lit up.

A blurred figure whose face could not be seen suddenly looked up, and his gaze seemed to look into the distance, “There’s a guy who was caught by the people of the Luoxia shelter. Such a shame.”

“What shame? He’s a disposable tool anyway. After carrying that power, those men wouldn’t have survived long. If we lost one, you could just go and lure some more, right?”

The blurred silhouette retracted his eyes. “That Wang Ran man. I was very optimistic. I thought when the elders descend. I’d give him a chance to become one of our clan. Such a shame…”

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