My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 245


God knows how many hours later, Tang Yu walked out of the shopping mall’s side door. 

Looking up at the sky. How one can feel depressed. 

He initially thought the Protoss sisters were different from normal girls. He thought they wouldn’t take too much time on clothes. 

But it turned out, being single had limited his imagination.

As soon as he walked out of the shopping mall, he was greeted by several hunters wearing the Security Bureau uniform.

Tang Yu glanced at Bamboo Rat, Oguri, who had a lollipop in his mouth. His initial guess was because of the ghost cart incident caused by the girl, so the Security Bureau had come to settle the problem.

It was not until Li Yunfei opened his mouth that Tang Yu figured out the cause of the problem.

“So basically, there’s a prisoner you couldn’t find, so you need to find his exact hiding location through divination?”

Li Yundei seemed to be stuck for a moment before he solemnly said, “Since this prisoner is relatively important, and we weren’t sure if we could find out the other party’s location, that’s why we came to you. Of course, we will pay for the corresponding price according to the market price.”

He finished, his gaze swept over the two sisters, Protoss Star and Moon, and finally on Tang Yu. Slightly apprehensive, waiting for the owner’s decision.

Tang Yu scratched his chin and fell into deep thought. He contacted them directly through the contract, asking the two sister’s opinions.

They were able to locate the prisoner’s location with no difficulty.

However, Tang Yu didn’t immediately reply.

In his heart, he pondered.

‘If you were in such a hurry, why didn’t you show up earlier? You’ve wasted too much time waiting.’

‘If you found us earlier, I wouldn’t have to wait inside the shopping center for so long!’

Thinking of this, he was feeling down. There was a physical pain in his back.

Tang Yu felt accepting employment was a big no-no. But the Security Bureau must’ve paid them well for this. With this in thought, his mood brightened. 

He casually named some, “Fire copper ore, black stone ore, cold iron, silver leaf grass, purple starflower, and so on. How much can you provide them to us?”

These minerals and medicinal herbs weren’t a rare category. But this was also because there are not many people who would buy them.

He had instructed people to check the Luoxia market, but there weren’t many minerals and herbs available for sale. 

Li Yunfei and the others discussed it for a while. “We can give this much for the ores.” He said, holding out two fingers. 

Tang Yu didn’t reply and stared at Star. 

Star understood. She reached behind her back with her hands, a hidden place the Security Bureau couldn’t see.

A pendant wrapped around her finger. The chain swayed, and the circular patterned object tied to it swayed slightly.

Soon, Star looked at Li Yunfei and spoke. “500 units.”

Tang Yu then added, “Or no deal.”

Li Yunfei was pale. After opening his mouth to try speaking, he finally nodded helplessly.


Chief’s Office, interrogation room. 

The officers weren’t clear how Star and Moon Protoss’s divination ability works. But they said nothing as long as they can gain enough clues.

After Wang Ran and the other’s self-destruction, they hadn’t cleaned up the interrogation room. 

As soon as they entered, the ground was full of scattered human meat pieces and dried blood, just like hell on earth. 

The officers had already used to seeing this kind of mess every day and didn’t care much. But an officer stole a glance at Tang Yu’s party. Mainly at the small child, Oguri. 

But then, he saw the girl’s expressionless face. Even she seemed like she wanted to laugh. 


Standing outside the room, Captain Lei impatiently asked. “Can you find them through divination?”

“We’ll find out soon enough,” Star replied. 

She looked at the messy ground beneath her and chose not to touch the flesh. She instead took out a fist-sized crystal ball.

She held the crystal with both hands.

On the crystal, a thick mist was stirring. 

Soon, it revealed the scene that happened in the interrogation room.

“I will use the room as the source to trace the power. If it was given power, then it would still remain here even after self-destruction occurs.”

In order not to disturb the girl’s spell casting, the officers walked away. Holding their breath nervously, waiting for the divination results.

Star’s expression was serene and solemn. She sank her mind, connecting her spiritual power with the crystal ball.

Her power was added into the crystal ball and then through it, enveloping the entire room.

Scattered flesh.




Slowly, the energy flowing through. 

Her light purple hair swaying by an invisible wind. 

Plated with a light-colored silver light.

Elegant and mysterious.

Star increased the injection of source power. Her demeanor remained focused, without the slightest change.

Gradually, the picture on the crystal ball began to change.

Like a television set with a bad signal, it was flickering, chaotic, and disorderly.

Cold sweats appeared on her forehead and slipped down along her face, and dropped. 

After a while, Star loosened her hand that was leaning on the sides of the crystal ball and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“What’s the result?” Captain Lei and the other were impatient to run inside. 

Star shook her head. “It can only occupy a general area.”

“How big is it?”

“Pretty big.” Star stretched out her hands and gestured, drew a circle in mid-air.

The officers sighed at the scene, without any intention to hide their disappointment. 

“Unexpectedly, divination doesn’t work. Well, that’s not your fault. After all, there’s already a lot of powerful ability users who tried to find them, but there was no result.”

“What should we do now? Is there any special tracing ability among those registered in the shelter?”


The officers discussed with a low voice, but it didn’t escape Tang Yu’s hearing range. He could hear it all.

‘It looks like the case is very serious.’

Tang Yu recalled the headless corpse he saw a few days ago. Connected to that, there were more and more investigators patrolling the streets these days. Probably they were all related to this case.

The officers didn’t elaborate on many details. But he could understand just from hearing a few words.

It seemed the culprit had the ability to bestow power on ordinary people and is plotting something dangerous to the shelter.

Even Star couldn’t divine the precise location. Tang Yu can imagine that the culprit is indeed powerful.

Not everyone could interfere with things like divination. 

He was even puzzled at the fact that someone that strong exists in this shelter. 

“Star, how big is your divination range?” 

Tang Yu saw she gestured her hands and hastily changed his tone, “How many kilometers in radius?”

“Well…” Star frowned and counted her fingers. Seemingly calculating the distance before finally saying, “500.”

“500 meters. The range should be around 500 meters.”

Not far away.

Captain Lei’s ears twitched, and he snapped. “500 meters? Really? Only 500 meters?!”

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