My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 247


Lanxing Neighborhood, The northern villa area.

Only half of the villas here were rented out. It was very quiet as not many pedestrians could be seen on weekdays, except for the patrolling neighborhood security guards. 

However, at this moment, a loud vehicle machine sound broke the serenity. 

A troop carrier parked on the lawn. Men wearing red crest uniforms jumped down from the carrier, quickly dashed towards the location.

Tang Yu and Protoss Star and Moon inside the invisible floating chariot stopped and looked around.

Behind them, another floating chariot also stopped. There were Shay, Oguri, and the three Carmen Brothers.

Forming a team of six onlookers. 

After the divination result, the Bureau had paid the first payment. 

This time, they proposed again, hoping that Star and Moon would follow along. They will get paid whether even if their service wasn’t needed. 

But once they need divination, there will be an additional payment according to the situation and difficulty. 

Tang Yu did not hesitate to agree to it.

Even if the Security Bureau did not invite them, he would find the opportunity to observe the situation. So, he formed a sightseeing group with enough security.


The operation started quickly.

Chief Jin, Captain Lei, and the captain in charge of the Ancestral Dragon command patiently waited for the result.

It didn’t take long.

Several perception-type ability hunters trotted back and shook their heads, “Still haven’t found any abnormalities. Among the villas where the range is located, there are only three inhabited villas. Just now the Security Bureau has done a questioning. We also entered the villas to check, but still. Nothing was found.”

“They’re just civilians.”

“Is it possible that Mr. K is hiding too deep and thus cannot be found?” Chief Jin asked with a frown.

A perception ability hunter pondered for a moment and nodded, “That’s possible. But even if Mr. K can hide, the things inside the villas can’t always be hidden, but we weren’t able to find any clues from inside the villas.”

Chief Jin rubbed his temples and looked at the security guard, “Have you contacted the tenants of the other villas that have been rented out?”

The security guard shook his head repeatedly, “There’s not enough time. We also do not have the way to contact quickly.”

Chief Jin took a deep breath, and a look of determination flashed across his face, “In that case, break the door and search by force, If Mr. K has the means to shield his senses, then we will send our team members to enter the villa and conduct a physical search. Remember! Leave no place behind!”

“In addition.” He turned his head to look at the other side, “Captain Lei, let the little girl with divination ability try again. As long as we can find out Mr. K’s specific location, the possibilities are open. Be fast. We can not delay any longer!”


Time passed by, minute by minute.

A villa was broken into. Including those that have not been rented out were also searched. They don’t leave any possible hiding place, whether it’s grove, rockery, or pool.


“There’s no sign in villa 1.”

“We can’t find anything in villa No. 2.”

“There’s nothing on villa No. 16.”

The Security Bureau, as well as the people of the Ancestral Dragon Special Warfare Regiment, were gloomy.

Tang Yu was also a bit puzzled.

Star performed another divination, the results were clearly pointed to this area. 

Tang Yu stood on a raised lawn and looked into the distance, “What do you guys think?”

Several followers frowned in thought. Oguri was the first to speak up. Unexpectedly, not with her mouth full of food this time, “I think this place is a bit strange, well, it seems to be enveloped by something.”

“Is it dangerous?” Tang Yu asked.

“Not necessarily.”

“If there’s no danger, then we shouldn’t do anything. After all, we’re only charging the price of a sightseeing tour.”


The investigators were still doing a thorough search. However, the top brass began to lose hope.

Chief Jin frowned, rubbed his swollen temple, and scratched his hair. He thought for a moment and asked the security guard, “There are seven villas among 16 which were rented out. Give me the list of the tenants.” 

The guard quickly brought over the list. Chief Jin searched through the list. “One, four, six, nine, eleven, fifteen…”

Wait a minute…

Chief Jin was stunned, “There are only six villas rented out, where are the seventh?”

“It’s seven; I remember it clearly.” The security chief muttered in a low voice and went up to count, “One, four, six, nine, eleven, fifteen… Huh, it really seems to be six. It’s strange. Mr. Liu, Mr. Chen, do you remember if six or seven were rented out?”

“It’s the seventh building.” Several other security guards answered without thinking.

As soon as they finished, they immediately shivered.

The captains exchanged glances. They saw their gloomy faces… as well as… excitement. 

They weren’t afraid of problems. They were afraid of… not finding them!


Above a small hill.

Oguri squatted on the ground, drawing circles and pondering for some time, and suddenly jumped up, “I know! This place is enveloped in some kind of source force field, and this source force field distorts our perception!”

“Even our perception can be distorted, doesn’t it mean that the enemy’s strength is far beyond our imagination?” Tang Yu had the impulse to retreat back to the territory.

Oguri waved her hand, revealing a smug look. “Not necessarily. If the enemy can drastically distort our perception, indeed, it would mean they’re far stronger than us. But this source force field actually doesn’t affect our perception much. It just makes us inadvertently ignore something within it.”

“For example. The enemy makes us ignore one of the villas. No matter how hard we search, or how many times we pass by that villa, we will ignore it as if it doesn’t exist.”

“But…” Oguri ran aside and broke a branch, drawing on the ground. 

“This presence is ignored only when we don’t perceive it. It can only be effective when it is not noticed. Once, for various reasons. And if an abnormality is detected, the distortion effect on perception will be greatly weakened.”

“For example, now that we have understood the basic principle of this source force field, then it would affect us less than before.” 

Oguri finished her explanation with her head high, waiting for praise.

Tang Yu decisively ignored her.

He thought deeply. The source force field that existed here was the effect of some kind of treasure, or was it artificially arranged?

If it is artificially arranged, even if this source force field’s effect, as Oguri said, is not powerful, this means that the person behind the curtain has mastered the relevant ‘knowledge’.

Treasures and knowledge, if given a choice, which one would he choose?

Of course, both were equally needed.

Tang Yu was getting excited.

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