My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 248


According to Oguri, this source force field that distorted perception was not advanced.

Tang Yu had planned to sell the information about the method to break the source force field to the Security Bureau at a high price. But when he glanced into the distance, he saw Chief Jin, who had moved back in the interlinear line, was already giving orders in an orderly manner.

“It looks like the people from the Security Bureau have also discovered the crux of the problem.” Tang Yu let out a regretful sigh.


In the distance, Chief Jin and the Ancestral Dragon experts were all darting towards a certain direction.

The other investigators followed close behind. 

Then, a dozen or so security guards from the villa area also followed with bitter faces.

Tang Yu’s 6 member sightseeing group was ignored. In fact, if they didn’t need Star’s divination ability, it’s impossible to let outsiders into such a big operation.

Now that they had figured out the exact location and divination was no longer needed, they were just ignored. Only the top brass and some people knew Tang Yu’s identity. While the rest of the investigators had no idea who he was.

Behind the Security Bureau team, there were people holding melee weapons and firearms, surrounded the target villa.


“This is the villa, villa number three!” Chief Jin gazed at the villa with lush plants growing in the garden and then turned his head sideways, asking the Ancestral Dragon’s perception-type ability user, “How about it, did you find anything unusual?”

The representatives of several perceptive ability users, who have been ignored by others because of their ordinary appearance and minimum combat skills, revealed his uncontrollable excitement. “There’s nothing unusual on the first floor or the second floor. But…”

He stared at the villa, slightly downward, his eyes burning. “But there’s obviously something wrong with the basement!”

“What’s wrong?” Chief Jin asked.

“Our perception is blocked.”

“So?” Chief Jin froze and asked again.

The plain young man froze too. “We can’t perceive the basement completely. It means there’s something wrong with the basement. Isn’t that obvious?”

Chief Jin’s mouth twitched. The Ancestral Dragon Captain sighed helplessly and had no choice but to speak up. “Apart from the blocked perception, is there anything else? Tell us in detail what blocked it.”

The young man scratched his head. “It was as if there’s a huge void in the basement. It’s like being blocked by a big door. I have to say… uh… there’s something in there that makes my heart beat fast. Does that count as a detail?”

Ancestral Dragon Captain ignored him and walked to Chief Jin, “It looks like Mr. K is likely to stay inside the villa. Do we attack directly by force?”

Chief Jin rubbed his temples and fell into deep thought. No doubt, the experts sent by Ancestral Dragon were exceptionally powerful. However, he refused.

“We have made such a big noise. If the mastermind is inside the villa, he must have already found us. Still, he chose to stay inside. That means there’s 2 possibilities. One, because there are experts from the Ancestral Dragon so they’re not sure if they could break through our encirclement.”

“The second is the villa inside. If the other party resists, then there must be some kind of dangerous weapon inside the villa. Since they had the power to block our perception.”

Chief Jin’s analysis made the experts grim.

“But…” Then, he changed his words. “Inside the villa is his home turf. Outside the villa is ours. The one who had the advantage is us. Captain Lei, notify the city defense forces, borrow 5 artillery squads. If the villa is razed down to the ground, their defense arrangement will be meaningless.”

“This is the safest way.”

To ensure safety, the encirclement was far away from the villa. Even the Ancestral Dragon experts’ frontline was dozens of meters away, with their eyes fixed on guard.

Five artillery squads were quickly transferred over.

Several large-caliber artillery was set up a few kilometers away from the villa to ensure the target wouldn’t notice.

Soon, the artillery muzzles were aimed, and the ammunition was filled.

Everything was going in the expected direction.

Gradually, Chief Jin’s face relaxed a bit.

Suddenly, the two Ancestral Dragon captain’s expressions changed, and they shouted at the same time. “Something’s coming! It’s dangerous!”

A dozen metal pieces as thin as cicada wings flew out with a swish from one of the boxes.

The metal pieces rotated and flew out in a fan shape towards the frontline. There were white marks on the air that didn’t dissipate for a while.

However, the captain frowned. “Invincible? No, it doesn’t seem like it. What the hell is it?!” 

The people raised their vigilance. But at the outer circle, suddenly screams were heard, accompanied by the sound of gunshots.

He turned back to look and found some Security Bureau members’ eyes turned red. They attacked their companion without hesitation as if they had lost their senses.

In an instant, the other members caught on guard were either injured or killed. Others waited, some shouted, some hesitated to fight against their colleagues.

Some people hesitantly grit their teeth and shot back. They attacked the most non-fatal parts. However, the gunshot injury for a low-ranked hunter was practically almost fatal. But these people seemed unaware of their injury and still attacking frantically.

Chief Jin’s eyes were red, and his gaze swept around quickly, but nothing appeared, only a chill hovering around him.


The six-member sightseeing group led by Tang Yu was in a position that was still outside the encirclement.

Initially, they were waiting for the Security Bureau’s next moment, seeking an opportunity if they could wait or make a move. But then they saw the members of the Security Bureau suddenly go crazy in the distance.

There was no warning.

He could feel a chill from the frontline, like lingering fine snow, falling on the body, melting the skin, bones, spirit, soul… extremely dangerous.

The source of power inside his body flows, bursting out from his body. He did this to disperse the fine snow that drifted. To bring warmth. But the source power was like a water faucet that opened the floodgates. Flooding the land thousands of miles away.

Star and Moon stood in front of him at the right time, holding up the star glitter barrier.

Tang Yu can feel a sense of danger gradually disappearing.

At second glance, more and more investigators were in the process of chasing or being chased. And their eyes turned red and joined the chasers.

The two captains from the Ancestral Dragon had already exploded with an Eight Awakening Stage aura. However, even if they blasted the surrounding place to pieces, the attack won’t stop.

In Tang Yu’s eyes, a senior captain from the Security Bureau who had the Fifth Awakening Stage’s strength, fiercely clutched his head. The veins on his face bulged like coiled snakes, looking particularly hideous. A few moments later, the captain raised his head. His eyes already turned red.

“Mental attack? Mind control ability?”

He could perceive that the danger that existed in the air around him could also be resisted. Yet, if not for the high enough security factor of his group, he’s afraid it wouldn’t have lasted long.

This is not a stealthy enemy or a ghostly system without an entity. A fire ability user had been firing in the distance, but nothing had blown up.

Tang Yu frowned.

But it doesn’t matter if he can’t solve this problem alone. He turned his head to look at his followers.

Among them, the Protoss sisters should’ve been the most knowledgeable ones, Shay had the experience, and Oguri was the best at spiritual aspects.

In short, in addition to him, the others were likely to have their own views on this bizarre danger.

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