My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 249


Shay looked at the villa in the distance, said in a deep voice, “I was once hired to join an expedition group … er, a tomb raiding group, and has encountered a similar situation. At that time, we walked in the cold and damp underground passage. It was very cold and someone suddenly went crazy, and more and more people followed. We managed to escape from the tomb, with less than one fifth of the original group.”

“Later I pondered, this should be some kind of curse power type, but maybe it’s possible because they were affected by some kind of invisible creature.”

“I can understand the curse, but the creature…” Tang Yu raised an eyebrow.

He didn’t say it, but Shay understood. “Well not invisible creatures. More like… um… microorganism. Something like bacteria, or virus! The number is extremely large, inexhaustible to kill. And even more, the source is constantly spreading all over the surrounding area.” 

Tang Yu suddenly looked away. The party at a distance formed a battle formation, trying to blast outward but failed. Maybe because they were panicked, or it consumed their energy.

For a moment, he felt a shudder. 

He controlled the source power in his body and converged to his eyes. 

Closing his eyes, after two seconds, he opened his eyes again.

His eyes were covered with a layer of dark red. In this state, he can see things more clearly.

His sight fell on Star and Moon. The source power in her body was evenly distributed in a light blue color. While her hands, which the source power was gathering, were darker. Reaching a distinct blue color.

He looked further into the distance. The sky is blue, light blue, close to the light blue source power. There were some places darker and some lighter.

Close to the third villa, stretching to the area where he stood, a blinking red light.

In the distance, the Security Bureau hunters and the Ancestral Dragon seemed to be fighting the red light.

Their attacks weren’t completely useless. But the flame could only evaporate a small part of the red ocean. Still, it couldn’t evaporate the entire red ocean into arid land.

A blast could blow off a portion of the ‘virus.’ Still, the next second, the surrounding area was filled again with the rapidly spreading ‘virus’.

Before, Tang Yu burst his source of power to dispel the surrounding chill. Because the ‘virus’ is very fragile, it was burnt from his source power. Instantly killing the surrounding virus. 

However, the consumption rate was extremely high. Tang Yu remembered the experience he learned from the Demon Sword legacy. The source power flowing throughout the body, then covering his body with a layer of source power gauze through the pores. 

The protection is weak but just enough to destroy the ‘virus’ that approached him. The consumption is much lower than a source power pure burst.

The Protoss sisters also had put away their high-consumption defense barrier. The two also formed a gauze on their bodies with source power. Among the team, only the Carmen Brothers, who had no special abilities and source power, were scarce. They mobilized their own Qi and blood, circulating at high speed, so it was impossible for the virus to attack.

Shay continued, “This Curse doesn’t pose a high threat to higher leveled hunters. Once the live level reaches a certain point, the virus can’t invade the body. But for ordinary hunters it’s very dangerous. Especially if the Curse is still spreading.”

“The most direct way to solve it is to cut off the source. Or eliminate the Curse by restraining them.”

Without a doubt, the source was villa no. 3.

Tang Yu looked at Star, who was holding a pendant in her hands. Substantially shaking the pendant. Star gave a grim look and shook her head. “My divination showed that there is indeed danger in the villa. And the danger level is not low.”

It’s not wise to rush in.

Tang Yu looked at the frontline. Right now, the experts from the Ancestral Dragon Warfare Regiment in the distance also realized that the situation was getting worse. They no longer attacked but quickly moved away from Villa No.3 while exploding their source power to protect themselves.

The lower hunters that were infected by the virus were already knocked unconscious by their companion. They carried the unconscious one and evacuated.

The experts from Ancestral Dragon and the Security Bureau didn’t suffer much. But a lot of the ordinary members were either dead or injured. Even though some could maintain their sanity, they couldn’t hold long from their friends’ attack.

The guilt weakened their mental defenses. Before long, they were also unable to resist the infection. Their eyes turned red as they staggered to their feet.

In his eyes, the bizarre curse power stopped after spreading for about a kilometer away from the villa. However, there were not only hunters in this area. But the residents living in the neighborhood were also affected with red eyes and frantically attacking everything. 

Tang Yu wasn’t sure if this ‘virus’ was just a metaphor. These people were essentially still affected by bizarre power. If he had no information about this, he would’ve thought a real-life Resident Evil had happened. 

The experts had already evacuated from the vicinity. This time, Tang Yu held back talking about price and directly told his analysis to the officers.

“Curse? Virus? Erosion?” Chief Jin’s brows knitted. “We can’t contact the artillery squad so they must be infected. Or we’ve already razed the villa to the ground.”

“Razed to the ground? If only it could be easy.” Shay snickered. As he spoke, he pulled out a long stick from his back and clicked it on. And the stick transformed into a 2 meters long shoulder-mounted gun with a muzzle that could fit a basketball.

He titled the muzzle up, and a ball of crimson lava fire shot out from it. As it flew to the sky, it burst open mid-air.

Fine-grain falling from the air in a red arc, like a meteor shower.


Flames rushed, and a violent explosion happened.

The whole villa was blown to pieces. Half of the reddish fragments were thrown in all directions.

Both Chief Jin and the Ancestral Dragons experts looked at Shay and his smoke-emitting cannon in awe.

It’s not that the experts didn’t about blowing off the villa. It’s just that they don’t know how to break the Curse. Even if they could do a long-range bombardment, they won’t reach that far. 

-If the source power exceeds a certain distance from the body, its ability strength will undoubtedly be weakened!

Yet, the Extreme Martial Arts School hunter could blast the entire villa with a single shot. 

This power was even more fierce than the five artillery squad Chief Jin had prepared.

Their jaws dropped as they looked at Tang Yu’s few eyes with both excitement and embarrassment… If not for the dangerous situation that had arisen and they happened to be running in this direction, they would have long forgotten about the Extreme Martial Arts School’s hunters.

But now… it was them who told them both the way to break through the situation and razed the villa to the ground. 

An Ancestral Dragon ability user who was on the verge of giving up breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank good, the Curse should dissipate by now. Wait, how is the Curse still-“

As he spoke, the veins on his forehead bulged. Blood gradually emerged from his eyes. Because of the depleted source of power and being off guard, the Curse suddenly invaded him.

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