My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 25


Chapter 25 – Where did it go wrong?

The four members followed Wang Zhou into the villa area. They walked all the way to a relatively remote villa with doubts on their minds.

The villa looked empty because the corpses and debris had been removed. There were still several destroyed buildings. The scenery still looked like a ruins.

The four members of the investigation team felt something wrong, but they had no time to think about it. As they walked inside, they felt a strong sense of oppression aura shaking their hearts, making them breathless.

In the villa, there were two people aside from Wang Zhou who led them over.

A young man dressed in casual clothes.

And a strong towering man. He wore a loose jacket that fit his body.

The strong man stood behind the younger man. He emitted baleful Qi and extreme terror. They could felt strong sense of oppression from this man.

What just happened?

They didn’t understand. They were ordinary survivors looking for a shelter.

In ordinary shelters, even if they didn’t openly welcome the survivors, they wouldn’t cause any scenes. Moreover, there were two hunters among them. Any shelter would open their door to welcome them.

Something was wrong.

The young man in casual clothes crossed his arms, his eyes glanced over them, “Tell me. What do you want to accomplish by sneaking into our shelter?”

The pupils of the squad members shrank. They had no idea how this man found out.

The leader of squad flattered, “Big brother, we were originally survivors of Nanling Town. We’ve been hiding in eastern Tibet. After discovering the signpost of your shelter, we would like to take refuge in it. We have no other purpose.”

He felt uneasy in his heart, he was almost sure the missing team had something to do with the shelter.

That made the shelter more vigilant to foreign survivors.

Just like before, the boss didn’t feel like they had revealed any flaws.

They were survivors who had survived in the wild. They pretended themselves as such and acted as such.

He felt that the shelter had no suspicion of them. They thought this was their vigilant routine inspection. Through the pressure of the masters that would shook visitor’s heart, and then they would ask questions that would likely make survivors tell the truth.


The investigation team was fortunate. All four of them had undergone a certain amount of training. They were determined to not showing any flaws.

In this way, they should be safe.

Thinking this way, the leader still maintained a flattering look, but he noticed that the opposite person was still expressionless.

It didn’t matter what they said, they’re not gonna believe them.

He listened to Tang Yu as he said, “Whether you answer honestly or not doesn’t really matter. I know exactly who you are. What I want to know is, why did Lin Wei sent you here?”

“Well, you have the right to remain silent. You can keep it that way. But anyway…” Tang Yu was spreading his hands, “we killed all of them, and we wouldn’t mind killing you.”

The leader was a tall and burly man, pretended to be flattering was already very difficult but his smile looked a bit stiff at the moment.

Who was Lin Wei? Of course they knew him, he was their boss. The big boss behind the screen.

He still had confidence in his heart. There was no evidence, in the end, it’s just a speculation. They wouldn’t just kill them right away, right?

The leader was not sure, but he still insisted flattering.

As for starting a fight or running away, he never thought about it. The opposite tall man’s pressure was too strong, it made them feel stiff. Even if they fought back, there’s no winning.

They’re clearly masters, their strength towered above them.

At this moment, the youngest man with glasses came out and smiled bitterly, “Let me speak.”

“Third… What are you doing?” The leader face was filled with disbelief.

The youngest man exchanged helpless look with the rest of his team. “Leader, second, and fifth, we don’t have to resist now. The relationship between us and the boss is merely an employment relationship. They sent us for an investigation, we had sacrificed everything on this matter. We don’t owe them anything and we don’t have to die over it.”

He calmed his breath, “We can’t leave safely from here without saying anything either. Don’t forget, in the doomsday, human lives don’t matter. Even if we died, do you think we could keep the secret? No. Even if we die, they would just sent another investigation team and repeat this whole process.”

The youngest man wearing glasses saw it thoroughly.

After he spoke, he confessed the purpose of their team’s visit to the shelter. He kept the details of their task a secret.

The rest of the team was silent.

They weren’t loyal.

In the beginning, their persistence was based on thinking this was all just a fluke. In their minds, they thought they wouldn’t be discovered.

 Even when Tang Yu mentioned Lin Wei, they thought it was just a bluff.

The answer was the same like admitting they had sneaked in to the shelter and caught in front of the public. Even if they didn’t die, they would be tortured.

They thought they could pass through by insisting they were just escaping survivors.

Or so they thought.

At first, the young man with glasses thought that way. But he knew better.

What the other person said was terrifying. Even if they’re just doubting them with no evidence, in the era when killing people was just like killing chickens, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill them.

By frankly confessing, they could get to live longer.

However, there’s something that still felt amiss. In the end, where did they go wrong?


Not much information could be gained from this team that intended to sneak in the shelter.

Their understanding of Lin Wei and his forces was nowhere near good as the information they got from Han Jing’s team last time.

Tang Yu also understood that Han Jing was Lin Wei’s right hand, and the team just now was just a small pawn under Lin Wei’s wing.

Naturally, they wouldn’t get confidential information regarding the spirit stone mine. Their sole task was only to investigate the missing of Han Jing team.

But this time, the team that was sent out for investigation was not only them.

According to the information from the youngest man with glasses, at least seven or eight teams were dispatched to different places for investigation. Their team was tasked for investigating this area.

“In this way, their team’s disappearance will inevitably attract Lin Wei’s attention, thus the shelter will soon intrigued our opponent’s interest.”

This situation came too early than he expected it would be.

Han Jing’s team members were already dead, but as long as Lin Wei’s still interested in the spirit stone mine, he would definitely send out teams to investigate continuously. It’s only a matter of time before they found out the truth.

But for Tang Yu, time’s the most critical aspect.

Lin Wei was a high-ranked resident of Lindong shelter. Even if he had no army, there were countless hunters under his wing. As for now, his power was greater than the territory’s power. However, information transmission in the doomsday was difficult to do. The speed of transmitting information wasn’t about prestige.

Tang Yu would seize the team and wait for their missing news returned to Lin Wei, and he would definitely send out another investigation team.

The point was, it took a lot of time to go back and forth before they could reach a conclusion.

In the meantime, Tang Yu was confident he could raise the territorial construction up to another level.

He wasn’t going to waste the squad members. They could be sent to work as miners. The work efficiency of a hunter was much higher than an ordinary people.

Tang Yu recalled Han Jing’s team and felt heartbroken. Wouldn’t it be great if he could have some triple awakening hunters?

But he understood that it’s too risky to let Han Jing’s team members to work as miners. He’s the Lord and he wanted to take a stable route. He didn’t want to risk anything.

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