My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 251


Tang Yu closed his eyes and opened them again, and his eyes changed to dark red.

In the middle of the field of vision, majestic energy burst out from that golden water droplet.

The red color, representing the power of the curse, is like the snow exposed under the hot sun, melting rapidly.

Chief Jin and others, although they could not see, but can also detect, the sense of danger ahead was rapidly dissipating.

The Ancestral Dragon’s perception ability user also confirmed that the cursed field almost dissipated completely under the golden light illumination.

They finally breathed a long sigh of relief and looked at each other with a smile.

Tang Yu, who was standing not far away and took this scene into his eyes, also smiled. A heart-wrenching smile.

Although it was the first time he saw the water-drop-like item, Lord Tang’s eyes could recognize it was a treasure. Not a manufactured item, but a real treasure.

In other words, it was an extremely precious material.

Even without processing it, it could still exert a powerful effect.

Now, the precious materials were forcibly stimulated by the Luoxia ability user. The curse was purified, but it also consumed about one-fifth of the original treasure’s power.

Tang Yu felt heartache.

If he could have such a precious material, he can absolutely make an extraordinary Holy Light weapon series.

Anyway, he can give the golden water droplets a better use, unlike the Luoxia officials who could only drain one-fifth of its power.

“If I can get them to trade that item to me, it would be wonderful.”

The villain in his heart thought so. But unfortunately, he heard that this 003 number shows how important this item was for the Luoxia shelter.

So important, even the senior member of this shelter never even saw it, just hearing the rumor. So that means the shelter would only use this item in a crisis, thus impossible to trade.

In order to stimulate the item, the ability user’s source power was almost depleted from a single-use.

He slowly closed the lid and turned off the switch to tightly close the box.

And then, he handed it over to the person in charge of keeping the box.

The hunter suddenly fell down because a pale hand had penetrated his chest—the pale hand holding a blood-soaked heart.

“I…” He grunted as his heart was crushed by the pale hand to pieces.

All of this happened so fast that Chief Jin and the others couldn’t react. The hunter had fallen face down to the ground, and the pale hands got hold of the box.

“Deputy Lu, what have you done?!” Chief Jin shouted, looking at the owner of the pale hands.

It was the Deputy of the Security Bureau’s hands.

While shouting, Chief Jin’s body arched and pounced towards the man, like a cheetah. He blasted his fist at Deputy Lu and reached towards the wooden box with his other hand.

The other experts quickly reacted and struck Deputy Lu.

Facing a lot of attacks, Deputy Lu’s expression remained calm. He was still lowering his head, examining the wooden box in his hand until Chief Jin’s fist approached. Full of disdain, he glanced and slapped, sending a shock wave.

Chief Jin’s expression drastically changed. His fist and the other hand were folded and pressed in front of him, which were half-emptied.


There was a sickening bone fracture sound.

Chief Jin’s arms twisted to the opposite degrees and were thrown far away. If this slap fell on the chest or head, the injuries would be fatal.

The other experts who attacked also spitted out blood and flew backward.

A Sixth Awakening hunter who was the least fortunate and couldn’t react in time was held down on his forehead. His head was burst open like a watermelon by the pale arm’s powerful squeeze.


No one would have thought Deputy Lu, who had the strength of a Sixth Awakening Stage hunter, had such a power.

Chief Jin, who had fallen to the ground with a distorted face, clenched his fists.

The other Ancestral Dragon experts who were still unharmed and the City Defense Army commanders were stunned.

Raging flames.

Spitting frost.

Hissing thunder and lightning.

Gravity, air, metal…

Most of the experts present here were ability users. And now, they aimed their ability at Deputy Lu’s head.


The ground was dented by the blast.

The furious energy formed a hurricane, blowing off the crowd’s hair and clothes.

But their expression remained the same solemn face, focusing on the center of the battlefield covered by the smoke. After attacking for a while, they stopped.

“It should be enough, right?”

The smoke and dust gradually dissipated, revealing a figure still standing at the center.

Blood was oozing from Deputy Lu’s head. His hands and feet were blown.

Seeing this scene, they were all surprised to see him withstand their attack but were also slightly relieved.

Although he didn’t die, he was seriously injured.


Deputy Lu looked around.

One of his eyes were hollowed, blood was flowing down from his eye socket. Yet, he didn’t scream. Excluding the blood seeping face, his expression remained the same.

“This skin is really fragile.” Deputy Lu spoke to himself, his pale palm suddenly reached to the top of his head.

Tearing and pulling-

Like a sound of silk cloth tearing, but not too similar.

His head, the top layer of skin on his body, was torn off.

It was torn off…

Seeing this scene, Chief Jin suddenly understood.

It’s not Deputy Lu’s mutiny. He had long known the man before the doomsday. Right now, it’s not Deputy Lu. To be exact, it’s a demon wearing Deputy Lu’s human skin!

Torn off Deputy Lu’s human skin… the demon revealed a black skeleton body. His upper and lower jaws moved, sending a hoarse voice.

“Still, it’s even more comfortable than being restrained…”


The figure disappeared and suddenly reappeared in front of a hunter.

The hunter was powerful, a commander from the Ancestral Dragon who had countless elites under him. However, facing the black skeleton, he couldn’t react in time. His chest was pierced by the black finger bones.

The black skeleton shook his head in disappointment, “Humans are weak. Too weak…”

He turned his head and saw Tang Yu’s group standing in the distance, soul fire burning in his eyes, “Still, there are a few little bugs that are more than annoying.”

The black skeleton no longer paid attention to the hunters around him. Instead, he turned back and rushed towards Tang Yu’s direction.

His pitch-black finger bones were wrapped with black energy.

The deadly palm was coming towards Tang Yu’s group.

The Luoxia official experts were greatly alarmed from afar.

They knew why the black skeleton had chosen to attack the Extreme Martial Arts School people first. They provided both the villa location and the solution to the cursed area. In the eyes of the black skeleton, they were a top priority target that needed to be solved first.

The experts understood that they shouldn’t let the black skeleton lay a finger on Tang Yu’s group. The most powerful hunters immediately rushed after.

However, to their despair, their speed was far behind the skeleton.

When they started moving, the black skeleton almost reached the group’s direction.

In an instant, their expression changed drastically.

“It’s going to happen!”

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