My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 252


The source power exuded from the large black skeletal hand was alarming.

The black skeleton was more serious than when facing the Ancestral Dragon hunter.

If it weren’t for these people from the Extreme Martial Arts School, their clan’s hiding place wouldn’t be discovered.

But he wasn’t worried at all. In fact, he wanted to laugh.

“A mere weak human isn’t qualified to keep us hiding here. Look at them, I can exterminate them with a single slap.”


There was a loud sound, and the ground shook.

The strongest Luoxia hunters who were attacking the skeleton were backed off by a single slap. 

Chief Jin struggled to get up and looked at the position where Tang Yu had stood before. The ground was carved deep by the black energy explosion, becoming a barren land. 

The power terrified him.

His face became dark.


Chief Jin suddenly saw a flash of orange light, cutting through the darkness amidst the escaping black turbulence.

Slowly, the black turbulence dissipated.

A man with short brown hair holding a greatsword was bending his knees in a half-crouch. His hands clutching the hilt of the sword across the oblique above.

The brown-haired man’s hair stood up, and a circle of orange waves erupted from his body as if the whole person was plated with an orange coat.

Chief Jin’s eyes widened.

The brown-haired man was unharmed after blocking this terrifyingly large hand… at best, only his hair was messed up.

The other Extreme Martial Arts School people behind the man were unharmed.

Other Luoxia experts were equally relieved. They saw the brown-haired man slowly stand up and the majestic aura, like a raging wave, rushing towards them.


Someone exclaimed.

His life level surpassed all of them present on the battlefield.

The strongest one among the Luoxia experts who were closest to him and felt his aura the most had a complicated expression.

They knew in their hearts that even if they had the strength of the Ninth Awakening Stage, they wouldn’t be able to endure the black skeleton’s attack. While this brown-haired man protected everyone in his team with his own strength. 

The differences were huge.

Their hearts were shocked, but they felt relieved.

Looking back at the black skeleton, battle intent was burning in the eyes. 


They were behind the skeleton. Although they can’t see his expression, they could feel his astonishment. 

His jaws opened. “Ninth Awakening? Well it’s indeed stronger than the scums over there. But still… too weak!”

The soul fire in the black skeleton’s eyes flourished with an aura several times stronger than the Carmen boy. Like a volcanic eruption instantly swept a city to the ground.

This aura was like materializing, blowing up a hurricane.

The closest experts only felt as if something heavy had suddenly hit their chests so that they could not bear it, their faces changed and changed, and their feet, under pressure, were pushed backward.

Chief Jin and the other wounded hunters who just recovered a portion of their battle spirit, at this moment, one hand clenched into a fist over the chest. Their teeth instinctively trembled, eyes staring at the black skeleton in the center of the storm, their noses almost bleed.


Farther away.

Residents that have evacuated their villas were in a tall apartment building near the area. 


The glass on the windows shattered, and objects placed on the windowsill were blown everywhere. 

There were many high-ranked hunters among the residents who were forced to evacuate by the City Defense Army. They were annoyed by the Army’s attitude and unexplained behavior. However, at this moment, these hunters who were stronger and had sharper perception all looked up in the same direction.

Their expressions were pale.

The Ancestral Dragon, who was prepared to act as the main force in the siege of Mr. K, was also pale. But their strong will allowed them to resist the momentum. Even if their faces were pale, even if blood was flowing from the corners of their mouths, even if their feet were dragging deep scratches on the ground…

There’s no going back!!


The six-member advisory group facing directly with the black skeleton. 

Tang Yu’s face was also a little pale. If the oldest Carmen didn’t stand before him, he who only has a Fifth Awakening Strength wouldn’t be able to hold it just like the other Ancestral Dragon hunters. 

At this time, the Protoss sisters stood behind him. Shay had taken out his weapon; even Oguri’s face was gloomy, staring at the enemy not far away.


Tang Yu exhaled a breath of hot air. “Twelfth Awakening Stage.”

The black skeleton in front of them was almost at the peak of the Awakening Order. Just a step away from the peak of the Thirteenth Awakening Stage. As well as beginning to cross the second realm of the body shaping stage. 

He admitted that this black skeleton was very strong.

This also clarified his doubts. The reason why Protoss’s divination couldn’t find the mastermind’s exact location was, in fact, because he was far stronger than the girls. However, he wasn’t much stronger than Zhor. So, what’s the point of showing off his momentum? What’s the point of pretending?

He, Lord Tang, will now use the facts to show that villains often die from pretending.

The oldest Carmen was the first to rush out. Wrapped in orange battle Qi and holding his greatsword in both hands, he slashed down towards the black skeleton.


The sword was blocked by the black skeleton’s finger bones. Only to see the black arm bones were slightly bent from the impact. 

At the same time, Shay transformed his multifunctional weapon into a sniper mode. Shooting an advanced spirit stone bullet inscribed with multiple advanced runes. The bullet spun and shot towards the black skeleton’s eyes socket. 

The black skeleton was about to counterattack when suddenly… the environment around him changed.

He was blinded by the lights. As if there were small suns shone on him in all directions. After a long time, he felt pain. His souls seemed to be burning.

The skeleton was stunned.

The soul fire in his eyes, pulsed fiercely. When the blinding white light dissipated, he was still standing in front of the brown-haired man with a greatsword.


Black energy emerged around him, flowing from his head to his arm bones and finally wrapping around his finger bones. Condensing into a black ghost claw, trying to blast the oldest Carmen away.

However, suddenly two silver-plated warriors appeared. No, not warriors, but two puppets.

He was smart and quickly recognized, but it was no use. The two warrior puppets hold his arms.

A stardust spell formation appeared under his feet. The stardust climbing up along his legs, constraining his movement.

The black skeleton struggled to break free, but he can’t escape.


The rune bullet inscribed with complicated runes shot his eye socket. ꟷThe rune bullet containing Shay’s source power, bursting ability, armor-breaking runes, and thunder runes burst instantly.

Brilliant red flames and raging thunder blossomed out of the skull. Bursting out the skull and splattering black skeleton fragments everywhere. 

The soul fire in the eye socket also went out.

Tang Yu shook his head, waving his hands. “So, invincible? I haven’t even made a move yet.”

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