My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 253


It was too late to say.

The black skeleton was defeated in less than a minute.

It was less than a minute after the skeleton released his aura. 

The group of Luoxia hunters couldn’t even react. Their perception was still stuck at the intense momentum just now.

Until… they saw the skeleton was blown. Only then, they dared to blink.

From stunned, shocked and surprised, terrified, and now… their mood was like a roller coaster ride. Awesome!

At this moment, hearing Tang Yu’s sigh, the other hunter reacted and carefully thought about the recent battle.

The first thing they need to do is to get a good grasp on what just happened. They thought for a while, and it probably seemed… probably…

From the beginning of the black skeleton’s momentum release, the Extreme Martial Arts School headmaster and his men never budge. 

Stood tall and calm, full of confidence!

Compared to them, they were all panicked. A sudden feeling of guilt and shame flooded their hearts.

The commander of the Ancestral Dragon and the elite hunters even considered enrolling into their school for training.


Villa no. 3, basement. 

Although the entire villa had been blasted by Shay to the point where only a few broken walls remained. The basement, however, was not affected in the slightest.

Five figures, looking focused, stared at the array of runes in front of them.

At this time, one of the figures suddenly looked up, “Bone Intent is dead.”

“Who cares. That fool, we’ve warned him not to underestimate humans too much.” A young figure standing in front of the rune array spoke indifferently. “I didn’t expect those humans could find us.”

“Chief Bone Sky, what do we do now? Take the initiative to attack?”

Bone Sky shook his head, “No, the rune array will be filled soon. The portal to summon our clan is also about to open. What we need to do now is guard this altar. Don’t let the humans have the opportunity to destroy it. Let’s just wait for the elders to descend in peace.”

As the leader of the Skeleton clan’s advanced army, his words were filled with fervor and confidence.

If he could not protect the altar in the short time before the elders descended, then his name of Bone Sky as the first one to ascend the second realm in the Skeleton clan would be in vain.


Outside the third villa.

Chief Jin, as well as the experts of the other two departments, all came to Tang Yu to express their gratitude.

Although they came here by a contract, the number of casualties will be ten times as many if it weren’t for them. And maybe even the shelter would suffer huge damage as well.

“I didn’t expect Mr. K is not human. What is it? A higher ranked demonic beast? But even the city-destroying demonic beast aren’t known to be able to speak. Much less having this kind of intelligence to hide among humans.”

The Luoxia hunters frowned. 

Tang Yu’s face was also the same. He clearly remembered Star’s divination before showing the existence of a greater danger inside the villa. It also means the skeleton wearing Deputy Lu’s skin isn’t the mastermind, or Mr. K is more than one entity.

The one staying inside the villa basement is probably the real mastermind. 

At this point, there was an invisible ripple spreading out from the third villa.

The hunters and residents who were previously affected by the curse had fainted to the ground after being purified by the golden droplets of Item 003. The red color on their eyes faded.

At this moment, the hunters from the City Defense Army were evacuating the victims outside to receive medical treatment. 

When the invisible ripples spread out, Tang Yu frowned and felt a little discomfort. However, those weaker hunters were pale and had painful expressions.

The unconscious hunter looked, particularly in pain. Their bodies shook unconsciously two times and stopped moving, dead. 

“Their soul is being sucked away.” Oguri walked towards Tang Yu and bit her lips.

Tang Yu froze. Opened his dark red eyes and saw that a light was floating out from their bodies and flew towards villa number three. 

He looked around and noticed it had a range.

Some of the unconscious hunters who were already carried away far from the villa didn’t experience the same thing. But those who were close within 500 meters were having their souls taken away.

Tang Yu had a bad feeling in his heart, but it was too late to stop it. When he saw a soul light didn’t enter the villa’s basement.

The surrounding source power converged wildly towards the villa, forming a vortex of source power in the air. Like a funnel, pouring towards the basement. 

Tang Yu looked and found that the veil covering the basement had disappeared.


The surge of energy exploded. Blasting of the rest of the villa, sending rubbles and dirt falling off like a raindrop.

The villa had turned into a large pit. In the pit, there was a small area intact along with five figures.

They were standing along a circular area inscribed with a complicated pattern. 

“That… is a rune array!”

Tang Yu, who had knowledge of Rune Literature, recognized it at a glance. 

At this moment, the entire rune array bloomed with dense red light, slowly forming a pillar of light.

The space near the red light pillar was distorted, and numerous black lightning circulated around it.

A disgusting dark red color gradually spread out, accompanied by dense black cracks from the ground near the circular altar.

In just a few seconds, the sky and earth had changed color. The evening turned into a red haze—a scene one would see before a catastrophe.

…even though they were already in the doomsday. 

Chief Jin swallowed his saliva. He found this moment today was more terrifying than the doomsday for the last two month.

That red light pillar and the distorted space made his heart uneasy. Extreme danger and terror enveloped his mind.

If it weren’t handled properly, the entire shelter would be razed to the ground.

However, he can’t casually give orders. The scene in front of him was utterly beyond his knowledge. He turned his head to the other division’s commander. They both looked at each other and had the same decision.

Indeed, it’s better to consult the Extreme Martial Arts School for their opinion first.

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