My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 254


Tang Yu pondered for two seconds, “From the looks of things, it should be some kind of spatial portal that’s about to be opened.”

Chief Jin and the others waited with a ragged breath for the following things. 

The situation wasn’t that hard to understand. But what they wanted to know was how to stop it all. As expected, Advisor Tang didn’t let them down. He pointed at the distorted space and said, “We can’t influence space yet, at least not now…”

“But.” Tang Yu rubbed his chin and thought. “As for now, it’s extremely difficult to destroy the altar directly.”  

Just by activating the rune array, the villa was razed into a deep pit from the surging source power. This power… Even Shay, an explosion expert, wouldn’t be able to do it even in full force. 

The altar, on the other hand, was unharmed.

Chief Jin and the others also thought of this. Cold sweats forming on their head.

Just when Tang Yu continued, “Instead of destroying the altar, it’s better to rewrite the rune array on it. Rune array that opens a space portal is very complex. Just change one of the nodes and make it wrong, the whole space portal in the middle of formation will collapse entirely.”

“But that’s on the premise if we can get our hands on the altar.”

Tang Yu’s gaze fell on the five expressionless figures at the edge of the altar. There are men and women, old and young, the aura emitted is not powerful. They looked like ordinary survivors.

But the crowd’s expressions looking at the figures were filled with fear.


The figures knew they were found. But didn’t care much and just stood by the altar. Chief Jin knew once they make a move, the skeletons in human skin will not hesitate to attack back. 

Right now, the enemy was focusing on the space portal that will be formed so they won’t be eager to make a move.

Thinking of this, Chief Jin and the others became even more anxious. They want to strike as soon as possible. But there are five of the skeletons, and with their own power alone, they won’t get close.

They didn’t dare to act rashly.

Not because they fear them. But even if they had the numbers to attack, it won’t change a thing. Only by working together with the experts from Extreme School, they could have a chance of winning.

Chief Jin and the others looked at Tang Yu and his teams, who looked rather calm and deep in thought. He anxiously stomped his feet. He walked around for a while before stopping at Tang Yu, gritting his teeth. “Master Tang, I wonder…”

“There is no hurry. There are still a few minutes before the space portal is formed. Now all we have to do is wait for reinforcements to arrive.” Tang Yu waved his hand, and his calm voice made the anxious look on Chief Jin’s face relax a little.

He was surprised and asked, “Reinforcements? I’m afraid in just a few minutes there won’t be enough power to support us. There’s a lot of experts out on missions, and the numbered items are not that much use. In short, we should hurry.”

“No.” Tang Yu shook his head. “I’m talking about my reinforcements.” 

When the black skeleton revealed its true body, it burst out Twelfth Awakening Stage power. He knew this matter was even more serious, far beyond Chief Jin and the other’s imagination.

This matter also exceeds his expectation.

At that time, he already contacted the other followers, such as Elaine, who was far away at the Tree Shade shelter. 

Chief Jin relaxed a bit. “So we are waiting for the girl named… Elaine to arrive. With Master Tang’s strength, our possibility will be much higher.” He muttered.

He looked back at the few figures on the altar; his face still carried the anxiety that couldn’t be erased.


Tang Yu understood. Among the followers, Elaine’s strength can be compared to the peak of the Thirteenth Awakening Stage. However, their strength was still too weak against the skeleton.

“Fortunately, this place isn’t that far from the sub-territory. Otherwise, there’s not a lot we can do. Maybe we can only run away.”

Once the space portal opens, the entire shelter will turn into hell on earth. By then, there’s no choice but to abandon his sub-territory. He didn’t want that to happen, while the reward Chief Jin had promised just incidentally.

He’s not that greedy for money!


Time passed by, minutes by minutes. The space around the red light pillar on the altar was increasingly distorted.

At this time, Tang Yu looked up to the sky. Several small black dots were moving at a breakneck speed. 

“It’s a missile!”

Chief Jin and the others revealed a joyful look and fiercely waved their fists, “Those guys in the command center moved fast enough this time!”

Tang Yu’s gaze was also tightly fixed. 

Several missiles with the tail flame on their back smashed down towards the altar.

At this moment, the five figures didn’t move. Only the middlemost young figure moved. He raised his hand, and a purple-black light burst out from his palm.

The light was extremely fast, forking in mid-air, forming several purple-black streams of light. Each one, hitting a missile that came flying in.

In an instant, a purple-black square suddenly appeared, covering the entire missile.

Telling that the missile in flight was imprisoned. The burning flame on its tail and spewing black smoke stopped beating at this moment. As if it was frozen by ice. 


Like the sound of ice falling, the purple square wrapped around the missile fell straight to the ground.

At the same time, it also shattered Chief Jin and the other hunters’ hope to pieces.

Tang Yu’s eyes widened as he saw the scene. His face was gloomy as he spat out a few words. “Peak of the Awakening Order.”

“We were lucky we didn’t barge in just now.”

At this point, Tang Yu turned his head to look at the other side. 

A familiar aura came from the distance. He finally smiled as he took a few steps forward and patted Chief Jin’s shoulder, “The next main force is us.”

Chief Jin was stunned.

The official experts from the shelter, whose morale was already falling low, looked at Master Tang, who walked forward step by step. The back of a strong man that never returned. 

Their hope rose again inside their chests.

They began to move their feet to follow closely behind when they suddenly heard Master Tang, who was walking in front of them, turned his head.

“By the way, let’s agree that the reward can’t be less.”

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