My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 255


Tang Yu didn’t walk fast. Instead, he slowly took one step, two steps forward.

The distance between him and the altar is shortening. 

He was testing the danger range. 

Testing the enemy’s attack range. 

At the distance of three or four hundred meters, Tang Yu saw the previous young man raised his head and whispered. 

In an instant, the two figures disappeared and appeared again a dozen meters in front of him. Even with his dark red vision, he could barely capture the two figures’ movement.

Carmen brothers, two warrior puppets with the strength of a Tenth Awakening Stage hunter, and Sky, who came to support, blocked the front.

In the sky, snowflakes fell and turned into sharp knives, shooting straight towards the two figures.

The human skin on the two figures quickly burst open, revealing the real black skeleton inside. 


The snowflakes collided with the strong and sharp finger bones, and the aftermath rolled in like a hurricane. 

The ground cracked open, countless stones crumbled away into countless pieces, and the earth sunk down layer by layer.

Tang Yu took a deep breath, focusing his gaze.

Personal domain, open up!

In front of him, a black tower rising from the ground! 

The two black skeletons were enveloped in the range. 

As the black tower was built, it was directly upgraded to level 3. Cannons, mage towers, and other temporary defensive structures were instantly built, upgraded, and directly taking place at the same time.

His followers retreated with care. 

The rain of arrows ripped through the air with an ear-piercing sound.

The cannon roared like fire pouring down from the sky.

The mage tower condensed two huge light balls and tracked the skeletons as they flew away. 

Tang Yu waved his hand again. Countless spike traps emerged from the ground towards the feet of the two skeletons. Moving like a mystic snake, trying to bind the skeleton.


Suddenly, there was a certain bottleneck inside Tang Yu’s body shattered. His personal domain expanded once again, and a system notification ring in his mind. Suddenly, he had some kind of enlightenment. 

Relying on his personal domain, he ‘saw’ the two skeletons’ movement.

He manipulated the temporary defense structure a bit more ease.

Chief Jin and the others had long been watching in awe.

With just a wave of a hand, he can make such grand structures… 

“This is the architectural ability user. So, this is Master Tang’s strength?” Someone muttered.

Some people were wildly enthusiastic. 

With that, the two black skeletons were pierced by arrows breaking through their bones, burned by cannon fire to… black, and blasted by the spell missiles, and were also stabbed by sharp spikes.

If it were a human, it would look miserable. But the skeletons were also in a miserable state. At this time, the other two skeletons rushed to attack while only one skeleton was left to guard the altar. 

The strongest one who stopped the missiles were facing Elaine. While the others were fighting against his followers. 

Although the defensive structures didn’t have their former effectiveness, it still hindered the skeletons’ movement. 

It looks like the two sides are evenly matched. 

However, there is the last skeleton standing in front of the altar. Albeit alone, it’s a tough enemy for Chief Jin, and others would have a hard time fighting with.

A brilliant light flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes.

“The time is almost right.”


The skeletons were having a hard time dodging the flying arrows, fireballs, and spell missiles. While Carmen brothers and the other attacked them. 

“When the elders descend, each and every last one of you will die, human!” 

Their soul fire burns. They were all waiting. As long as the space portal opens, the humans would be trampled when the elders descend. 

Suddenly, one of the skeletons glimpsed behind an arrow tower. Suddenly, two blue and white figures holding lances flashed out. 

‘The humans still have reinforcements?’

They thought so, but suddenly now the two figures appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye.

The two skeletons did not react as a lance pierced their soul fire with an unparalleled fierce aura.


Tang Yu gently breathed a sigh of relief.

The two puppet guards are his trump card. 

The scope of the puppet guard’s activity is larger than the territory. Sub-territories are also a part of the territory.

Tang Yu had calculated carefully. The third villa’s location in the Lanxing neighborhood was just at the border of the puppet’s activity range. 

The two puppet guards’ power was at the Second Realm of the Awakening Order. Head on, they were able to crush any skeletons present here. Under the sneak attack, they can kill it instantly. But he had to make sure it’s safe before doing that.

The space around the altar has become increasingly unstable and distorted. 

Tang Yu ignored the skeleton leader who fought with Elaine and directly rushed to the edge of the altar. In contrast, the rest of the skeletons were demolished into bone fragments by No.1 and No. 2 and his followers. 

Tang Yu stood on the altar, carefully examining the rune array on it. It was so complex that it reminded him of the fear before a maths exam. 

“Which node I should change? Which one?” Tang Yu murmured, holding a rune pen in his hand. The rune pen landed on a certain rune, and a powerful resistance came.

In a second, the rune pen that was made of precious material recoiled into pieces.

If it weren’t for his fast reflexes, his hand would also be harmed. 

Tang Yu was puzzled. He originally just wanted to slightly change the rune array, making it lose its effectiveness. However, it seems like he thought it wrong. What should he do next? 

“It seems there’s no choice but to destroy the rune array’s energy node. Even though I can predict the location, I’m not familiar with these runes. After destroying it, there will be a clash of energy and will result in an explosion.”

“With the complexity of these rune arrays, the explosion will be…”

Tang Yu thought while holding the rune pen, not knowing where to destroy it. 


The entire altar shook violently. There was a huge crack below it; the debris fell into the crack.

The bottom is not visible, as if it leads to another world. 

At this time, the altar was floating above the void, seemingly dangerous.

The crack continues to expand. A breathless aura emanates from within the crack.

A morose, huge silver-white bone hand extending from the crack accompanied by a majestic voice. “Human…”

Tang Yu was startled, no longer hesitated to take out a new rune pen, and wrote on the nearest energy node.


The energy node was the cover of the rune array; it was the most vulnerable to damage.

At this point, the energy node was destroyed, and the rune energy clashed and exploded violently.

Fire rises to the sky.

The altar’s red light began to recede.

The crack on the ground no longer expands but shrinks back with a faster degree.

The silver-white bone hand that stretched out from it had no time to retract and was cut off by the sudden space portal closure. 

Tang Yu, who was protected by No. 1 and No. 2, escaped the explosion’s aftermath. He breathed out a sigh of relief.

Just before the crack closed, a faint voice could be heard.

“… I’ll be back!”

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