My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 256


Tang Yu walked down the altar and stepped on the soft sandy ground.

Looking around, there is still a bottomless pit left behind after the earlier explosion. The dark red cracks wholly disappeared. Only the stones and rubbles around the pit were missing.

It looks like the center of the bottomless pit appears to be somewhat smooth. Occasionally, one could see small pieces of stones rolled from the edge of the pit.

“If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes, who would have thought that just now, there was a Crack of the Abyss almost appeared here?” Tang Yu shook his head and sighed.

Even he never thought that the Crack of the Abyss can be opened artificially. After all, those skeletons were not human. The more he thought, the more he deemed this world was confusing indeed. 

At this time, Elaine came from the distance. Her dress fluttered in the wind.

“I’m sorry, he escaped.”

She lowered her head, unable to hide her frustration.

Tang Yu was stunned, looking at the weary-looking Elaine. He patted her hand and said with a sad smile. “It’s fine. In terms of raw power, he was three stages above you. It’s already good that you can stop him.”

“Our main mission was to stop the formation of the space channel. But I didn’t think the skeletons would be this decisive. After seeing it wasn’t possible, it immediately disappeared.”

Elaine frowned. “But… that skeleton is strong and he can hide among humans. If we let him escape now, there will be a lot of trouble.”

“Oh, right.” Elaine took out a black finger bone. The end of the bone was stained with blue ice crystals. She looked at the Protoss sisters. “Can you divine the location of the skeleton with this?”

Moon took the finger bone, Star took out a fist-sized crystal ball. The crystal suspended mid-air between her hands. She closed her eyes, and the crystal ball reflected the appearance of the black finger bone.

Not a moment later, her eyes opened, and she said, “The skeleton… Well, I’ve divined the approximate location ……”

She stood on her tiptoes, using her toes as the axis, turned about sixty degrees to the right, raised her hand, and pointed to the distance, “It’s around that direction, it just felt far away from the shelter. Maybe around ten or twenty kilometers away, I can’t divine the exact location.”

Tang Yu froze. Just in a few minutes, the skeleton already fled that far?

‘It should be some kind of emergency item that can teleport them. But, that guy is crazy. Isn’t he at the peak of the first realm of the Awakening Order? Normally, when one of your companions is killed, shouldn’t you rush to help?’

He was puzzled. “Forget it, it’s too far. Even if we look for them, it’s useless. Let’s leave this problem to the Luoxia Shelter. But we should pay more attention in the future. Keep the finger bone, we might need it for divination one day.”

Star nodded, took out a crystal vial for preserving items, and put the finger bone into it.

On the other side of the altar, Shay’s muffled shot was heard. “Headmaster, look at the thing I’ve found.” 

Tang Yu looked at the sound. This time, Shay’s black hair was scorched up like a killer. He held a silvery-white item in his hand and ran in his direction.

Just like a chimpanzee running out of the zoo.

Tang Yu held his laughter. Next to him, Moon had snorted out a laugh. Even Elaine and Star smirked; they wanted to laugh but held it. Shay noticed. He took out a comb from his gray-black combat suit and combed down his hair, trying to comb down his hair, without avail.

Tang Yu couldn’t help but reach out and touch his hair, signing it’s not a problem.

Before the altar, Carmen Brothers, Shay, Sky, and Oguri were fighting by the altar. While the rest of the spellcasters, like Protoss sisters and Winnie, were at the backline as support.

He was shielded by No. 1 and 2.

Basically, no damage.

Sky looked alright, although the tip of his cloak was burnt. Shay was the one who looked the most miserable; if it wasn’t for his familiar voice, Tang Yu would have thought he was injured.

“….after you return, take a good look at the mirror, Shay.”

After Winnie healed Shay, well… the injury wasn’t that much. On his request, Winnie’s healing light was mainly focused on his head. The purpose was to soften the erected hair, so it would fade off that burnt fur look.

At this time, Tang Yu noticed the arm bone Shay held in his hand. It was silvery-white, resembling a human arm bone. And immediately said. “This is…”

“That’s the one.” Shay said while combing his head. He handed over the silver-white broken arm in his hand, “The silver-white bone hand that stretched out from the crack. But that aura almost scared me to death.”

“I remember the silver-white bone hand is very large …”

At that time, the crack was about 20 to 30 meters long with 7-8 meters wide. The silvery-white bone hand took up about half the size. He thought it was because the silver-white skeleton was too big to get out of the crack for the first time.

Thinking about it now, there should be some restrictions.

Tang Yu took the silver-white bone arm and sank, with his Fifth Awakening… now, he should be at the Sixth Awakening. He didn’t pick up the bone.

Instead, he took out the highest-grade rune longsword and brushed it on the bone; there was no slightest trace or cut.

On the one hand, he looked back at the physical changes. 

Tang Yu had never expected a miraculous thing like a breakthrough in the battle would happen to him. He vaguely remembered; didn’t he hear a system notification before?

“The system notification is also becoming less and less existent.”

He controlled the system panel and browsed the log; his gaze looked at the bottom of the log. 

[Ding! Territory fit level increased to 20%, has met the territory upgrade requirements.]

No wonder he felt controlling the temporary building had become more comfortable. Before, he had a feeling that he could fine-tune the arrows and shells that had been fired. And the time for constructing structures had been accelerated by at least one third compared to the original.

He had no idea what it would be like when he had reached 100% territory fit.

There should be other changes.

He should try it out later when he has free time.

Now, he had breakthrough the Sixth Awakening stage. By then, his strength should increase. The sixth to Ninth Awakening stage belongs to the second realm, body shaping. In this phase, the body’s physical strength can be enhanced greatly. A bullet-proof body is just a matter of time. Right now, using the Body Hardening Potion in this stage is the most appropriate, cost-effectively speaking.

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