My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 257


Far away.

Seeing the sudden appearance and disappearance of the Crack of the Abyss, and feeling the suffocating, flickering, and terrifying aura, Chief Jin and the others stood frozen in place for a good half a second.

“… it’s…over?” Someone murmured.

In front of them was a scene of devastation. Except for a small part caused by the surge of energy tide when the space portal was formed, more parts were devastated by the aftermath of the battle between the Extreme Martial Arts School and the skeletons.

The luxurious villa has become a wreck; some of the ground was blown into a hole, some into a world of ice and snow, glistening in the sun.

A tower-like building towering in the distance flickered a few times and disappeared.

“This time, thanks to Headmaster Tang and the others, this doesn’t lead to a big disaster. Captain Lei, which member proposed to find the Extreme Martial Arts School? Remember to add a credit to him.” Chief Jin slowly said, a smile blooming on his face.

“Ah, er.. Yes… Of course.” 

Captain Lei returned from his confusion, nodded, and saw Chief Jin straighten his clothes, walked to the edge of the pit, and jumped in. 


“…As promised, we will send the compensation to the school tomorrow. And in addition, to thank everyone from the school for your help, we will open some items that were restricted from trading.”

“Oh?” Tang Yu turned around. “Can you trade that Item 003?” 

The corner of Chief Jin’s mouth twitched slightly. “Those are the shelter’s most precious items. I’m not even qualified to see them on a regular basis. But there’s a possibility to trade the lesser items. I will fight for Headmaster Tang when the time comes.”

He said it sincerely and also made up his mind to befriend the Extreme Martial School.

They, the Security Bureau, were responsible for the internal security of the shelter. In the time of extraordinary events in the future, they befriend the Extreme Martial Arts School and seek their help. 

The most important thing about this relationship was so they could get a discount. They can get at least 20% off, right? The full price was truly too expensive.

The sky is getting dark, the distant searchlight emits bright white light so the people can see as clear as in daylight. 

Tang Yu came to the altar with Chief Jin and others.

After the energy node clash explosion, the entire altar was destroyed. A large part of the remaining small half of the rune array also became dimmed.

There was a movement coming from the edge of the pit.

Several researchers descended into the pit with the help of the City Defense Army hunters, and they hurriedly ran forward with a feverish look in their eyes.

This altar was made of high-grade stone. At this time, some researchers were looking at the half of the stone still intact with magnifying glasses, measuring instruments, and other tools to investigate. Exclaimed in joy and surprise.

Looking at the situation, it seems the entire Northern area of the Lanxing Neighborhood will be closed to the public.

‘The high-level person who controls the ownership of the Lanxing community may have suffered a heavy loss this time… well, not necessarily, relying on the identity of the owner, he said that he could not be the first to benefit. Anyway, in terms of benefits, the high-level of the shelter is indispensable.’

Because the shelter was a gathering of three major cities around the area, the shelter’s higher-ups were far more powerful than those in Lindong. He knew there were around 20 wealthy and powerful people in the shelter.

Tang Yu glanced at kind-looking Chief Jin beside him. As the Security Bureau Chief who managed most areas within the shelter, his power, wealth, and connection can’t be underestimated, although he wasn’t as powerful as those higher-ups.

If Chief Jin knew what Tang Yu was thinking at this time, he would be very aggrieved.


The black skeleton was a non-human monster. Compared to the non-human monster, he was indeed a little weaker. But many Ancestral Dragon experts were killed in seconds by the black skeleton, while Chief Jin was lightly wounded, although he also participated in the battle.

This was the embodiment of his strength. 

He was able to secure the position with his power. His power was real.

Tang Yu rubbed his chin and looked at Chief Jin. “I also wanted to study this altar. It’s not a problem, right?”

The northern part of the Lanxing District will be completely blocked. Besides security reasons, it was also to study this altar. 

The most straightforward method, naturally, was to destroy the altar. With the shelter’s power, although this altar was hard and seemed indestructible, they can destroy it. Despite the risk, they choose to preserve the altar and the rune array because of its high research value.

The Luoxia officials want to study, Tang Yu also wants to study it.

The path that can open the Crack of the Abyss. If they used the transmission array, this is a transmission array that could cross the world barrier. No, it would serve as a permanent gate. 

Chief Jin froze and then replied. “Of course. Master Tang had provided us with great help. As long as you won’t affect or destroy the altar, studying it is very possible.” 

He thought for a moment and then added, “However, I can’t talk to the Academy of Sciences. Those researchers are so arrogant that sometimes I was ignored when talking to them.”

The truth is, he was worried about him prying out the research result of the altar from the researchers. Once this place is available for him, Luoxia officials will tell the researchers to stay silent.

However, does he really need to?

With Luoxia shelter’s resources and knowledge, he, Lord Tang, dared to bet a spirit stone that these people couldn’t research much even if they were given a month. 

But he and Master Kevin were different. 

“I wonder if I can research the demonic beast and the skeleton’s origin through this rune array.”


The next day.

Instead of returning to Tree Shade, Tang Yu rested for the night at the martial school. With the training equipment’s help, he could refine the experience that he got from the breakthrough. 

Thanks to the high-end training facilities the Extreme school has, their school was able to teach the experts. Their reputation peaked among the top 5 martial arts schools in the shelter. 

Early in the morning, the martial arts school had just opened, but many students had already come to train using the high-end training facilities.

They need to wait in line to use the more advanced facilities, so they come earlier than usual just to have a few more minutes to use. 

Everyone was full of energy with their own progress.

While training, some of them talked about the recent news yesterday in the Lanxing area.

The place was blocked, and the origin of the news was vague. But the rumor spread like wildfire. 

Suddenly, there was a noise coming from the front gate. 

Someone was shouting with a panicked expression. “The people from the One Punch Martial Arts School had come to smash the venue!” 

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