My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 258


The first floor of the martial arts school.

Hunters were busy training and chatting, just like a gym before the doomsday.

Some of those who stayed here were those who weren’t lucky enough to use the advanced training facilities and needed to wait in line.

During the waiting period, they also found equipment to train. And the rest were weaker hunters who could not use or afford the advanced training area’s high price.

The ordinary training area is free for members to use, and there was a lot of equipment. Even during the peak hours of the day, they can find free equipment to use.

Although many hunters complained about the advanced training facilities being too few, the charges are too expensive, etc.

But in the heart, they knew clearly the Extreme Martial Arts School can be extremely conscientious.

The reason why they train at the school was also to meet some friends and encourage others to choose this school.

They had chosen membership in the school. Even if some of them were members of other martial arts schools, they couldn’t be bothered to waste it.

So, they hurried to inform some close friends about this good place.

The lobby was bustling with hunters. Those hunters could also spend their money to train in the training room on either side of the first-floor lobby so they can train in peace.

But most hunters won’t choose a private room unless they can’t find a place in the lobby.

The training was also a matter of atmosphere; seeing other people work hard motivated them.

Sometimes, they can also hear some secret news.

Su Yan was just an ordinary Double Awakening; he found an empty treadmill, adjusted the speed, jumped on, and started training.

This kind of equipment was similar to an ordinary treadmill. It can meet the needs of a Triple Awakening hunter at the highest.

The conveyor belt was running at high speed, emitting a humming sound, and the hunters were running fast with their arms and legs swinging by.

At first, some people were cautious, but now the group has gotten used to it.

Next to him, a hunter who was quite familiar with him, ran wildly while turning his head and smiling mysteriously at him, “Hey, do you know what happened yesterday in the Lanxing District?”

Su Yan was stunned, “It’s just that there were a few burrowing worms, and the officials completely blocked off that area for the safety of the residents.”

The man snorted, running at high speed. His tone changed a bit, a bit whispering, “That’s what the officials want people to believe. You see, I have a friend who lived in that area.”

He jerked, “You actually have a friend who lives in that area?”

Seeing the other party’s angry eyes, Su Yan hurriedly shut his mouth, snapped and laughed a few times awkwardly, then heard.

“My friend told me that yesterday he saw the red pillar of light rushing up to the sky. What is that? That is the outworld treasure! It is said that there was a group of mysterious people who intended to snatch that treasure, and that group was so strong that it provoked the officials to mobilize the Security Bureau, and even the City Defense Army…”

At this time, a hunter passed next to him and interrupted, “Really? I heard there was a terrifying demonic beast appearing in the Lanxing District. Even the experts from the Ancestral Dragon could barely suppress it and almost made the whole shelter in danger of being wiped out.”

“How is that possible!?”

“Don’t be silly. Where did you hear the shelter was about to get destroyed?”

“Do you even know the Ancestral Dragons experts are? My cousin is a Fourth Awakening, and among the Ancestral Dragon, he was only a small captain. The experts could collapse a building with their full force. Besides, if a demonic beast really appeared, we would notice! How can it suddenly appear in an upscale neighborhood of the shelter?”

The hunter who interrupted also laughed awkwardly, thinking what the man just said made sense.

Yet, no one knew that this statement was the closest thing to the truth.

After a while, Su Yan panted after maintaining a full-speed frenzy. This kind of training he could only achieve from using the treadmill.

There was not enough space in other places. His speed will be affected when he turns. There is a lot of open space in the wild, but he didn’t dare to exhaust his physical strength out there.

He looked around and saw his acquaintance already lying on the floor like a salted fish. There seemed to be people talking to him, but Su Yan could not hear them. His vision was blurred.

At this point, he was relying on his own will, barely holding on, trying to break through his limits.

The Extreme Martial Arts School owner once said that the limit is used to break the limit. But breaking through the limit doesn’t just require external help, but also requires their own courage, perseverance, and determination!

Su Yan gritted his teeth and squeezed every bit of power that he had.

Until, he lay on the floor like other hunters, like a salted fish. No… salted fish still can move, while Su Yan was completely powerless like a dead fish. Only his chest was moving for breath.

After a while, Su Yan regained a little strength and heard a shout with panic from the gate, “One Punch martial arts school came to smash the venue!”

He was a little surprised, struggled to get up, saw a few figures lined up at the gate.

In the middle, there was a young man of about thirty years old, with a flat haircut and shining eyes.

The young man stepped forward, and with each step he took, his aura drew up a level, until, after a few steps, it completely exploded.

The power of his breath was like the rolled ocean waves, swept through in a moment. The hunters exhausted in the lobby were overwhelmed by the pressure.

A moment later, the young man withdrew his aura, hand clasped fist, and a loud voice spread throughout the lobby. “One Punch martial arts school, Liu Shan, brings the martial arts students to the door. Hoping to have a common exchange with the students of the Extreme martial arts center and make progress together.”

The students who saw the scene were confused.

Common exchange? Making progress?

That’s a great purpose.

But someone said they were going to smash the venue!

The other party’s aura made the hunters, who were in the middle of training feeling oppressed and angry.

However, the hunters who stayed in the lobby were mostly weak. Even though they were angry, they didn’t dare to say something.

They just stared angrily at Liu Shan while they understood… the One Punch Martial Arts School was about to get real. 

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