My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 26


Chapter 26 – Preparation

“What?! You’re going to Lindong Shelter? That’s too dangerous!”

Ever since Tang Yu decided to go to Lindong Shelter, Chen Haiping was getting wary.

It’s no wonder. The shelter had just got a trouble from the Lindong Shelter. Now the leader was going to deliver himself to their doorstep.

Tang Yu waved his hand, “Don’t be too excited, take it easy. Lin Wei doesn’t know me, even if he found out that Han Jing went missing in this shelter, all he can do is target us. By the time, I will be already gone to Lindong Shelter, disguised as an inconspicuous survivor.”

“Besides, Lindong shelter is the only large-scaled shelter in Lincheng area, they got information and more resources. Only by going there we could truly see how much power Lin Wei had. We can’t just allow our opponent to investigate us while we only sit idly and wait, right?”

“I’ll go.”

Roger finally spoke after remained silent for a long time.

Tang Yu shook his head.

Roger’s work was indeed reliable, but Roger and Elaine weren’t from this world. Even though the contract instilled of this world’s common sense on their mind, it couldn’t be compared to a normal people’s 20 years of life experience in this world. They wouldn’t get enough information.

“I won’t go to Lindong right away. At least, I have to prepare a few days to get fully prepared. Don’t worry about it. Maybe Lin Wei will come to our door while I’m still here. Isn’t it safe?”

Chen Haiping was speechless.

It’s not safe at all!

The matter was settled for now.

By going to Lindong, he didn’t just intend to understand Lin Wei’s power. He wanted to know about the outside world through Lindong.

Since the doomsday, the whole world had undergone though tremendous amount of change.

When the communication line still existed in the beginning, Tang Yu could still learn about the information from all over the country. But ever since the communication was cut off, the news was blocked. Not to mention, that time, demonic beast threat was becoming more serious and serious. As an ordinary person, survival was his top priority. He didn’t care much about news back then.

But it’s different now.

He had self-preservation power and he wanted to develop the territory. Even if he was linked with the system, he could not build anything without knowing the outside world.

The system was his advantage. Tang Yu naturally made a good use of it. But his consciousness also told him to be independent and self-sufficient. So why not?

He couldn’t always rely on the system for everything.

From Han Jing’s team, he learned that the scientist of Lindong had made major discoveries after researching new things after the doomsday.

That was the huge gap between a small and large shelter.

They had more human wisdom.

If he took the system as the foundation and combine it with the thinking logic of a human scientist, it would drastically change the direction of the territory development progress in the future.

Not to mention a few other things.

Tang Yu drifted in his thoughts.

Lindong’s a large-scale shelter. They might have information from all over the country. It should be possible to find news about the shelter where his parents were.


Time flew quickly.

In a flash, a few days had passed.

Over the few past days, the territory had been developing steadily in order as planned.

The team led by Roger and Elaine had already searched the town around the territory. Not only they found some important things, they also found some hiding survivors in the towns who were struggling to survive.

These survivors were immediately taken to the shelter.

In addition, some survivors who could barely roam the wild passed through the shelter. Maybe they learned the news from other survivors or from other sources.

One by one, the entire shelter population now had nearly one hundred survivors.

In the past few days, Tang Yu had strengthen his monitoring of the territory.

Two days after they caught the four-member squad, another squad was caught sneaking in.

These two teams’ efficiency was obviously not good enough. Tang Yu was relieved, after these two teams, no other teams were found.

They probably thought the area they had sent investigators in were dangerous. Or maybe they already had some clues. When Elaine and Roger went out, they would occasionally discover some traces of human activities. Most likely they were the investigation team.

“Such a shame. I’m going to Lindong Shelter but still haven’t got enough critical items.”

Tang Yu had guarantee he could retreat from a dangerous situation with the use of a certain item.

Town Portal Scroll.

It’s a very common item in an early stage of a game. They could be bought from market and the price was not expensive. This thing might only functioning as an item to save time in the game. But in reality, it’s a decent life-saving artifact.

He had been waiting for the market’s daily refresh items.

However, when he needed it most, it never appeared.

Tang Yu refreshed today’s daily market items.

His eyes widened, his expression’s brighten.

He didn’t find the Town Portal Scroll, but this item, in reality was an artifact.

Backpack (10 inventory slot).

The backpack in game was nothing more than to expand the inventory slot. Although the expansion was not much. But in reality, it’s a different story. This backpack looked like an ordinary backpack. It looked small, but it had a separate space inside.

There’re 10 slots in the backpack. Each slots took about one cubic meters, combined together, it’s a full ten cubic meters of space. It’s a necessary artifact for traveling. It provided protection against firearms and robbery.

Tang Yu didn’t hesitate to buy all the three quantities in the market. The result was his spirit stones almost went depleted.

In the past few days, he built the market, upgraded the Lord’s Castle, constructed the city walls, bought blueprints and backpacks from the market.

The daily income of spirit stones was one or two hundreds units. Which was actually quite a lot, but it’s far less than the consumption. Tang Yu looked at his spirit stones inventory to find it was almost depleted.

What’s more was there weren’t many system buildings. Only a few of them.

Tang Yu is very depressed.

But after looking at the backpack in his hand, his expression brightened. He had thought a new source of income.


The sky’s clear, today’s weather was hot like an oven. The sun was like baking the damaged earth and the air was filled with… the smell of sweat?

To avoid the sweaty laborer’s smells at work, Tang Yu sneaked out of the shelter with two puppet guards.

He went straight to the spirit stone mine, a few kilometers away.

He was greedy for the mine, but he felt miserable for not being able to mine it directly. There were too many demonic beasts in the forest. He tried to go in only to get bothered by the demonic beast even before he could find the spirit stone mine. In that case, mining the spirit stone mine was too whimsical.

Well, arranged the survivors for mining wouldn’t work.

If it’s just a violent gravel, Tang Yu could just took the ore containing the spirit stone and put it in the backpack. Tang Yu felt it could be feasible.

From the side of the resort, there was a mountain road that went directly to the mountain behind the resort.

Tang Yu walked along the winding mountain road.

On his side was a steep mountain wall. On the other side was a cliff with a stream. The water source of the shelter after the doomsday was most likely was taken from this river. Fortunately, this river hadn’t been much polluted before the doomsday. At the very least, the stream hadn’t change into strange colors such as red or yellow.

No. 1 and No. 2 lead the way as Tang Yu leisurely looked around.

The mountain road was not very wide, it consisted of two direction lanes.

At a glance, almost half of the road was covered in wild plants and weeds.

These weeds grew crazily out of the soil next to the cement pavement. They grew wildly, some have grown to a one or two-meters height, and others had grown from between the gaps in the cement pavement. This tenacious vitality had caused the entire pavement to crack. If there were some people who had never went out after the doomsday, they might get surprised.

The world had become a strange place.

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