My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 260


“How is the exchange?” Shay put away his playful smile and asked lightly.

“Our martial school teaches combat skills. Since we are competing for skills, it is natural to fight against each other at the same level.” Liu Shan smiled, “These five behind me are our martial school, First to Fifth Awakening stage students. Let them fight with your students of the same levels.”

“This is the fairest, but also the most reflective of the students’ actual combat ability in battle. What do you think?”

Liu Shan finished, with his hands in the air, although he was asking, he did not wait for Shay to reply and turned his head to look at a person behind him, “Le Yuanchen, you go first.”

The first martial arts school standing on his left side was a teenager.

His face still looked like a child. He nodded, jogging up fast to the edge of the ring. Leaped with his toe tip and quickly jumped on the height of four or five steps on the ring.

The corner of his mouth slowly lifted up, his chin slightly upward, looking askance at the Extreme Martial School students below.

There was a leap of faith.

There was anger.

There was indifference.

There was also a look of lively expression.

He slowly opened his mouth, “One Punch martial arts school, First Awakening student Le Yuanchen here, anyone from the Extreme martial arts school can dare to fight me?!”

The atmosphere was slightly heavy.

This time, the students have all stopped training. They formed three or two-person groups and walked towards the ring.

They paid as a customer. They’ve been training here for a few days, but they lack a sense of belonging.

But looking at the cocky people from the One Punch school and Le Yuanchen’s arrogant look. They were agitated. 

After a short silence, a loud shout came from the crowd, “I’ll do it!”

A sturdy man jumped on the ring and stood on Le Yuanchen’s opposite side.


“The One Punch guy’s aura is in the middle of the First Awakening Stage. The one on our side is at the peak of the First Awakening. He should have the upper advantage, right?”

The people below the ring stage murmured. 

Next to him, Su Yan frowned. “There should be an advantage in physical strength, but…”

One thing for sure, the One Punch Martial Arts School dared to make a move first, so that means they were well-prepared.

What they had is the gap between the two schools. The Extreme school had not yet cultivated its signature students. 

Even if there was no lack of strong hunter students, the competition between the same stage hunter could be divided into two parts. 

One part is the mercenaries who have experienced blood and fist, while the other one was a martial arts student specializing in combat techniques.

There was no restriction between the two parts. But generally speaking, mercenaries with plenty of combat experience had their awakening stage higher because they often go out on a mission to hunt down demonic beasts.

While students who specialized in combat skills will inevitably delay their own awakening stage. 

The most favorable evidence of this is that those who have succeeded in learning martial arts often have a much easier time than mercenaries who only experience slaying when facing the bottleneck of breaking through the Fifth to the Sixth Awakening Stage.

There is also a saying in the shelter that learning martial arts can make one’s foundation more solid.


On the ring.

The two people did not immediately make a move, stalemate for a moment. The slightly stronger Extreme Martial Arts School students could not bear the pressure and were the first to rush up.

His muscles were tense, and he waved his huge fist and smashed it towards his opponent’s face.




Only to see Le Yuanchen of the One Punch Martial School avoided this straightforward punch, raising his hand to frame the opponent, and taking advantage of this opening and smashing several punches in a row, hitting the heart of the strong hunter.

A mouthful of crimson blood spurted out, and the strong hunter fell on his back.


The other onlookers on the stage had thought about the One Punch Martial Arts School’s student winning, but they didn’t expect that the win would be so crisp and sharp.

The sturdy unconscious hunter was brought off stage by the martial arts school guards.

Although not life-threatening, he was hit by several heavy punches and was still severely injured.

Even with a hunter’s strong recovery power, it would take ten days and a half months to recover without the aid of drugs.

For any hunter, the blow was huge.

The shelter has explicit provisions. They can not use sharp weapons in a fight, and they’re not allowed to kill. Anyone could see the One Punch guy didn’t kill him, but he was bloodthirsty. 

The burly man’s friend jumped to the ring, angered. He took a wooden combat knife from the weapon rack wall, weighing in his hand, and quickly attacked.

The hunter, also at the peak of the First Awakening stage, had more experience. He took a greatsword he was good at and waved the sword vigorously.

However, it only lasted for a few seconds before he was knocked down and his head hit hard on the cold stone floor.

Fast! Accurate! Ruthless!

The One Punch Martial Arts School people were good at killing people with a single blow, and the martial arts they learned were not fancy but real killing moves.

When the hunters saw this, they all drew a breath of cold air and got a chill. No one dared to take the field again.


At the main gate.

A few students from the One Punch Martial Arts School were joking and laughing, with insults flowing from their mouths.

The survivors who came to watch the fun we’re talking about. Some shook their head, disappointed at the Extreme school.

Liu Shan clasped his hands in front of his chest, heard the discussion of these survivors, his heart filled with satisfaction.

The One Punch school students were carefully learning and had undergone a long training.

Compared with the Extreme school students who had just listened to a few lessons and trained for a few days.

But the onlooker survivors had no idea about this.

In most cases, people only recognize the results, not the reason. Indeed, this competition was unfair to the Extreme Martial Arts School.

However, once they were defeated multiple times, people were disappointed, ignoring the millions of reasons.

In contrast, the hunter onlookers were more aware of the One Punch students’ power.

They thought the One Punch school’s profit would rise after what happened today.

And Liu Shan thought he would get more salary. 


Time passed by, minute by minute.

On the ring, Le Yuanchen’s attitude became more arrogant when he saw that no one dared to play.

A student from the Extreme Martial Arts School looked at Shay. Now, Shay was calm and was ordering guards to take the two injured hunters for treatment.

He stood there, flung a cigarette from the cigarette case, held it in his mouth, slowly took out a lighter, and lit it.

After a while, he said, “You don’t think that we don’t have our own core students in the Extreme Martial Arts School, do you?”

Two young hunters came in a hurry from the back door of the martial arts school.

The male was in his twenties, with a plain appearance. He looked at the people from the One Punch Martial Arts School with anger flashing in his eyes.

The female is even younger. She was a teenager and looked a bit similar with the childish-looking face Le Yuanchen had on his face.

She gently leaped into the ring, “Extreme Martial Arts School, Xia Wanru, please teach me a lot!”

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