My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 261


Under the stage.

Liu Shan’s eyes flashed with a fine light. He knew the previous two hunters that Le Yuanchen defeated were nothing.

It’s just the little girl was the only one who could represent the Extreme Martial Arts School.

But anyway, as long as Le Yuanchen defeated this little girl, it also means that they can take this first game completely.

Liu Shan observed, “From the standing posture, the demeanor, this little girl had the power. She’s definitely much stronger than the previous two. But how much stronger can it be just from a few days of training? Le Yuanchen’s strength was not even half of the strength of the previous one, and he was able to defeat them.”

He thought carefully. Looking at Shay and at the young man in his twenties behind him. 

In his heart, he was even more secretly pleased. “It seems these two are the core apprentices. They haven’t been training for long. Even if they win 3 out of 5, they still lost the first two. Of course, winning 5 out of 5 is my goal. By then, the chance of getting more customers is higher.’


At this time, somewhere on the second floor in the audience seat, Tang Yu placed his hands below his chin, watching the battle below.

An escort ran over carrying a basket of drinks and snacks. “Headmaster, here are the things you asked.”

Hmm.” Tang Yu waved his hand.

With the reverence of facing a supreme master, the guard bowed slightly before turned around and left.

Tang Yu reached out towards the place where the shopping basket was placed and then touched an empty space.

When he turned around, he saw the bamboo rat, Oguri, had torn open the snack packaging, opened the drink lid.

The basket full of food was rapidly reducing.

Even when Oguri’s mouth is stuffed full, her hands still grasping for food non-stop and continue to stuff foods into her mouth.

Tang Yu sweatdropped.

So greedy. She can eat a lot without gaining weight. But she still can’t grow taller. Damn.. does she belong to the ‘Eat Ability’ user?

In the audience seat, beside him and Oguri, his cousin Chen Xiaojia was also present. 180 degrees from Oguri’s feeding frenzy. She only took some snacks and ate them.

“Food aside, the situation on the stage is quite entertaining.”

The Extreme Martial Arts School core apprentices were not many indeed as Liu Shan had predicted. There were only two of them.

There were a lot of strong hunters like the Wild Lion who wanted to join as core apprentices. But what Tang Yu respected more than raw power was the character.

It doesn’t matter if they’re not strong enough as they can grow.

These people who belonged in a mercenary regiment must have close friends. Once they become a core apprentice, the secrets will leak to their friends.

Even if he could take care of the leaked information, Tang Yu would avoid it at all costs.

Among the two core apprentices, the young girl Xia Wanru had just awakened not long ago.

Her mother was dead, and she was separated from her father. She originally belonged to the bottom of the survivors, until one time, she was bullied by some punks and was awakened out of anger.

When they first awakened, they were often in an unstable stage.

The punks were gravely injured by her. The young girl who lived in fear and confusion had met her fate.

From then on, she embarked on the road of no return.. no, from then on to the road to prosperity.

Another core apprentice, Ji Ming, has been awakened for a few days. Ji Ming was originally a survivor of the bottom of the shelter. He barely lived l by receiving relief food and pick up some ragged goods. After the awakening, his quality of life has improved. However, even a hunter had difficulties having a good life.

Right now, finding a demonic beast in the wilderness near the shelter was rare. Some towns and counties were emptied by hunters before them, so they can’t find valuable loot.

To travel to more distant areas or even complete the mercenary regiment’s tasks, it was essential to join a team.

However, most mercenary teams already have regular members. They rarely recruit newcomers, especially a newly awakened hunter who had no combat specialties.

There were some temporary mercenary teams available to join. Most of the members were newly awakened hunters like him who had no permanent team.

These teams were weak. They couldn’t complete difficult tasks with a generous reward.

Every time they met trouble, whether it’s a disagreement of uneven distribution of loot, or sometimes the turn to fight demonic beast for the sake of spirit power.

Ji Ming’s salary in the wilderness was too low for the risk he had to take. Even after several missions, he couldn’t afford to but a decent weapon.

The last time he joined a temporary team, it turns out they were not recruiting newcomers but cannon fodders.

He was forced to explore dangerous areas to attract demonic beasts. Within two days, most of them were killed.

He was the only one who managed to escape from the chaos by deliberately attracting a few more demonic beasts.

He struggled in the wilderness as a lone mercenary, but his strength was improving very slowly.

He was lucky enough to be noticed by the martial arts school’s master while training at the Extreme Martial Arts School. Ji Ming was excited and worked harder and harder at the same time.

His gaze fixed at the One Punch Martial School students standing behind the ring.

Now, it was time to prove his worth.


Most battles between the First Awakening stage hunters were just a bunch of fist and kicking scenes.

However, at this moment, the battle between Xia Wanru and Le Yuanchen on the ring made the onlookers amazed. They moved back and forth very quickly.

“Even I, a Double Awakening hunter, don’t have a certainty of winning against either of them.”

A hunter lamented.

The strength of the core students of the martial arts school made many people had their eyes sizzling.

Some of the passerby hunters who were onlookers made up their minds to go to the martial arts school for further training.

But this time, many passerby hunters were still torn, whether to choose the One Punch Martial Arts School or the Extreme Martial Arts School?

Their hesitation lasted for less than three seconds.

In the ring, the two who were still evenly matched. Suddenly, Xia Wanru’s fist directly blasted Le Yuanchen while he set up the defense with his arms.

Taking advantage of this gap, she kicked the young man flying mid-air before landing heavily to the ground.

The change happened so fast that even Liu Shan could not react. He could not figure out why the young girl from the Extreme Martial Arts School’s power suddenly increased.

Xia Wanru, who had won the round, did not walk out of the ring but looked at the students of the One Fist Martial School and spoke, “One Punch Martial School, who is next? Who?”

Just a few moments ago, the One Punch school students were putting up their arrogant faces. But now, the two sides were completely turned around.

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