My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 262


Liu Shan’s face was cloudy. After looking at Le Yuan Chen, whose cheek was half swollen and fell to the ground in a coma, he finally said, “We lost this game of First Awakening Stage, but it’s just beginning now.”

Although they lost the first game, Le Yuanchen at least defeated two passerby students.

Even if insiders can see against the previous two, Le Yuanchen didn’t do anything much before. 

“No matter what, we can’t lose the second game.”

He instructed in a low voice with a twist of his head, asking the students who were about to take the field to be more vigilant and fight with all their might.

Soon, two hunters jumped into the ring, carrying the unconscious martial school student down, and the other, standing straight in the ring.

“This is our Double Awakening student. Who will represent the Extreme Martial School?”

Liu Shan saw the young girl still standing on the stage and was a bit surprised.

Xia Wanru looked at the young student opposite, feeling a much stronger aura than her own. She wasn’t afraid, stepping forward, “Representative student? That’s me!”

Liu Shan was about to speak.

Shay, on the opposite side, smilingly said, “It’s kinda weird, isn’t it? It’s just a stage higher. Miss Xia here will be our representative. As long as you can win this round, you will be the winner. That would be on the premise if we lost the game.”

Liu Shan coldly snorted but did not retort.

The martial arts school students on the stage, as well as other passersby survivors, did not expect this kind of situation to unfold.

Their mouths opened slightly, and a few melon seeds leaked out from their teeth.

“This is not a joke, right? A cross-level challenge?!”

“Cross-level fighting… I haven’t seen it, but those who are crossed are usually weak hunters with no real combat skills. While the One Punch Martial Arts School students are…”

“They will lose. They will face a stronger student and only win the last round. Now, they challenge Double Awakening students. They said One Punch student’s combat skills are good. Let’s see what will happen next.”

“From my point of view, the Extreme Martial Arts School had no choice. Don’t you see? They only have two core apprentices. Even if these two apprentices won 2 out of 5 games, they had no choice but to challenge the upper level.”

He continued analyzing the situation, “As for other ordinary students, looking at the previous battles, it is clear that those people and the core apprentices of the martial arts school are not on the same level as their combat skills. After all, the hunters who go to the martial arts hall for further training are lacking fighting skills. Because they mostly fight in the wild.”

“Let’s start now!”

Someone shouted.

In the ring, a young man from the One Punch Martial Arts School faced the young girl who was one level below him. Trying to deliver an element of surprise, he kicked mid-air towards Xia Wanru.

The Double Awakening stage wasn’t strong. Most hunters present at least had the strength of a Double Awakening stage or up.

However, this whip kick actually brought up a whistling wind-breaking sound, making the expressions of hunters at the edge of the ring changed. 


The sound of a heavy blow.

Xia Wanru’s body sank, she set up her hands, unloaded the force to the side, and took a few more steps back. It seems like she was at a disadvantage.

But this scene shocked everyone present.

“Blocked? How is it possible? Even if you use the force-removal technique, this whip kick is already fierce! There’s a qualitative power gap between the two. How can she possibly block it?!”

The young man from One Punch Martial Arts School was also surprised, but he didn’t freeze and launched a stormy attack with his kicks one after another.

Xia Wanru fought and retreated, at a disadvantage, but did not suffer much damage. Facing a whip kick, she either blocked or avoided.

Some hunters at the surrounding ring with strong eyesight have seen the doorway, “Her strength, her speed is too high compared to the peak of the First Awakening Stage. She’s slightly weaker than her opponent, but the gap isn’t big. This is the reason why she can block the attacks again and again.!”

To put it bluntly, the passerby hunters knew the Extreme Martial Arts School had a way to quickly improve physical fitness!

In a moment, everyone looked at Shay with fiery spirits.

Liu Shan saw this and secretly gritted his teeth. He thought he could finally win the game with a perfect score. 

Liu Shan looked at the ring and suddenly shouted. “If you win this game, I’ll give you two standart Spirit Power Containers!” 

Spirit Power Containers were also available at Luoxia, produced by the Officials. They were sold at the same capacity. 

Refining spirit power from two standard Containers can make a Double Awakening Stage hunter ascend to the Triple Awakening Stage. 

On the stage, both of them breathed heavily.

Xia Wanru looked more physically exhausted. Her body was drenched in sweat. The loose sportswear clung to her exquisite body.

At this time, the young man heard Liu Shan’s words. A trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. He moved his fist fiercely, delivering a fatal blast.

Xia Wanru retreated again and again and was already retreating to the edge of the ring.

In an instant, the young man took a step back. He lifted his right leg slightly, and in a weird posture, the figure flickered, his left foot slammed on the ground, he jumped up, and his right foot kicked mid-air.

This kick was more fierce, faster, and more ruthless than before.

The kick sends a ripple in the air, aimed directly towards Xia Wanru’s head in a straight shot.

And at this time, the Extreme Martial Arts Schoolgirl couldn’t retreat!

Some of the onlookers couldn’t help but close their eyes. A few experts who knew what the man was trying to do open their eyes wide, focusing their gaze on the ring. 


The kick tore the air, but there was no feeling of kicking the human body. The young man’s heartbeat suddenly missed a beat.

Xia Wanru in front of him obviously had no ability to dodge, but her body suddenly moved half a meter to the side.

He missed the attack by half a meter. 

His unreserved foot also made him unable to stop leaning forward and lost his balance.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xia Wanru shouted and threw a punch. She mobilized the Qi and power in her body, and the power spread upward inch by inch along her arm.


Like a watermelon bursting.

The hard skull exploded by this insignificant punch.

In an instant, the entire lobby fell silent.


On the stage, Xia Wanru was half-kneeling on the ground, looking at the headless corpse in front of her. Covering her mouth and gasping for breath.

Her gaze was fixed on the headless corpse. The fear in her eyes gradually dissipated, turned into determination.

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