My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 263


Second-floor box.

Chen Xiaojia covered her mouth; only the bamboo rat Oguri continued to stuff her mouth with food.

Tang Yu sighed slightly, “This is the price of growth.”

This battle can be said to be more thrilling to win. Whether in terms of physical quality, combat skills, or experience, Xia Wanru was a step above the other student.

‘If the other party didn’t use martial arts skills and fight steadily, the chances of winning will be higher instead.’

Martial art skills and combat skills are very similar. Basically, they’re the same thing. 

Both are techniques that require stances.

Tang Yu didn’t doubt the techniques from the One Punch masters. They inherited those moves from ancient times.

But after the doomsday, the people were awakened, and these martial arts skills were even more precious than before.

Before the doomsday, it was only harsh moves.

What surprised him was that their opponent had learned martial skills as well.

“Unfortunately, he didn’t master these moves. Xia had more combat skills than the opponent.”

Learning from Gray Blade’s Ghost Step. Although he wasn’t in Luoxia, they still communicate with each other to learn. Now, they both mastered at least five or six combat skills.

Ghost Step allowed the young girl to avoid the fatal blow.

At that time, she was already at the end of her strength. The remaining strength wasn’t enough. Ordinary punches wouldn’t finish her opponent. 

So, she used her last strength to use the Martial Art Heavy Strike [Heavy Chop].

The effect was even better than she had anticipated. The martial art school student who hadn’t reached the Sixth Awakening Stage of the Body Shaping Realm, whose flesh was still relatively weak, had his head blown off by a single punch.

“The little girl is surprisingly decisive.”

If her timing wasn’t good, the dead corpse should be her.

Although Tang Yu won’t admit it, he was quite nervous a few seconds ago and prepared to tell Shay to save her. 

As for breaking the rules of competition, does anyone really care?

Tang Yu believes, should argument rises, they can reach a consensus.


They lost 2 out of 5 games. 

Liu Shan never expected such a situation. 

However, the Extreme Martial Arts School was powerful, far beyond his expectation.

He had sent a few men to investigate the training area. It was clear that it’s impossible to get this strong just from training in a short period of time.

The corpse on the ring was accompanied by a few guards from their martial arts school.

They carried it down, and Liu Shan came closer to take a look. As expected, he was dead.

His face was gloomy. The students around him also changed. No one was afraid. Their level was higher than the opponent’s.

The survivors in the lobby also had seen bloody corpses at the beginning of the doomsday.

Only survivors who had been in the shelter since the beginning of the doomsday would feel the world was still safe and orderly.

However, the weak and the strong have long been engraved in the hearts of most hunters.

Even at this point, everyone knew the shelter forbids murder. Fighting was fine as long no one died, but… to actually kill someone, who will report it?

The One Punch Martial Arts School certainly won’t.

They’re martial artists; they’re not afraid of death. And reporting it would make them a coward as an excuse for their incompetence. 

The onlookers survivors also won’t do that. They knew that the death of a single survivor was a small matter for a behemoth like the Extreme Martial Arts School. They can report it to the Security Bureau, but most people had no guts to do so.

Xia Wanru was also being escorted to descend the stage.

The ring was cleaned from blood and body matters to prepare for the coming third round. 

A Triple awakening stage student from the One Punch School jumped on the stage, holding a dull combat knife. The Double Awakening Stage student from the Extreme School was Ji Ming. 

However, this time, no one dared to underestimate them.

At this point, the spark between the two sides was stronger than before.

The battle has just begun. The One Punch student wielded the combat knife and rushed towards his opponent. The knife was dull, but with enough power, it could kill people. 

Just like in the previous game, the power gap wasn’t large. Ji Ming’s physical quality was slightly inferior to his opponent. However, he had experienced the cruel wilderness and was also ruthless. 

After a while, he beat his opponent to death at the cost of an arm injury. 

The fight has become more and more brutal, and the hunter onlookers only dare talk in low voices.

Although they didn’t show it, the Extreme Martial Arts Guards and their students at the lobby lightly smirked in a satisfied mood.

Shay also wore a big smile on his face.

3 wins out of 5 games. Normally, this fight will be over.

But this kind of contest wasn’t even normal, to begin with.

Liu Shan’s face was gloomy. He coldly spoke. “The fourth game, continue!”

Even if they lost the previous rounds, Liu Shan doesn’t want to lose completely. The Extreme Martial Arts School no longer had core apprentices ready. He could save their reputation by winning the last two rounds!

The Fourth Awakening Stage hunter walked into the ring. He had a murderous intent and was physically tough. He’s not just an apprentice but a walking killing machine.

For a while, no one from the Extreme School dared to show up above the ring. Most of them knew they only had 2 core apprentices.

As for the ordinary students, most of them were people who wanted to learn martial arts and excel in combat.

But now… the gap between an ordinary student and a core apprentice was huge. If they lose, they will be dead.

To be honest, they were just customers; they didn’t ‘belong’ to the school. They had no obligation to fight for the school.

Only the core apprentices and students who signed contracts belong to the martial arts school.

“So it’s over?”

Some people shook their heads as the exciting battle was over. They were preparing to leave.

In the eyes of these onlookers, the Extreme school had no one else to fight on the last two games, so they surrendered. They knew the reason why, but no one dared to look down on them.

The previous battle had shown the Extreme students’ ability.

The ability of the martial arts school to teach their students. There is no doubt about that.

But they were a bit disappointed.

The battle between the masters could be much more entertaining compared to ordinary hunters.

Well, it’s their limit, for now, they thought for a while.

Some people were getting ready to leave, where others would try the Extreme School training facilities when there was a shout coming somewhere from the second floor.

“Me, me! I’ll do it! It’s my turn!”

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