My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 264


A few minutes ago, Chen Xiaojia said she wanted a chance to get on the field.

At first, Tang Yu refused. However, Chen Xiaojia argued. Stating that she was the senior sister of the martial arts school and the strongest one.

She fully understood what she was about to get into.

Now, she had soaked her body in the Body, Strengthening Potion for a while. She also had taken other precious potions.

Although her strength was still at the peak of the Triple Awakening, her real power was far beyond those at the same level as her.

Chen Xiaojia’s physical qualities were twice as strong, and her spirit power pool also doubled. Her mental strength was also close to the Triple Awakening Strength hunters.

On the surface, her strength was really strong. However, she lacked the actual combat skill.

This was also because of her special status as Tang Yu’s cousin, Shay, Carmen Brothers, and the others didn’t compulsorily require her to participate in training.

Unless she wore full equipment, Tang Yu was worried about her odds of winning the round.

But after all, it’s a ‘fair’ match. Tang Yu was about to reply when Chen Xiaojia felt she was underestimated, “I’ve held on for 5 minutes in the Survival Mode.”

Tang Yu was stunned and turned around to ask, “You hit the Survival mode for five minutes the first time you tried?”

“No, I tried a dozen times to hold five minutes.” She whispered her defense.

Tang Yu paused, feeling even more surprised.

In Tree Shade, the patrols called the Survival Mode another name, ‘Self-Mutilation Mode’.

Since there was no exit option and no end to the survival mode, the number of demonic beasts appeared and became stronger and stronger. No matter which hunter, there’s only one was ending in the survival mode.

Fierce battle and exhaustion.

Often, several demonic beasts attacked at the same time. Tearing off their bodies.

That feeling… most patrols didn’t dare to try again.

He didn’t expect Chen Xiaojia had tried a dozen times and still managed to hold on for 5 minutes.

Tang Yu knew how hard it was to hold on for 5 minutes. He himself was abused in the survival mode.

After a moment of contemplation, Tang Yu nodded. “Alright, I’ll let you participate in the next round.”

It just so happens that there are still two experienced babies available for use below.


Chen Xiaojia originally intended to jump straight down from the box window to make a magnificent entrance.

However, she stuck her head out to look at the distance between the box and the ground below and felt a little shaky.

Although they were on the second floor, it was higher than the usual building. She hesitated and finally walked down the stairway.

When she climbed into the ring and saw her opponent approaching with a fierce look, Chen Xiaojia didn’t panic as the last time she faced Wang Ran. Instead, she was feeling excited. 

She reached out with her hand and scattered a handful of seeds.

As soon as these seeds hit the ground, they grew rapidly and turned into a green vine, wriggling on the clean white floor tiles.

The students of One Punch Martial Arts School quickly dodged. However, these vines moved like flexible snakes.

A dozen vines moved quickly, chasing around and restricting the opponent’s movement.

Her opponent was bound. The more he struggled, the tighter the bound became. Until he finally wrapped into a dumpling. He couldn’t speak; only a soft whimper could be heard.

A few moments later, he passed out.

This was probably the fastest ending of the fight.

One side was a melee hunter, while the other was a long-range elemental ability user. Yet the hunter was KO’d before he could get close.

The scene… even the audience didn’t know what to say.

The fight wasn’t exciting at all!

A new hunter suddenly asked. “Can you use special ability in the match?”

Some hunter around him snickered. “This competition is more than a personal fight. It’s doomsday. Do you really think that there’s a fair competition?”

“Special ability is also the hunter’s power. Even if it’s unfair, the opponent should just blame their own weakness. Moreover, people with wood ability aren’t usually this strong. Her vine’s growth speed, toughness, and speed control are far from the other ones. Which was the reason she could easily win.”

Chen Xiaojia looked at her hands and muttered. “So weak. It can’t be true, right?”

She froze, then looked at Liu Shan and the hunter behind him. “You’re next, right? Come on…”

The hunter looked at the stage. The previous hunter was also bundled into a dumpling and pierced by the thorn on the vines. His burly figure was sucked to the skin and bones.

A Fifth Awakening Stage shivered with anger. He wanted to rush up but hesitated. He tried to step forward, but his legs won’t move. He stole a glance towards master Liu Shan.

Liu Shan was silent for a while before finally speaking. “We lost this time; let’s go.”

He turned around; his pace was heavy.

Two guards from the One Punch school went into the stage and took away the student Chen Xiaojia had un-bundled.

The other guards were busy caring for the injured and dead students.

It can be said, without the guards, they would have a hard time returning.


After returning to the One Punch Martial Arts School.

He drank his tea in one gulp, feeling annoyed.

He came here not to escape from the others.

Not long after, three hunters arrived, each three or five minutes apart. One after another, they came into the private room.

When Liu Shan saw they all had gathered, he put down his cup. “Did you bring the things I wanted?”

“Yes, of course.” The person sitting in front of him opened his mouth and took out a palm-sized fragment from his pocket, and handled it with extreme care as if it was the most precious thing he had.

Some of these fragments looked like scraps of iron sheets. They seemed to be fragments taken from a particular device.

“This is what you want. Fragments took from the Extreme Martial Arts School devices. We had no way to take them, so we pretended to break the device and secretly took these parts.” He said, handed over a small piece of fragments.

Liu Shan took it, holding it in his hand to examine and press down hard. Some peculiar patterns were visible on the fragment, “What are these complex patterns?”

“This is embarrassing for me. What you asked for was just to bring some materials. By the way, because we broke the equipment of the Extreme Martial Arts School, we were asked to pay 300 Spirit Stones. Look at this…”

Liu Shan was impatient. “Find me at school tomorrow. I’ll pay you 300 spirit stones plus the payment for this mission.”

The leading hunter grinned and laughed. “Boss Liu is really generous. Next time if you want something to be done, just call us.”

If only he knew the 200 compensation was casually increased to 300, he would have picked more expensive equipment, to begin with. But then, with the power of a Fourth Awakening Stage hunter, he couldn’t destroy most of the equipment in the Extreme School. This was the result of his long research.

The three hunters left one after another.

Liu Shan looked at the fragments on the table, thinking of the three hundred extra spirit stones he had to pay, and became more and more annoyed.

“The boss should pay me back for this expenditure, right?” He murmured with regret. “We can decipher a few secrets from these fragments, right? If not, it would be a big loss this time.”

With this experience, he could conclude their situation isn’t going to get better any time soon. But at least they will be able to decipher the secret of the equipment soon enough.

“Fortunately, our martial arts hall has a profound background. Even if the business of ordinary students will be affected in the future, we still have a connection to the City Defense army. The City Defense Army hunters regularly come to our school for further training. With this income, we can survive.”

At this moment, Liu Shan turned his head and saw through the window that there was a lot of noise at the Extreme Martial Arts Hall entrance across the street.

A group of hunters in the security team uniforms was carrying a few boxes of items into the martial arts school.

“What is this for?”

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