My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 267


The afterglow of the setting sun was like fire.

Tang Yu walked on the way to the equipment manufacturing factory area.

From a distance, one could hear the roaring sound coming from the factory area.

“Fortunately, the factory is built in a location far away from the residential area. Otherwise this noise interference will certainly bring a lot of trouble to the price of the territory.”

Even the staff dormitory originally selected to be built in the factory area also moved to the original vacation resort foothills area.

After the initial recruitment of a number of rune debuggers, with the later increase in the territory’s survivors, and one after another debuggers were recruited.

 A lot of people were interested because of its high salary. So the development prospects were good.

In addition to ordinary survivors, there were several hunters who applied for the position.

Now, the factory was already running in three shifts. The twenty-four-hour roar rang out non-stop. In addition to a few basic rune equipment models, the production of more complex equipment was also ready to be tried in the assembly line.

In this case, the staff would rather walk a few kilometres than live here and endure ear torture.

 Not to mention there are no other supporting facilities aside from a small supermarket selling basic living supplies and a small canteen.

On the contrary, in the resort area, with the completion of some streets in the commercial area, there are many private vendors and even stores, which greatly enriched their leisure and entertainment.

Survivors were also more motivated to work.

Tang Yu lowered his head and looked at a white feather held in the palm of his hand.

The feather is palm-sized, suspended a few centimeters from the palm of his hand, up and down. He just got this 017 item from the trade with Luoxia Officials a while ago.

“This item number ranking is not high. There’s not much energy contained within it. It’s not like the golden water droplets which could burst out terrifying power…”

At that time, when he chose this item, Chief Jin, who accompanied him, was quite surprised.

Many numbered items that were treated like treasures by the official of Luoxia. They either possessed attacking abilities or auxiliary abilities or also possessed some strange and bizarre abilities that were very different.

The feather was numbered 017. Apart from being very tough and indestructible, as well as levitating in the air when it was placed, it had no other abilities.

“But if there’s any special ability, the officials wouldn’t put this item into trade.” Tang Yu shook his head. “This must be some kind of trade.”

“But if not, this feather, would not have been taken out for trade, by the official of the Luoxia.” Tang Yu shook his head, “This is definitely some kind of transcendent creature’s feather, not ordinary feather that can be seen everywhere on the body of the demonic beast. But the most precious cluster, like the dragon’s scale.”

In this world, he couldn’t say if a dragon really exists or not. But with Tang Yu’s rich knowledge of Alienated Beast science, materials science, source power mechanics, and so on. He judged the feather comes from a transcendent creature.

Transcendent creatures were creatures whose life level had transcended the peak of awakening order.

It harbors an incredible power. Even a single hair was very good material, let alone the most precious cluster of feathers.

Most of the other numbered items are finished products—mostly treasured tools, which could be used multiple times.

Tang Yu was also feeling regret. “In addition to this feather, there were several other material pieces. But unfortunately, the Luoxia officials only agreed to trade one of them. It’s seems tempting them with rune equipment alone are not enough. Well, let’s wait for the higher-grade rune equipment to be finished producing and wait for them to beg for it.”

Tang Yu turned around into Kevin’s office at the high-tech manufacturing area. At the same time, it was also his R&D center and manufacturing base. Not lower than the system workshop.


When he walked in, he saw Kevin directing several assistants to fetch a weapon that had just come out of the oven.

When Kevin saw Tang Yu, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and walked up, “Leader, what equipment do you need to customize this time?”

“Do I always come here to customize equipment?” Tang Yu’s face was full of black lines.

“Is there something else?” Kevin asked rhetorically, and Tang Yu fell into deep thought.

It seems he was right after all.

Ahem.” Tang Yu paused, pretending to be regretful, and shook his head, “I got two precious materials this time since Master Kevin is not interested. Then I’d better …”

“Where is it??!!”

He hasn’t finished his words. But Kevin turned towards him with an unconventional agile body.

And finally, his eyes fell on the white feather held in the palm of Tang Yu’s hand.

Kevin’s eyes were burning with passion. His mouth was almost salivating. Tang Yu was shocked, a little dizzy. All he sees was Kevin’s flowing beard. 

He came up with an idea. “It seems your beard is long enough to be cut as a duster, yes?”

Kevin, who was staring closely at the white feather, felt a chill on his bones. He couldn’t help but coiled his long beard around his neck like a scarf.


In the design room.

Kevin put the white feather on the instrument to test it. After a while, he looked up, “This feather, remarkable! Remarkable! It actually contains several characteristics… I do not know which type of equipment the Lord intends to make the feather into?”

“What does Master Kevin think is suitable to make?”

Kevin brushed his beard, “They can be used to make a pair of shoes.”

“Shoes?” Tang Yu was surprised, “Is such a small piece of feathers enough to make a pair of shoes?.”

Kevin’s beard fluttered. “It’s enough to even without adding other materials. By the way, didn’t the Lord said there were two pieces of material? Where is the other one?”

Tang Yu reached out of the space ring and took out a silver-white arm bone.

This bone, looking silvery-white and shiny. Once it appeared, there was oppressive energy that emanated continuously from the arm bone.

“The arm bone of a transcendent skeleton, and it’s fresh.”

What the hell is fresh?

But he did some rough testing and found that the energy of this arm bone was indeed active, “This arm bone is suitable for making weapons, melee or long range.”

Tang Yu nodded, “First make the feather shoes. And for the arm bone… that’s not urgent.”

Among the existing followers, no one uses darkness-based power.

Weapons made of arm bones. Even if they’re powerful, not everyone could use it… mainly because it costs a lot of energy.

‘It just so happens that the conditions for the territory to rise to level five have been met. After the upgrade, there will be more space at the pub. So let’s see what will happen and then decide what to do with the arm bones later.’

Kevin, who got the precious materials, ‘flipped out’ and intended to close the door; he could not wait and wanted to study the two materials. Seeing this, Tang Yu did not intend to stay.

When he was about to go out, Kevin seemed to remember something and suddenly said, “By the way, I’m about to have the newly developed equipment sent to the logistics department soon. Since the Lord is already here, please do me a favour and take a trip to the logistic department.”

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