My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 268


Carrying the space backpack loaded with a few pieces of new equipment, Tang Yu looked at the sky in despair. He can’t imagine that this day will come. The day he became Tang – Main job Lord – Part-time courier – Yu.

Kevin’s hobby is to make equipment, research and develop equipment, and design equipment.

Every few days, the equipment department will have a batch of new equipment samples, sent to the logistics department.

There is no problem with the quality of the equipment. The reason why the first samples needed to be sent to the Logistics Department was mainly… To estimate the price!

Equipment that does not meet the market needs is not good.

This new equipment had a variety of characteristics. Such as an item that the user can add a certain amount of power, self-contained special attributes, etc.

Most of them had double runes. Occasionally there were three rune levels on intermediate equipment. The power isn’t much.

However, most of the existing equipment has only one mission, which is… to make money.

Although the equipment isn’t powerful, there’s a lot of customers that would buy it. But they also consider the practicality, cost-effectiveness, suitability and so on.

Only after the logistics department assesses the appropriate equipment will they consider increasing the production batch, the other details like sample, and detailed records can still be useful sometimes. 


Halfway up the mountain.

The small square in front of the villa area, where a three-storey logistic department office building is located next to the warehouse.

The warehouse, which has now been upgraded to level two, was not much bigger than a three-story office building from the outside. Yet, the space inside was larger than a soccer field.

From time to time, there were members of the porter teams who brought in truckloads of discarded materials and entered the warehouse under the leadership of the logistics department’s staff.

There were also those in charge of construction, pulling carts of construction materials and leaving after reporting to the logistics department.

Tang Yu walked inside the office building. There were not many people in the logistics department.

Part of them was in the warehouse. Part of them was running around outside, liaising with various departments. There’s not a lot of people seen on the first floor. 

One was at the reception at the entrance. There was an office, as well as a few desks at the back. People were staring at their desktop computer, processing some complex data.

When Tang Yu walked in, the reception girl seemed to be aware of someone coming up, “Please let me know what you need. If 

you need to handle personal business. Please go to the office, for departmental handover matters. Please go to the second floor. If you are looking for our minister, you need to make an appointment in advance… uh, Tang, Tang… Leader Tang! “

“I don’t need to make an appointment in advance, right?” Tang Yu said with a smile.

“No… no need to, I’ll take you there right away.” The young girl looked up and stole a glance, blushed slightly and stuttered.

He hadn’t been to the office building in the back. Mainly because this building was newly built.

But Tang Yu did not expect that the young girl at the reception would recognize himself.

…This is much more convenient.


The other side of the hall, in front of the office window.

A man in his early thirties, looking somewhat messy, was sitting at the opposite of the table. Looking nervous, his gaze was subtly looking at the young woman behind the window.

“I’m sorry, but you have not met our requirements, and your application cannot be approved.” The messy-looking man froze, “How come I didn’t meet the requirements?! I… I-” He said like a deflated ball, but he couldn’t say anymore.

The man got up and left despondently. When he was leaving, he seemed to look back reluctantly.

When his eyes swept over to a side of the room, he paused for a moment on the young receptionist, and then swept over Tang Yu. He walked out of the logistics office building without looking back.

Tang Yu watched the other man leave, nudged the direction of the office and asked, “What kind of business is being handled over there?”

“Over there is mainly for personal lending business. Survivors who are interested in starting a business can apply to the Logistics Department for a certain loan. We review the other party’s situation and judge whether to give a loan and the amount of the loan…”

The young girl replied, she also saw the man and shrunk, “In fact, we clearly announced the lending criteria. But there are still many people who are far from the standard that apply here… And most of the time, it always feels like some people had no good intentions. They have a nasty look.” The young girl honestly told Tang Yu the situation, forgetting whom she was talking to.

After speaking, her face turned pale again, and she secretly glanced at Director Tang.

When she saw that the latter’s face had not changed, she sighed out a breath of relief.

Tang Yu held his forehead. He understood what the girl was saying.

The logistics department and the medical department can be said to be the two departments that had many ‘beauties’.

The staff may not be beautiful, but at least they were young girls who had average to good looks.

The ratio of men to women in the territory was very imbalanced, about 2:8.

Before, the survivors were mostly young and strong men. Before, they could barely survive.

But now, they had a decent life. After that, the air was filled with a strong hormonal atmosphere. 

‘Obviously, some people are applying for loans under the guise of hoping for something subtle to happen.’ Tang Yu pondered.

This is not a big problem like the ragged man just now. He was only looking forward to stealing a few glances. He didn’t really dare to do something bold.

Of course, the logistic girls were not entirely powerless. Although most of them were ordinary survivors, they carry an unopened basic puppet to protect them.

Not to mention, there were patrols surrounding the office. And Elaine is sitting on the third floor.

“In the future, we will set a threshold for applicants. They need to pay a certain amount of deposit, and a penalty if they fail to return it. It should be enough to reduce people like the ragged man.” Tang Yu said casually, turned his head and asked, “How many people have passed the application during this period?”

He didn’t think this carefully before. The commercial district was about to be completed but lacked enough stores to move in. Many survivors were not without ideas, but without resources.

The weekly store rents would range between 5 to 30 spirit stones, with one month’s minimum rent. This is the current weekly rent.

With the shelter’s prosperity rise, the rent will also rise. Besides some other necessary materials, equipment, and other costs, even the hunters may not get the appropriate funds. Not to mention ordinary survivors. 

Such as He Qingqing. Because of lack of funds, she needed to lease some rune swords.

Giving a certain amount of start-up loans could solve the problem to a certain extent. 

Tang Yu also thought about opening stores directly in the name of the territory, hiring survivors, or investing in shares to obtain a steady stream of profits from these stores.

But in this way, there won’t be enough competition in the entire commercial district. And what about prosperity?

‘Charging rent and commercial income tax is enough, and the loan interest rate is quite high. Those survivors should be able to afford it, right? ‘

It is precise because he was worried that the survivors could not repay the loan. A certain degree of review is needed.

As for those who still fail to start a business, they cannot repay the loan…


Just sell yourself ┐(‘~`;)┌.

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