My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 269


Faced with Tang Yu’s inquiry, the receptionist girl thought seriously, “There should be five people, I just remember one is preparing to open a restaurant, one is preparing to open a barber store, the rest of them… I’m not sure.”

“Barbershop? This kind of store can sell well?”

“Yes, a very good business. I even went there once.” The girl blinked, “Before, there was no barber store in the shelter. The girls are fine, but the boys whose hair was too long had to either cut them off or tie-up. But it still ends up looking messy. After someone opened a barbershop, the business was booming. There’s a long waiting line for a haircut. 

Tang Yu’s mouth twitched.


Great Lord Tang was not concerned about this kind of thing. But on the contrary, other people were more concerned about looks than him?

Tang Yu scratched his hair. It was getting too long. The eyes glanced through the full windows of the room and saw himself reflected in the glass.

He looked elegant and gallant. 

‘Although my hair looked a bit messy, but I kinda looked bold and handsome.’

Indeed this is the reason why he did not cut his hair.


Led by the reception girl, the two walked towards the minister’s office.

What made Tang Yu quite surprised was that Elaine’s office, in fact, was not on the third floor.

The personal business is handled on the second floor, and the department handover was also on the second floor.

At the very beginning, the receptionist girl introduced it in such a way that Tang Yu instinctively thought that Elaine was on the third floor.

Fortunately, I didn’t go up by myself. Otherwise, the Leader of the dignified shelter would not even be able to find the minister’s office. It would be embarrassing!’

The two went around the stairway, and Tang Yu saw a tightly closed door behind the sloping staircase.

The young girl took out her identity card. She placed it on the identification device next to the door, and the metal door opened.

Tang Yu was surprised at the security level here, but after all, he was the Leader.

In order to maintain his image, he held back and did not ask the curiosity in his mind.


The young girl walked in front, saw Tang Yu did not say a word, and did not dare chatter a little off-topic small talk.

It would be bad in case it leads to the Leader’s displeasure.

The introduction is even more impossible to do. Leader Tang was not an outsider but rather the most powerful people in the shelter.

He must be familiar with the logistics department office building. She just led the way to follow the etiquette. 

She lowered her head and stole a glance backward and thought secretly in her heart.


Tang Yu had no idea the girl brainstormed. Soon, they arrived at the front of the office.

Two staff members walked in front of him, holding a pile of documents in their hands, and greeted the girl who led the way.

“Miss Na.”

At this time, Tang Yu realized that the name of the little girl leading the way… well, a word of her name.

The two staff members looked at Tang Yu a few times and did not recognize him. The logistics department secretary made them do stuff and dispatch them.

They quickly left, Miss Na went up and knocked on the door, and Elaine’s voice came from inside.

Pushing the door open, Tang Yu walked in.

As soon as he entered, he froze in place.

This office was much larger than he had imagined. On either side was a large storage shelf with some books vertically placed on it, or some documents stacked.

In the middle is a wide table, but it is also stacked full of documents. The height of these stacked documents exceeded his height. 

Tang Yu walked towards the closest table and casually picked up a few documents.

[Statistics on changes in rune weapon damage rate] [Daily sales growth of Type I combat uniforms and future production estimates (Luoxia District)] [Classification and statistics of waste iron materials (see data 023, 035, 069 for details)]

“Huh?” Tang Yu was dumbfounded.

He could still understand the name. However, what was written below?

Isn’t it enough to calculate the number of units in the inventory for statistics of iron materials?

What is written in this thick document of at least 30 pages?

He needs to find other documents for specific classification situations??

He looked around the desk again. On the tall shelves on both sides, there were all kinds of documents.

For a while, Tang Yu covered his chest, feeling a little breathless. He clearly saw that the surrounding storage shelves could be close to ten meters high!

‘No wonder the office is not located on the third floor. These feelings … this is from the first floor to the third floor, all the way up!’

Even so, the books and documents stacked inside still give a feeling of crowdedness.

On both sides of the storage shelves, Tang Yu saw two wooden escalators, the kind with wheels installed underneath, can be pushed back and forth. The logistics department employees walk up the escalator to get to the higher storage shelves information.

At first, Tang Yu felt that this design is a bit troublesome. But after seeing Elaine, he quickly understands.

At this time, Elaine was wearing a gorgeous ice blue dress, legs crossed, sitting sideways on the ice crystal staff that was equal to her height.

She controlled the staff to float and move, from the topmost shelf on the left, flew to the right, her eyes swept from the shelf logo, and in a short while, took out several bound documents, in turn, clutching them to her chest.


The staff fell to a height of one or two meters from the ground. Elaine landed on the ground with both feet.

When she saw Tang Yu, she smiled sweetly with two dimples on her cheeks.


In the post-doomsday world, supplies are a matter of primary concern for any shelter.

As the department manages the vast majority of the shelter’s supplies, the logistics department has a lot to deal with each day.

Far more than Tang Yu had expected.

Elaine was busy from night to morning, from morning to night, and it hurt him to watch it.

“Just leave these things to other people. Don’t push yourself.”

“I won’t.” Elaine smiled back, “I am very happy, really. I’ve been living alone for a while. I struggled every day to survive, but what is the meaning of living? At that time, I didn’t understand. But now I do this is the meaning of my life. This is my value.”

Tang Yu was stunned. Under the soft light, her long sky blue hair draped over her shoulders.

Her eyes clear as a calm lake, her smile was genuine, so genuine that… even Tang Yu was infected, looking at her, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile.

He couldn’t help but help to deal with the piles of documents. 

Swiping through the paper, scanning line by line, comparing data, statistical analysis, reviewing and commenting… Never for a moment, Tang Yu felt that he was so dumb.

He felt like he wasn’t smart enough. Looking at Elaine on the other side, processing documents fast, ten times faster than himself. 

He was glad that he had these capable followers. Otherwise, no matter how strong he was and how much material he had, he would not be able to support a shelter.

Let alone taking care of it in an orderly manner.

Elaine stood up across the seat, leaned forward, extended her arm, and took a pile of unprocessed documents from beside him.

Her hair was hanging down, hanging past her eyes, and Elaine’s faint scent filled his nose.

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