My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 27


Chapter 27 – The Giant Tree

According to the information he learned, the spirit stone mine was only a few kilometers away from the resort villa in a straight line. It’s located in a certain area in the mountain forest behind the castle.

This forest was vast and filled with countless of demonic beasts.

A few days ago, he walked down this mountain road. In the middle section, he found a relatively wide gap that allowed him to enter the mountain forest.

“However, this detour is too far. Not to mention it’s a waste of time. No. 1 and No. 2 are guard puppets. Their activity scopes are limited. They cannot be separated too far from the territory. I should directly order them.”

On the side of the road near the mountain forest, there was a tall mountain wall with thick vegetation intertwined with each other. Even if it were a hunter with plenty of climbing experiences, he wouldn’t be able to climb up.

In his mind, Tang Yu directly ordered No.1.

In an instant, a spider web-like crack appeared beneath No.1’s foot, his whole body rose up into the sky, slamming the road out of the dense bushes.

For a moment, broken branches and leaves were falling down like rain. The mountain road was messy with leaves.

Tang Yu’s mouth twitched slightly, looking at the mountain wall from which the road was cleared, and then he looked at the cable that hung down from the mountain wall. Sure, violence was the best way to solve a problem.


The scorching sun was mercilessly burning outside on the mountain road. It was so hot that it was very alarming.

In the forest, the atmosphere was very different.

The trees were growing very fast, the trunks and tree canopies were staggered, and the foliage was lush in green color. It felt like approaching a virgin forest, even the sunlight was blocked by the canopy. Not only dimmed the entering light, but even the temperature had changed. Maybe even a few degrees lower than the outside world.

There’s no doubt that this changed happen after the doomsday.

Every tree seemed like it was being fed with hormones, this place turned into an area densely populated by trees. Tang Yu saw several braches crossed together as if they were hugging each other. What a scandal!

Perhaps Tang Yu wouldn’t be surprised if the plants gaining spirit power.

The forest was very quiet, only the sound of rustling leaves swayed by the wind was occasionally heard.

There were no cicadas or birds’ chirping sounds. Tang Yu grew curious. Insects like cicadas hadn’t been seen since the doomsday. He had seen birds turned into demonic beast by the red fog. But he hadn’t yet seen an insect.

Insect was originally the most common animal species. But he hadn’t heard of insect mutation. Was it because they were weak and went extinct?

Tang Yu thought that was impossible. The reproduction cycle and adaptability of insects were top-notch among all the animals. Instead, he was worried if they had turned into demonic beasts. Once some mutations appeared, it would be more difficult than dealing with ordinary demonic beast.

At this time, a puppet guard on his right side suddenly came forward. Its hand reached out for a green cane and squeezed it hard.

It died with a crackled sound.

The cane burst as yellow-green liquid spattered loudly to the ground.

Tang Yu was stunned.

“Is that…a snake?”

He was taken aback. If he was alone, he would never dare to enter such a dangerous forest.

Outside in the wild, except for a few assassinated demonic beasts, most of the demonic beasts are difficult to find. But in a mountain forest like this one, after being demonized, They still maintained the hunting habits of the original animals. Combined with the mountain forest terrain, it’s very dangerous.

That was just a weak demonic snake.

“Unfortunately, most of demonic beasts’ meat is inedible. Maybe it’s a different story if they were alienated.”

Everything returned to the original state.

As he gradually entered deeper into the forest, more and more demonic beast approached.

Some native demonic beast still maintained their original appearance. Some had already mutated into a strange appearance.

A demonic rabbit sizing larger than a tiger, a demonic squirrel with three tails. More strange looking creatures were the outlanders crawling out of the crack of the abyss. Their appearances were even more bizarre with shapes that no human had ever seen before.

He felt that if he had a chance in the future, he could make a catalogue of these demonic beast and gave them names. Otherwise, if he continued encountering the same demonic beast and couldn’t recall their names, wouldn’t he become a bit ignorant?


The mountain forest terrain was complex, and the location of the spirit stone mine was also still unclear. Tang Yu had been wandering for a long time and still hadn’t found any clues about the mine.

“Was the information fake? But would Wang Tai be so bold to provide a fake news to a Lindong boss?”

Tang Yu thought.

Regardless of whether the news was true or fake, judging from the danger in the mountain forest vicinity, even if Han Jing’s team proceeded to enter, they wouldn’t survive inside. Let alone finding the spirit stone mine.

Even Wang Tai’s subordinate said only had seen them from a distance while they fled.

He suddenly froze.

Seen it?

In this mountain forest with lush vegetation that obscured the sight, how could you see it?

He felt deceived.

When suddenly.

A brilliant light appeared in front of him. Tang Yu rubbed his eyes, thought his vision were deceiving him.

“How can there be a sunshine inside the mountain forest? Am I already out of the mountain forest? That’s not possible. I haven’t even walked cross this forest. According to my position, I might only cross the edge of the mountain forest. I am far from reaching the other side of the mountain forest. Then…”

He quickly stepped forward. With a thumping sound, No. 1 and No. 2 were busy dealing with demonic beasts that harassing their group.

Suddenly it was bright ahead.

A pothole appeared in his sight. The sun was shining and the point was seen crystal clear.

There was a giant pit. The bottom was covered with bright white stones. That was the mineral containing the spirit stone. The original stone of the spirit stone mine.

As expected this was an open pit mine.

The spirit stone mine could be seen from a distance. Especially below the sunlight, the original stones reflected the bright white light, but Tang Yu’s gaze focused on the center of the giant pit.

There was a giant tree.

It deserved the title.

The trees in the mountain forest was already towering high, but they were nowhere near this one.

This giant tree was rooted in the center of the spirit stone mines. Its underground rhizomes intertwined like a dragon.

Its giant branch had many leaves, but it’s not emerald green like an ordinary tree. It was transparent white.

Tang Yu stared at the leaves, it seemed like the whole constellation was put in these transparent leaves.

This giant tree looked like straight out of a dream.

In contrast, the spirit stone mine underneath it was tarnished.

Shaking his head, Tang Yu stopped observing the giant tree.

It didn’t seem dangerous. How its mutated could still be explored in the future. The giant tree couldn’t move anyway. For now, it’d be better to focus on the raw spirit stones ore.

He was reluctant from getting too close to the giant tree. He only came to the edge of the giant pit and found an area rich in ores.

No. 1 and No. 2 stood guard as Tang Yu grabbed a bunch of balls from his pocket and threw them violently.

Basic warrior puppets, it’s your time to shine!

With a light noise, the ping pong balls continuously changed forms and expanded mid-air. Eventually it turned into puppets with round torso and thick arms.

As soon as they hit the ground, Tang Yu ordered them to start mining. The basic warrior puppets did not carry an action program, but implementing these orders was simple. Just like when they were ordered to cut stones in the resort villa, he didn’t need to worry about the sword’s durability. The ores were mined with some ordinary stones.

The ore was not small, but it only contained a small amount of spirit stones. If he used an ordinary backpack, he could only carry a small amount. But Tang Yu’s backpack is different.

Pieces of ores were packed into the backpack.

The puppets moved loudly, attracting the nearby demonic beasts. It’s like stabbing a honeycomb and the worker bees came rushing out to attack.

Under the giant tree where the roots were entangled, countless of demonic beasts approached.

The dark pressure looked like a wave.

Tang Yu frowned, “They are too much, but fortunately, I don’t have to repel these demonic beast. As long as I could keep up for a while.”

Leaving No. 2 to guard the perimeter, No. 1 dashed with electro-optical speed and rushed to the wave of demonic beasts.

The silver spear in its hand danced like a dragon. No. 1 didn’t need to stab them one by one. Instead, it smashed and swept the spear resulting the demonic beast either mortally wounded or died, their whole body exploded into bloody mist.

No enemy could match No.1.

This was the strength of an upgraded guard puppet.

Each time the territory leveled up, the two guard puppets also got a huge improvement.

In terms of strength, Roger who had already broken through the second realm was not a match for these two puppets. If it weren’t for the territory limits for the puppets, he would have already taken them to Lindong Shelter. Dueling head on with the boss.

What a shame.

After their demises, the escaping spirit powers from the demonic beasts poured into Tang Yu’s body.

If the spirit power of a single demonic beast was just like a babbling stream, but now it’s like a turbulent river.

For a while, he obviously hadn’t cultivated yet. But he actually had a feeling of fullness.

There were too many demonic beast!

If he went out hunting by himself, even if he had the double awakening strength now, he’d still need to be careful in facing the demonic beast. Every time he fought a demonic beast, he’d need to rest for a while. Not to mention the dangers encountered before the battle.

At this moment, he came to understand. No wonder some people who had awakened for a long time felt their strength stagnant, it’s not that they didn’t work hard. The truth was, they couldn’t beat the demonic beast!

Tang Yu smiled.

Ascension without struggles.

Sure enough, that was the ultimate use of guard puppets.

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