My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 270


After finishing processing a batch of documents, Tang Yu took several pieces of new equipment from his space backpack.

A black dagger, a long sword curved around like a snake, a broad-bladed combat knife, a meteor hammer covered with spikes, and a pair of bright silver armour.

“Most of these are double rune equipment. That combat knife is a three rune one. How many spirit stones can it be sold for?” Tang Yu said, turning his space backpack upside down and shaking it, quickly shaking out a slip of paper from it, “Well, there’s also this… the production cost of the equipment.”

Elaine took one piece of equipment and held it with her hands to examine it.

She injected her spirit power into the blade of the combat knife, the armoured exterior. These equipment were followed by some complex patterns emerging.

This was the external manifestation of the runes, but not the complete runes. It was only a part of the rune outline.

People who know runes can distinguish the specific ability of runes from these outlines. It was impossible to decipher or even replicate the complete runes according to this outline.

Elaine also understands runes. She just stared at it for a moment, then put down the first piece of equipment and turned her attention to the second.

“Intermediate sharp rune, basic power rune.” She muttered.

Tang Yu held his breath without making a sound, just thinking, isn’t this identification speed… a bit too fast?

He thought that there were only two rune masters in the territory, but now it seems that Elaine’s attainment has already surpassed him.

Far beyond him.

Within a short time, Elaine had finished appraising several pieces of equipment. Her department was responsible for equipment sales, the market situation, the price of various types of equipment. They have been working on this for a while.

“Put it away first, this one.” Elaine took the meteor hammer aside and explained, “This kind of unique weapon is used by very few hunters. There’s occasionally one or two hunters and would certainly order a custom made weapon. The meteor hammer is not suitable for mass production, but it can still be put on the shelves, increasing the variety of weapons we sell.”

“The most popular weapon among hunters is the combat knife, followed by the lance and longsword. These three categories have the highest sales volume, accounting for more than 80% of weapon sales. While for defense gear, hunters mostly buy combat uniforms that cover the entire body, as well as combat boots…”

Tang Yu nodded in understanding, “Of all these equipment, the most suitable for sale is the long sword and combat knife, right?”

“Neither.” Elaine unexpectedly shook her head, “The one that can bring the most profit is the bright silver armor.”

She continued, “Swords, combat clothing, although this type of equipment is the most popular, again, we already had a lot of this type of equipment. For example, we have 15 types of combat knives. Including six types of a single rune combat knife, eight types of double rune combat knives, as well as 1 type of three rune combat knives.”

“Once placed on the shelves, this inscribed three rune combat knife will be favored by a lot of hunters. But the price will be too high. Only a few could afford it while we can’t reduce the price. So, in general, we can’t gain enough profit.”

“We already have too many types of other weapons such as longswords, daggers, etc. sometimes, a customer comes to the supermarket equipment trial area not knowing what to buy, so it’s always crowded everyday.”

“On the contrary, although armor’s popularity can’t be compared to combat suits. But we only have a small array of armor types. Only heavy armors. Because it’s very inconvenient to wear heavy armor and shield in real combat, but as long there are teammates to work together with, they can become the key in battle. This double rune armor should become the production priority until we reach a certain stock.”

Elaine slowly said the evaluation of each piece of new equipment. She had given the price range. Later, the logistics employees will take the equipment and analyze the specific price.

Tang Yu also saw the sales report on equipment for the last weeks. After listening to Elaine’s explanation about a wide variety of weapons that confuses hunters…

He propped his chin on his left elbow. Keenly aware of the problem. “So it’s a problem, huh?”

Elaine pondered, her face frowned and spoke. “Most people don’t know a lot about equipment. They can’t judge which is good and which is bad. They could only try it out. But even after trying, they still can’t make up their minds.”

In the past, the Demon Slayer longsword was known for its sharpness, and there was no other choice at that time, and people scrambled to buy it.

But now there was more equipment at a higher price. While there’s no clear comparison to the sharpness. The utility of the equipment, but also different.

In the end, the customers didn’t know which one was suitable for them. Spirit stones were precious, and they can’t spend it without being careful and cautious.

“After all, they don’t have a price benchmark for rune equipment in their hearts, so… we will set a price benchmark for them.” Tang Yu pondered, and suddenly his eyes grew brighter.

It feels feasible!

“If we divide the equipment into types, and then levels such as three, six, nine. Then even if the hunters don’t know much about runes or don’t know the equipment identification, as long as they look at the equipment level, they can naturally associate with the general specific price. They won’t have to try each equipment when buying them.”

Why cultivation of immortal novels, elixirs, magic treasures have a grade of division? Obviously, to form market norms!

Rune equipment should also be the same.

Previously, there were basic equipment, advanced equipment, and other names. But in fact, there was no specific division.

Single, double, triple runes equipment were obviously different. But the runes inscribed into the equipment also determines the value of the equipment. In some cases, double runes won’t be cheaper than triple runes.

After a while, Tang Yu spoke. “Perhaps we can simply give them a grade. Such as E for basic rune equipment, D as primary rune equipment, C for intermediate grade, B for advanced, A for top-grade, etc.…”

“For example, weapons can be given a rating based on the degree of sharpness, plus other special effects.”

“Even in each level, it can be subdivided. The ordinary Demon Slayer longsword is an E1 level weapon. Then the enhanced type one Demon Slayer longsword is an E2 level, and the enhanced type two is an E3 level.”

“This way, the equipment has a very intuitive level division. We can even give the buyer a recommended range. Such as E3-D1 level weapons are effective against the Fourth or Fifth Awakened demonic beasts.”

This was just a preliminary idea that definitely needs to be perfected. However, the more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Not just about sales, he looked at the longer term.

The territory couldn’t always monopolize the sales of rune equipment. Other large shelters were also stepping up their research on rune equipment. Some even got items from the secret realm. They had obtained precious information.

In the future, there will be more and more forces that can produce and make rune equipment.

The territory was only ahead of the others for now. Although he was also confident that they would always be ahead of the others.

However, once this equipment rating system spreads, no matter how many competitors there would have in the future. As soon as equipment rating is mentioned, everyone would automatically think of Tree Shade Shelter.

The original maker of rune equipment.

Thinking about the people who set the standards before the end of the world, Tang Yu understands that there were too many interests associated with this.

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