My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 272


He Liuyao stood up and took a few steps forward. Her enchanting figure reflected on the full mirror in front of her, illuminated by the orange light, moving gracefully.

Her luscious lips slightly open, “No, we just work for the black market. The competition was the competition from the officials. But now it seems that the black market has to face the Tree Shade, the competitiveness has become weaker and weaker.”

“If there is another way, I don’t want to jump ship, but continue to stay here. But I can’t keep my position as the black market auctioneer. We will be asked for this and punished.”

The assistant frowned. Thought about the opening with a worried tone, “But will the black market managers let us go with this?”

They were not affiliated with the 3 Big mercenary corps. But they secretly supported the black market… 3 Big mercenary corps is the direct manager of the black market.

However, without the secret support of the shelter officials, the black market would not so blatantly exist.

The auction was the primary money maker for the black market. No matter which mercenary regiment the auctioneer is, the other two will not rest easily.

He Liuyao belongs to a certain official of neutral identity. She was the perfect balance of the three major mercenary groups.

But she can stand in the enviable position of the auctioneer, not only by her beauty but also by her power.

The number of awakened people who peeped at her beauty was countless, but none of them really got it.

He Liuyao was decisive, and she knows very well. Once she loses her identity as an auctioneer and loses this protection, she will be useless even if she was clever.

Perhaps, there will be a fluke.

Perhaps, she won’t lose her identity as an auctioneer. But she is not willing to let fate decided their path.

After all, in the doomsday, power is the key.

“The managers … would not let us leave easily.”

Before the doomsday, people were required to pay for breaching their contract for switching jobs.

But now, in the black market… sometimes people had to pay with their body or their life. 

He Liuyao thought about it, “The black market is a mess. We just need to move fast enough, disguised as a hunter, and leave overnight. It would be too late when the managers noticed we’re gone.”

“I heard there’s no auction in Tree Shade. But if we can contact the senior management of Tree Shade Shelter and convince them, we may still have a chance to do our old job.” Her eyes shone with a brilliant light, “With our current savings, we can live at the Tree Shade. We can rent a store. If the black market managers still pursue us, we will have to go undercover. Maybe we should travel south.” 

He Liuyao carefully thought of the possibilities. Her assistant listening beside her was pale. 

She smiled, “Don’t worry too much. Although I have never been to the Tree Shade, according to the information I heard, the Tree Shade’s owner is a very principled person. Even if the black market managers come to our doorstep, we don’t have to be afraid.”

The assistant nodded repeatedly and looked at He Liuyao with a gaze full of admiration. Instantly transforming into her fangirl.

She considered for a moment, very solemnly said, “Miss Liuyao, I heard that the tree shade shelter’s owner is young, handsome, and powerful. If that’s true, then we will be safe.”

He Liuyao’s forehead veins protrude, giving her assistant an annoyed look. “I sell looks, not a body. Do you understand? Do you understand???”

After their conversation.

The two ladies moved quickly. They only took some essential items and ignored cosmetics, food, and clothes. They only took a bit of food to survive the wilderness.

They put on a black cloak and masks to conceal their identity. They looked like ordinary hunters who went to the black market.

He Liuyao and her assistant took advantage of the dark night to escape into the vast wilderness.


In a spacious office with luxurious but simple decoration.

Gu Dong sat on his office chair, deep in thought.

Knock, knock, knock.

A steady knocking sound came from outside the door.

“Come in.”

Without seeing who was coming, Gu Dong replied.

The office door was pushed open, and a young man, who looked like a secretary, walked in.

“Director, He Liuyao escaped with her assistant. Should we send someone to capture them back? The black market reported that they escaped for nearly an hour. But they don’t know how to counter it. Should we send a team of enforcers? We can easily get them back.” The male secretary said hurriedly.

Gu Dong heard face did not change in the slightest. He said nothing for a while before looking up and asked, “Did they take anything with them?”

“They left in a hurry and seemed to take only the spirit stones and a spirit power container. Even the clothes they normally wear were left in the bedroom.”

Gu Dong spoke, “They can make a decision in a short period of time. Giving up a comfortable life and supplies to escape. They’re brave. But since they didn’t steal any items from the black market, they didn’t hold any secrets. There’s no need to go after them. I guess they left Lindong this time. But the wilderness at night is very dangerous. If they survived, it was a miracle.”

“But.” The male secretary was a little anxious, “Our auction’s turnover is getting lower and lower. If we lose He Liuyao, the auctioneer, I’m afraid we can’t run the next auction. Other auctioneer’s popularity is far from He Liuyao.”

Gu Dong’s left hand propped his chin with his right hand on the table. Fingers gently tapping the desktop, the rhythm suppressed and stagnant.

“We were affected by the Tree Shade. Even if the auctioneer doesn’t flee, the black market auction will eventually fall.” He looked at the secretary and asked, “How is the supermarket situation?”

The male secretary stammered, “Supermarket… supermarket turnover today compared to yesterday was down another five percent. The Tree Shade is too arrogant. They robbed our equipment business, and also the ingredients business. If this continues, the Supermarket will be bankrupt. Director, we can’t sit still. We must counter-attack them.”

Gu Dong did not answer immediately. He closed his eyes, lying back on the backrest of the office chair. Slipped into deep thought.

As one of the only few giants in Lindong, Gu Dong holds 60% of Lin Dong’s factories, including machinery factories, food processing factories, etc. The remaining 40% were at Lu Jianjun’s hands.

The equipment sold in the Supermarket in Lindong, including most of the goods in the Supermarket, belongs to him.

The equipment produced by Lu Jianjun’s factory was mostly used to arm the military hunters. Gu Dong’s men don’t have that many hunters.

He produced a lot of equipment, mostly for sale, including the original popular Lindong hunter military combat knife. The holder of the sale profit was him.

Now the turnover is decreasing day by day. The most affected person was himself. Gu Dong thoughts about the Tree Shade in his mind. He knows very well. Tree Shade shelter could come up with so much rune equipments.

It means that the other party must have mastered the skillful production method. The production method can’t possibly be born out of thin air…

The owner of the previous Tree Shade shelter was an ordinary hunter. Even the Academy of Sciences wasn’t able to analyze the mystery of runes in a short time. A few hunters were even more impossible. 

The biggest possibility is that Tree Shade has obtained a secret realm.

A complete and safe secret realm that brought them enough knowledge.

Gu Dong noticed Tree Shade a long time ago. However, he was a cautious person.

Before he could think what to do with them, he received news that Lin Wei secretly led a team and set off to the south. 

Then, before he could investigate in detail, the next secret message that came with it left him dumbfounded.

Lin Wei had attacked?

How did he attack? Where did he attack? It left him with a lot of questions.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that he received the real news that Lin Wei had attacked the Tree Shade shelter. 

That night, Gu Dong tore up his copy of the opening plan that had just been drafted.

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