My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 273


Gu Dong was very greedy for Tree Shade’s rune equipment and sent someone to Tree Shade to buy some Demon Slayer Longswords for research.

Later, when the Adventurer’s Guild launched an advanced rune equipment exchange, he deliberately sent a small team of elite hunters disguised as adventurers to complete quests every day and use points to exchange various types of advanced rune equipment.

Then… the more they buy and exchange, the more they have succeeded in raising the average consumption level of the Tree Shade Awakeners.

Thus, creating a new high for the Tree Shade Supermarket turnover and the number of missions completed at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Gu Dong was actually very aggrieved. He was spying on Tree Shade’s equipment manufacturing methods. However… no one believes it. It was clear that Tree Shade moved first!

He hasn’t even thought of the name of the plan. But the Tree Shade shelter stole his business.

In the long run, the auction will shut down, and the supermarket will suffer a huge loss. Gu Dong understood.

If he wants to regain his business back, he must be competitive enough. The key point of this competitiveness lies in the rune equipment.

However, even the Academy of Sciences was only able to produce inferior rune equipment.

The researchers under his hands failed to achieve any results even after disassembling enough rune equipment to make his heartache.

As one of the Lin Dong giants, Gu Dong felt desperate.

He opened his eyes and looked at his secretary, “Have those scrolls been parsed out yet?”

The secretary shook his head, “We secretly hired a few experts in the field of language. They predicted that in another three to five days, we would be able to parse out a small part of them.”

“What about the other things in the secret territory?”

The secretary thought about it, “After testing, the powders in several containers and bottles contain several unknown ingredients. But they all have lost their effect. Maybe because they were left alone for too long.”

“Many other items have also become fragile because they have been placed for too long. Now experts are calculating the age of the items, judging by the material, composition, etc. It’s impossible to simply use the instrument to calculate it. But preliminary judgment estimates that those items have been preserved for thousands of years, or even longer.”

Gu Dong had expected this judgement. Although civilization existed tens of thousands of years ago, it still seemed unbelievable.

But it was nothing compared to the demonic beast that came from another dimension.

It was nothing compared to the secret news he had learned through various sources.

What’s more, all these items were brought out from the secret realm.

It was because he had secretly mastered a secret realm that Gu Dong was so sure that Tree Shade had been able to come this far by obtaining the treasure from a secret realm.

‘Unfortunately, the scope of that secret realm is very small. The buildings inside and the artifacts were basically deserted. The scrolls most likely have a high value. But for now, we still can’t translate the specific content… The good thing is that the scrolls were made of special materials, so even after thousands of years had passed, the shape of the words on them can still be recognized.’

Gu Dong thought about it, turned his head sideways, and looked out the window:.

“In three days, the Tree Shade Commercial District will be opened.” He gently stirred, his office chair swivelling back, facing towards the secretary, “Since the Tree Shade sent an invitation, let’s go there and prepare a gift.”

The secretary was stunned for a while and replied. His face looked hesitant but he did not say anything. He gently closed the door after leaving the room.

“If we can find the secret realm mastered by Tree Shade and crack the mystery of rune equipment, it would be amazing. If not, although there is a competitive relationship between me and Tree Shade, if it is placed in the entire Lindong province. The relations… are different.”

“This is a big world ……”

Gu Dong gazes ahead, unfocused.


Tree Shade Shelter.

With the construction of the commercial district and the news of the rune equipment gradually spreading out, more and more hunters gathered around Tree Shade.

Not only the mercenaries in the East but also those who are active in the southern part of Tree Shade, where the small shelters are located.

Those who were strong enough to cross the wilderness have all prepared enough spirit stones to spend at Tree Shade.

In order to exchange for advanced rune equipment, even the leaders of small shelters purposely registered at the Adventurer’s Guild to complete missions. 

At this time, the number of ordinary survivors in the territory also increased.

Tang Yu has seen the latest statistics of the number of registered survivors, including the hunters, has exceeded the four thousand people.

This rapid growth was still due to the long-term missions hanging on the homepage of the Adventurers’ Guild.

Search and Rescue Mission.

An ordinary survivor is rewarded with two guild points. Certain professional talents such as medics, scientific researchers, etc., were rewarded, ranging from ten to one hundred points.

Long-term abduction…

The emergence of the search and rescue mission greatly alleviated the embarrassment of the lack of the number of missions at the Adventurer’s Guild.

Within a short period of time, the number of survivors in the territory ushered high, which was also the imminent establishment of the commercial district.

The rapid development of the territory doesn’t only require hunters but also needs more ordinary survivors. Tang Yu had difficulties in releasing such missions. 

The sun was scorching at noon, and only in the area near the Tree Shade shelter does it seem cooler.

Some people often talk about the location of the Tree Shade is a treasure trove. Even some ability users have noticed that the ability used within the resort area, especially the elemental ability, seems to be a little more powerful than usual.

However, even though the temperature within the territory is comfortable, there were not many hunters who were still staying in the shelter at this time of the year.

Along with the increase of advanced rune equipment, the crowd of adventures was full of energy.

They were crazy about taking missions. They are not only doing missions but also actively go out hunting demonic beasts and exchanging spirit stones for points, even though it’s pricey. 

In the advanced rune equipment stimulation, the crowd of adventurers is full of energy, crazy to get the task, and actively go out hunting demonized beasts, using source crystals for points, even if this will be more loss.

In terms of enthusiasm, it was necessary to get rid of the hunters in Luoxia. They were relaxing, walking on the streets.

But suddenly they find out that the Adventurer’s Guild has launched a new product which makes them greedy to have it. 

At the same time, they once again plunged into the wave of the crazy list of missions.


At this time, the wilderness.

Several hunters were standing on the road full of cracked marks. Slightly squinting their eyes, looking into the distance.

“In a few kilometers we will reach a shelter called Tree Shade. Is this shelter really have weapons that can easily tear through the demonized beast’s defense?” 

The one who spoke was a woman, her tone mixed with expectation and doubt.

The group consisted of three men and two women. They were dirty and had tired faces as if they had lived in the wilderness for a long time.

Each of them was carrying a large homemade backpack, and they were wearing simple, sewn animal skin clothes.

Some of them had a few scales of scales as large as a basin embedded on their chests and backs.

The weapons in the hands of these people were also the same hand-made weapons.

There were irregular long wooden sticks. There were spikes and special material wooden strips bundled together.

Also, a wrist band tied with blood-stained claws… these weapons were taken from the parts of the demonized beast. All of them hand-made.

Long-term exposure to the sun makes these people’s skin look dark, and the two young women in the team sounded crisp and unkempt.

Another woman spoke, “I hope so. With our current weapons, demonic hunting beasts had become more and more difficult. If we can get a handy weapon, we will be able to cross several cities more easily.”

The square-faced man in front of him flashed apologetics in his eyes, “I am the one who drags you all down and makes you follow me, alive or death.”

“Captain! What are you talking about! Your family is our family. Besides, even if we don’t travel thousands of miles away, is there any real safe place in the doomsday? We struggled to live everyday.”

“That’s right.” The others agreed one after another.

A warm atmosphere permeated the team.

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