My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 274


“Three kilometers further on is the Tree Shade Shelter.”

A tall, thin man pointed to a road sign not far away and said, “We haven’t met demonic beasts for ten minutes. So the news that the shelter is strong must be true. I’m afraid they all had purged all demonic beasts around here.”

 “But…” Someone hesitated.

“The previous city, we learned that Tree Shade was not the largest shelter in Lincheng. They said it was Lindong in the north, about 60 kilometers away. Even the large shelters we have passed didn’t have weapons that could easily tear through the demonic beast defense. Would a small shelter like Tree Shade really have them?”

“Anyway, it won’t be far from here. We can also repair stuff there, or at least take a bath and rest.”

“It’s just an ordinary shelter. Don’t get too hopeful…”


This five-person squad was quite powerful.

The Captain had a Fifth Awakening strength. The others had Fourth Awakening strength. Their travel speed was very fast. In just a few minutes, a forest of tall black towers greets them.

“Yu Ling, scout it out. See if there’s any danger ahead.” The square-faced Captain opened his mouth and said.

They had travelled across several cities, through danger and deaths. They get here relied not only on strength but also caution.

Before approaching the shelter, he had to make sure that it was not a trap. Like the shelters that put out bait to lure hunters into the ambush circle, the square-faced Captain was not convinced.

The young woman called Yu Ling nodded as she closed her eyes, and her perception spread out.

A few minutes later, her eyes opened, and she showed a smile to a few others, “There are also some hunters around us that we’re heading towards the shelter. There’s a lot of ordinary people not far from us, and they seem to be busy working.”

“But…” Yu Ling frowned, “There are not many hunters around, but they are very powerful. The few teams I discovered just now, a few hunters detected my perception. Fortunately, I only surveyed them roughly and didn’t annoy any of those hunters.”

The fact that the hunter detected Yu Ling’s perception means that the other party’s strength was not below her or even exceeded her.

The Captain groaned slightly, “Since it’s not the kind of ambush, let’s go in, but don’t let down our guard.”

As they got closer, the majestic black tall tower kept enlarging in their line of sight. The black hole shooting port at the top of the tower made them all feel deeply threatened.

“What the hell with this black tower? Are there snipers stationed inside?” The Captain looked gloomy and shook his head. “The threat posed by these tall towers exceeds that of snipers to me. On the sidelines, if we were being targeted by the shooting port, I suspect that we won’t be able to escape.”

“Now I have more confidence with these weapons that called rune equipment that the shelter had.”


After crossing the outermost tower defence formation, what appeared in front of the few square-faced big men were rows of neatly planned buildings.

The highest of which had five floors, while the lower ones only had two or three floors. Neatly lined up in a row.

Around the buildings, many survivors were busy. Some were painting the buildings’ outer walls, some were taking down the shelves and moving them away, and it could be seen that the buildings were nearing completion.

“What is this for?” Someone in the group looked at the neatly paved streets covered with white bricks.

The streets on both sides were also transplanted with unknown trees, which quickly grew lush in today’s environment.

It had the appearance of a large commercial district. They were surprised and puzzled at the same time.

“The commercial district will open in two days, don’t you know that?” A stranger’s voice reached their ear.

The squad turned their heads and saw a round-faced, bloated fat man gnawing on a chicken leg. The squads didn’t pay much attention to the fat man’s words. They just looked straight at the chicken legs.

Wang Zhou was so scared he took a few steps back. “What do you want? I… I don’t sell these meat!”

The Captain laughed dryly and put on a mild expression, and asked. “Brother, we just want to know where you bought these chicken legs and is there more you can sell to us?”

“Chicken legs? Of course, I bought it!” Wang Zhou looked at the hunters as if they were fools. And in the end, he responded. “Oh, I see. You guys just arrived at Tree Shade, right?’

The squad nodded their heads.

Following Wang Zhou’s guide, the Captain and his members walked into the commercial district.

Although the commercial district wasn’t fully built, a few stores were being decorated by survivors, and some stores were already open. There were also a few wandering hunters walking down the street.

“According to that fat man, this street is the food street, and there are already several food stores open now.”

They turned around the street entrance, found a store that was open nearby, and walked in. There were not many customers in the store at this time, and the shopkeeper didn’t reject their unkempt appearance.

The group found a table by the window and sat down, and looked at the menu.

“I didn’t pay attention to the name of the store, but I can’t believe that this place specializes in seafood. But… Isn’t the sea far from here?”

One of the two women said so. But their eyes were glowing when they saw the menu. Then they quickly called the waiter.

There were not many customers in the store, so plates full of seafood dishes were quickly brought to the table.

The squad had been living in the wild for a while. Although they were strong, it’s impossible to always have this full meal of delicious food. Now, their mouths watered when they saw the colourful and fragrant dishes.

Each of them focused on food. They ignored the dining utensil and dig in with their hands.

After a while, the tables were full of empty plates. They had called the waiter to order more dishes multiple times.

The other customers looked at them, but they didn’t care much.

Sometime later, the man touched his stomach with a satisfied face.

At this time, Yu Ling saw the bill placed at the corner of the table and suddenly blushed. She looked at the Captain, shuddered and poke.

“Captain.. It seems that… the seafood we ordered are aquatic beasts, and the prices are… a bit expensive.”

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