My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 275


The commercial district, Daily rental hotel.


The door of the room opened, and the square-faced man came out. His hair was wet at this time, and he was no longer wearing simple animal skin hand-made clothing.

He changed into a sweatshirt and shorts. The muscle lines under his clothes were clearly visible.

The other male team members also finished cleaning and changed into clean clothes they had just bought. They walked out of the room.

The Captain walked to the opposite door and knocked gently.

A clear shout came from inside the door, “Coming! I’m coming!”

The door of the room opened, and the female hunter showed up.

The woman was wearing a black patterned T-shirt, with a slender waist hidden under the hem, and dark blue shorts underneath perfectly outlined her figure.

Her skin was a bit tanned, but her long and slender thighs were exposed in front of the male members. They couldn’t help but look at them.

Behind her was the female perception hunter. She wore a white chiffon shirt and black pants. Although her body doesn’t look as plump as the other female, her face was more beautiful.

The two male hunters moved their gaze to the female ability user. 

Although they had known each other for a while and had formed a close bond together in the team, they lived in the dangerous wilderness most of the time.

For the sake of their safety, sometimes they deliberately coated their body with mud. At a glance, sometimes they can’t be distinguished from male and female. 

“I’m feeling alive.” The hot female hunter spoke.

“It’s been a while since I last took a bath. I can’t imagine that the hotel’s facility is so good. Separate spacious bedroom, 24-hour running water, and electricity. Except for the lack of internet, the environment was just like 5 star hotels back then. Before, I really had no expectation for this shelter.” She marvelled.

The Captain laughed bitterly, “It would be outrageous for a five spirit stone room per day to be shabby. We also need to save money for weapons and be careful with the price of our food. It would be sad if we can’t buy any weapons.”

The female hunter with a hot body laughed dryly, “I will pay attention to the next food we order. But it’s delicious and the actual price was cheaper than we thought. Why don’t we go again in the evening?”

The Captain grimaced, “If we ate that many aquatic beast meat in another shelter, it would cost us at least a thousand spirit stones. Our savings won’t be enough to fill them. Although the price of the food here is cheaper, with dozens of spirit stones, we can buy a cart full of ordinary supplies.”

“It’s an urgent matter. We still need to find out how we can buy rune weapons. I now believe that Tree Shade has such weapons. But I think the price of a weapon that can easily break through the demonic beasts’ defense won’t be cheap.”


Ten minutes later, the squad stood in the commercial district’s central street, in front of the newly completed equipment supermarket.

At this moment, each person was holding a weapon that they had just bought in their hands. They waved it around. Inspect it carefully, with a ‘this is special?’ expression.

Ten minutes ago, they had thought to ask the local hunter in Tree Shade first. And according to the recommendation, they would buy the rune weapons.

But a passing hotel attendant told them that they could buy rune weapons in the next street.

They weren’t convinced until they walked inside the equipment supermarket and tried a sample weapon.

Even after they paid for it and walked out of the supermarket, they weren’t convinced yet. 

The tall male hunter opened his mouth and spoke. “Captain, it’s so cheap. It’s not a fake weapon, right?”

Next to a tall tree, the Captain swept the combat knife he just bought. The knife moved smoothly, cutting the tree with a whistling wind without any resistance. 

“We tried it. Apparently, it’s not fake. But it’s still kind of unbelievable. Such a divine weapon like rune weapon only costs a few dozen spirit stones, just like the meal we ate earlier.”

He said, looking stunned, muttering words under his breath. “Normally, the meal we ate would cost us thousands of spirit stones. So it seems the price comparison is normal.”

Among the five people, some purchased combat knives, and some bought longswords. They wielded their new weapons like a beloved toy. They wielded it with great joy. 

At that moment, they saw a hunter in a black combat suit walking towards them. The man pointed to the tree that had been cut down next to them and said, “10 spirit stones fine for destroying a public property.”

The square-faced man froze. His eyes stiffened as his gaze swept past the half-cut trunk of a nearby tree, mentally wanting to slap himself.

Rune weapons are cheap, but the other consumption of Tree Shade… It’s deadly!


“Captain, Tree Shade is so lame. They fined us ten spirit stones just for an ordinary tree. We’re being robbed!” The tall hunter was very dissatisfied, “That man is not even a Fourth Awakening stage hunter. We can beat him!”

After he said that, he was hit on the head by the female hunter wearing hot pants.

“Are you stupid?! The guy in black uniform is a law enforcement officer of Tree Shade. The shelter even dares to sell rune weapons, so how could it be weak? If we don’t pay the fine, they will send someone with Fifth Awakening stage power or even stronger.”

The tall, thin man covered his head with a look of aggression.

The Captain sighed, “It’s my fault for accidentally destroying that tree. Although ten spirit stones are too expensive, it’s not a bad thing to do. In a bad shelter, they would find a way to rob foreign hunters like us.”

“But now it seems that the Tree shade shelter is a small shelter, but all aspects of the order are perfect. They can be compared to large shelters.” He thought about it and added, “In some ways, it also exceeds an ordinary large shelter. After all, not all large shelters had restaurants and even sold divine weapons at their official store.”

Before, they didn’t just buy some rune weapons. But also purchased the other equipment from the supermarket, such as a once piece combat suit. Once they return to the hotel room, they will change clothes. 

After getting new equipment, their squad’s power would definitely rise higher. Their purpose of coming to the shelter had been accomplished.

The Captain hesitated, he carefully thought and decided to ask the others for their opinion. “Do you remember what the salesman said? He said this kind of Demon Slayer combat knife is just ordinary rune equipment. There is even sharper and incredible equipment available for sale. Should we go and take a look?” 

After some discussion, the others decided to take a break first. They had already paid for the rooms for two days, and it can’t be refunded.

They were also curious about the amazing rune equipment, so there’s nothing to lose to look at them.

If it’s not too pricey and affordable, they will find a way to get one or two pieces.

If it’s too pricey, they won’t buy it. 

They have made up their minds that the hotel room rent will expire tomorrow, and they will leave the Tree Shade.

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