My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 276


The squad returned to the hotel, and then put on the newly bought tight combat suits and put on the clothes they wore before on the outside.

There were two types of regular combat suits produced in the territory, one tight-fitting suit and one non-tight-fitting suit.

The non-tight combat suit is better in terms of defence. Mainly in terms of thickness and hardness, while the tight-fitting combat suits were worn close to the body like underwear. Although slightly less defensive, they can put on a layer of protective gear outside, which is better than nothing.

Hunters who wore a tight-fitting combat suit and put on the non-tight suit also exist, but not many. It’s safer, but it would be difficult to move.

Unless they would wear armour and were responsible for resisting the attack of demonic beast, most hunters would prefer to wear a tight-fitting combat suit inside.

The captain considered they still have a long way to cross the wilderness and would have to pass several shelters. If they wore black streamlined rather sci-fi looking combat suits, it would look too striking.

The tight-fitting suit was equivalent to inner armour. It won’t be visible when the outer suit is put on.


The fully equipped squads followed the road signs and arrived in front of the Adventurers’ Guild.

The Adventurer’s Guild also moved from the villa area to the commercial area. Compared to the surrounding two or three storey stores, the Guild building looks even more majestic.

The front door was spacious. Both sides were decorated with finely carved stone pillars and a few lifelike statues…

The plaque above the door was written with large words’  Adventurers’ Guild’.

The captain’s squad stared at the dragon and phoenix pattern on the fonts that looked real enough as if they were about to pounce. They couldn’t help but take a few steps back, feeling shocked.

After calming his heart, the captain took a long breath and looked around.

After coming to the shelter, they haven’t met many hunters, apart from the black-uniformed patrol members. But this time, they found the open space in front of the Adventurer’s Guild was crowded with hunters.

Some of them yelled, leaving the squad somewhat confused.

“Anlin County to search for supplies, is there anyone who wants to join the team?”

“Siege the storm giant bear. We already have a sniper, ability user, agility awakened. We now lack a MT. Minimum Triple Awakening Stage hunter and the pay is negotiable.”

“The European Emperor Adventure Group opens for recruits. Our adventure group is a two-star medium-sized adventure group. The points are full and can be upgraded at any time. There are currently two vacancies. Ability hunter is the priority. Anyone interested in joining hurry up and sign up to our group!”

Most hunters yelling around like that weren’t weak—mostly Triple or Fourth Awakening Stage hunters. There were also merchants selling high price rune weapons, but no one seems to care.

The captain was confused. Not knowing where to start.

At this time, a noise came from the distance. Yellings like ‘fight’ or ‘there’s an interesting thing to see’, was heard.

The captain saw the people who were yelling put down their stuff and ran towards the direction of the noise.

Adventurer’s Guild was located at the edge of the commercial district, close to the shelter entrance.  At this time, there were many people gathered in front of the entrance, hunters and ordinary survivors alike.

The captain stood from a distance to see, it seems there are two hunters quarrelling.

“Are they allowed to fight?” He asked in a low voice. The rest of the squad looked puzzled, not knowing why many people wanted to watch the fight.

“I guess they’re still fighting anyway.” A heavy voice came from next to him.

The captain turned his head to find a sturdy man in a black combat suit had stood beside him at some point. They were both at the same Fifth Awakening stage, but the other person’s aura was even thicker, and it seems he had reached the peak of the Fifth stage.

The captain didn’t dare to ignore, and was very curious about the situation in front of him, “But the shelter doesn’t allow them to fight, right?”

Previously, he was asked to pay 10 spirit stones for destroying a tree. When two hunters fight, it’s easy for them to break the surrounding environment. Tree Shade was a rather orderly shelter. Just like most large Shetler, they generally forbid fighting.

“Of course. The shelter prohibits any fighting and destruction. That’s why those two people were only cursing each other, not fighting. You see?” The sturdy man pointed to the cursing hunters nearby, “But as soon as they start fighting, they will be taken down and will be asked to pay a heavy load of spirit stones.” He shook his head without saying anything else.

The captain and his squad followed the direction and immediately, they couldn’t believe their eyes. “That’s… is that… a robot?”

The two ‘guys’ were over two meters tall as a small mecha. Surrounded by a few more round iron ‘robots’.

“Yeah.” The sturdy man, Zhou Jianhong said. “That’s called a puppet. It’s the shelter’s leader’s work and don’t you dare underestimate its strength.”

“The round one is a basic puppet. You can also exchange them at the Adventurers’ Guild. The one that looked like a humanoid form was called a combat puppet. It’s more powerful than a basic puppet. Their combat power should be around Triple Awakening Stage. But it’s difficult to deal with several of them all at once.”

“With our strength, we can take down one or two combat puppets. But a dozen or hundreds of them, I can’t say I know the result.”

“They said that there were even more powerful puppets. This was just a part of Leader Tang’s strength.”

The explanation made the whole squad understand well the strength of the person leading the shelter. Their faces turned pale when they imagined an overwhelming number of puppets charging towards them.

The captain immediately formed a bond with Zhou Jianhong. Through a good chat, they had a common understanding of things. But the captain’s doubts were still not answered.

Clearly aware of his doubts, Zhou Jianhong continued, “It seems they won’t fight anytime soon. But as long as they get on the duel arena, they can fight any way they want.”

“Duel arena?’

“That’s a special combat arena established by the shelter. Only there, hunters were allowed to fight legally. Of course, getting into the arena is voluntary. You don’t have to join if you don’t want to. As long as you didn’t commit any crime, you can stay in the shelter safely.”

The captain nodded as he heard it. But then, he looked at the two hunters quarrelling and asked a rhetorical question. “They’re Triple and Fourth Awakening hunters. If the Triple Awakening guy is smart, he won’t accept the Fourth Awakening hunter’s duel invitation, right? After all, there’s a gap in their power.”

Both hunters had their weapons stained with dry blood. It’s obvious that they were experienced combatant and ruthless. So no one could guarantee which side will lose.

Yet the gap in aura was very obvious.

Unsure, Zhou Jianhong shook his head, “You think the Fourth Awakening guy will win? I don’t think so. In the Tree Shade, strength doesn’t always depend on the Awakening Stage level.” 

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