My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 279


Tree Shade Shelter, Eastern Villa District.

From afar, the towering blue and white castle could be seen throughout the shelter. Yet only very few survivors could get close to that majestic castle.

This is a forbidden place, excluding the top brass of Tree Shade, only invited survivors were eligible to enter.

Many of the new hunters looked at the castle from afar and marvelled at it, but when they asked the old hunters who had been in Green Shade for a while, no one could tell them.

It made people’s hearts want to be more and more curious.

However… They didn’t dare to cross the forbidden zone. Although most people were ready to die, reasoning prevented them for a good reason.

For the sake of curiosity, it’s not worth risking their lives.

In the villa area, several hunters talked. They seem to be discussing the commission taken from the adventurers guild. From time to time, they stole glances at the distant castle and soon retracted.

The high white walls, the dark blue round roof, and the front of the castle were vaguely visible. The large garden was filled with all kinds of colourful flowers.

The team did not wander, just like normal passing adventurers, and quickly returned to their rented houses. They rented the most popular suite for adventurers, a total of five rooms, just enough for a small adventuring group.


After entering the room, the last person closed the door tightly and closed the lock.

The hunter with the black snake tattooed on his arm gave a wink to the other four, and the team split up to search each room meticulously.

“Boss, there’s no problem.”

“Well, no wiretaps, no CCTVs.”

“We really are professionals.”

Black Snake man coughed dryly and waved his fingers inward, signalling several people to come over.

Five people approached and formed a circle.

Black Snake man thought for a moment and said in a low voice, “Except for the forbidden area of the castle, we have carefully observed every other place in the shelter. Now it seems that the secret of the green shade is most likely hidden in the castle.”

A man with an open shirt with a unicorn tattooed on his chest spoke up, “Boss Black Snake has a point, but the forbidden area is heavily guarded. So how do we get in?”

“Highly guarded? But I don’t see any guards.” A junior was puzzled.

The unicorn immediately hit his head, “Stupid! We were so far away so how can we see the guard? From where we are watching, we can’t even see the castle gate. So we can’t see them unless there were guards standing on the roof.”

“Unicorn is right.” Black Snake pondered for a moment and said, “This is the enemy’s home turf. Even if we are the experts of Rinshan City, it’s impossible to fight against the power of a whole shelter. The only way to enter is to sneak in. But the castle is huge, and we are not clear about the internal structure. If we don’t be careful and sneak in, most likely we will be discovered by the other side.”

He frowned. “Previously, the mayor sent someone to buy a few information from spies in this shelter. I thought these spies could bring back some valuable information. But unfortunately, we can no longer contact the guy. He must have been exposed, either caught by the Tree Shade or has been executed. Otherwise, we can have some more information.”

“But as far as I know, the Tree Shade Shelter did nothing. Perhaps they were afraid of our city. After all, our major is a super expert that has broken through the bottleneck. Or perhaps they were facing pressures from Lindong.”

Black Snake sneered.

The man with the unicorn tattoo echoed, “Boss, you have a point. But in case Tree Shade can’t withstand the pressure and offers the secret to the Lindong officials, there will be nothing left for us. Not to mention that if we continue to fail, the mayor will be disappointed.”

Black Snake gave him a look, “I know that.I plan to do it in two days or three days later.”

“Why not now?” A junior brother was puzzled again.

“In two days, the commercial district will open. Then, it will be flooded with foreign hunters so they will strengthen the entire commercial district security. But they can’t add hunters so the biggest possibility is to draw the defense force in the castle. By then, the castle’s defense force will be emptied.”

“Not only that. According to the gossip we got from our investigation, after the opening of the commercial district, the Tree Shade intends to hold a martial arts tournament…”

Black Snake looked at the others. Seeing their puzzled eyes, he sighed in disappointment and continued speaking after a pause. “It’s only a gimmick. The gossip mentioned that the Tree Shade patrol intends to carry out the third recruitment. Only those who won a certain ranking in the tournament will be eligible to join.”

“This news proves that they were indeed facing great pressure. That’s why they need to recruit more hunters to strengthen their fight against Lindong.”

Black Snake picked up the teacup and brought it to his mouth to sip it. In his eyes, a light called ‘confidence’ shone.

Several other members then dawned on them. Various words of admiration kept brushing by like a pop-up screen, making Black Snake very flattered.


The so-called forbidden area of the castle appears empty.

The few survivors who were invited to come in will find that they won’t meet a lot of people here. Apart from some servant puppets pouring tea and snacks, the entire castle looked empty. The rest of them were cleaning the castles, brushing the red carpet back and forth. 

There were several red dots in the territory. Tang Yu knew this, but he didn’t get rid of these people. 

With the shelter’s population increase, especially when the commercial districts were built, the survivors were mixed colours. There’s a lot of spies sent by various forces. These spies, despite their intention of stealing secrets and endangering the shelter, many of them hadn’t done anything dangerous, or maybe haven’t had the opportunity to do it yet.

As Lord Tang intends to develop the territory into a commercial giant, he hesitated to end these spies. He left them alone to observe. Sometimes, he can even dig out even greater secrets from these spies.

Moreover, to gain information, these spies spent a large number of spirit stones. Tang Yu estimates that these spies made a great contribution to the territory’s profit.

Sometimes some spies with a strong desire for death can give the foreign hunters in the territory a lively negative lesson at the right time.

Their contribution was huge. 

Through the crystal ball, Tang Yu looked at the battle that had just happened in the tournament ring. He was different from ordinary peers. What he seeks in the battle was the number of spectators interested in the battle. 

“An ordinary battle could attract this many people. The future tournament will certainly bring more people to the territory…”

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