My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 28


Chapter 28 – Food Issues

Back to the territory, the scorching sun still hung high on the sky.

They didn’t go out for long. They were back before lunch.

At this time.

Tang Yu looked embarrassed.

The combat uniform made of high-ranked demonic beast fur had a deep scratch on his waist. This was a claw mark left by a demonic beast that accidentally approached him.

The scratch was so deep it almost pierced through the combat uniform. If No. 2 hadn’t take care of it, he wouldn’t be safe.

At that time, there were too many demonic beasts. No. 1 could only hold some, the rest was still rushing towards him.

At that scene, the eyes of demonic beast were in front of him. Tang Yu felt that it felt like a demonic wave.

In a hurry, the spirit stones ore were loaded into the backpack. The basic warrior puppets who had served as a miner were already reformed back to their original ping-pong ball shape.

“That was close.”

Tang Yu frowned. The number of the demonic beast was indeed unexpected. He speculated in his mind that the reason might be with the giant tree with transparent branches and leaves.

When they finally left, the demonic beast did not pursue them. They only returned to the bottom of the giant tree.

“Maybe mining the spirit stone mines had to stop for a while. I’m afraid there were more demonic beasts under the giant tree. If they all attacked, I’m afraid even No.1 and No.2 can’t hold it.

Anyway. He was satisfied.

Looking at the three backpacks in his hand, Tang Yu’s eyes glowed with excitement.

These raw spirit stone ores contained some spirit stones. He didn’t need to separate them. He went directly to the storage room inside the castle.

Oh la la.

All the ores inside the backpack had been emptied. This small storage room was filled with it at once.

The spirit stones’ value that was detected by the system was constantly rising.






Tang Yu took a deep breath, “ I’m rich!”

How many spirit stones had Wang Tai accumulated for a month? For just over 5000, that’s too poor! Perhaps this was the reason why the shelter under his rule was destroyed. Even he could no longer face the demonic beast!

Even if he had more spirit stones. It’s useless. He had no use of the spirit stones.

Everyone knew the value of a spirit stone and the government had long published the news that spirit stone might exist inside a demonic beast. But ordinary people could only use this stone like a diamond ring.

Tang Yu estimated that small and medium shelters couldn’t use spirit stones properly. Perhaps only large shelters could developed something from spirit stone through research, which might ended up being a relatively rough way of using it. Most of the official spirit stones had been spent more on research rather than production.

But it’s different for Tang Yu. With the spirit stones, he could summon an adventurer, refresh the market, and construct buildings.

He didn’t just mine a large amount of spirit stones, at this time, he was filled with a lot of spirit power and it seemed that he was about to get overloaded.

After mining for a while, Tang Yu’s body could sense repulsion against the spirit power which was probably because it’s already full and could no longer absorb it.

For the first time, he discovered that there was also a limit to the absorption of spirit power. After finished cultivating the spirit power, Tang Yu believed that he could at least gain another level.


During Tang Yu’s daydreaming, the castle notification system rang.

This thing was equivalent to a doorbell, with a more advanced property. It had the ability to identify problems and transfer information and didn’t require any operation so it’s very convenient. So far, he had no idea where this identification system was placed.

Soon, Tang Yu saw Chen Haiping’s sullen expression.

“Leader, with our continued growth of population, our food stock may not be enough.”

Although Chen Haiping was assigned to the position of patrol, but during this period, he was doing the job of a clerk. There were not really much corresponding talents within the territory that could be employed. There weren’t many people in the territory. Although Chen Haiping was very busy, he still managed to organize the statistic of the survivors properly.

Early this morning, he compared the food stock with the daily consumption and growth rate. He couldn’t sit still! As long as the population kept growing, their food stock might not last long!

“No food stock? How long can it last?” Tang Yu asked.

Chen Haiping replied with a bitter smile, “According to the current population, it can provides food for half a month. But the population of our shelter is growing every day. If calculated correctly, I’m afraid it can only support for up to ten days.”

“Also, we had searched for supplies in the resort. As for the outside world, Captain Roger is the only team that could explore outside. The food they brought back each time isn’t much. It’s far less than the daily consumption.”

Chen Haiping didn’t say anything. The food provided by leader tang for the survivors were too generous. It’s not just filling their stomach, but also packed with meat and vegetables. Even if it’s not as good compared to the life before the doomsday, it’s still better than the life in other shelter. The conditions were enough to make survivors from other shelter envious.

He didn’t think it as bad, but he had a premise to have enough food. Once the food stock’s depleted, Chen Haiping couldn’t believe that the entire shelter wouldn’t be collapsed at once.

“What was the source of food from the previous shelter?”

Chen Haiping thought for a while, “The sources of food stock was gathered from the outside world. But at that time, the doomsday were just occurred. Every time we went out, we can get plentiful of food. Now the surrounding area had been searched thoroughly so Captain Roger doesn’t get much every time he searches.”

“Captain Roger also hunted and brought back many demonic beasts, but it’s not like a wild beast. Most of the meat on the body are inedible. It’s hard to distinguish the part of the demonic beast that can be eaten and the poisonous. So hunting a demonic beast is out of the option.”

He calmed his breath and continued, “Originally, Wang Tai prepared enough food and ordered people to plant some crops with short growth cycles and can survive in the valley. If I remember correctly, it was sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn. But those crops had been destroyed by the demonic beast. Not only that, many of the food stocks that were stored in the resort villas also destroyed. Which is why we only have little food stock.”

“At this time even if we tried to planting crops again, I’m afraid it’s too late. Even if we significantly reduce food expenditures.”

He looked rather annoyed.

If only he could realize the food problem earlier, he might still be able to solve it. But now, he had worked out his brain and didn’t find any solution.

After listening, Tang Yu wasn’t worried.

Two major problems that occurred after the doomsdays were security and food issues.

He didn’t pay attention to the food in the shelter because he didn’t worry about it. It’s simply impossible to run out of food anyway.

The difference was how they got the food.

Should he give Roger his space backpack and order him to find some food? It seemed quite troublesome.

Buy food resource packages in the market? It’s too expensive! He almost ran out of spirit stones before mining it, how could he use it to buy food packages? He hadn’t even had the chance to enjoy it himself, let alone using the stones for other survivors. That was too much!

He thought about it. Then suddenly his eyes lit up, “Who said it’s too late to plant crops? It’s not too late and it will be a bountiful harvest!”

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