My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 280


The news of the tournament had not yet been officially announced, but Tang Yu already had heard people deliberately spreading gossip in the dark.

He also let Gray Blade in Lindong spread the gossip so the hunters there would get the news.

Sometimes, gossip is more likely to arouse the curiosity of the targeted person. And then they will step forward until it completely falls into the jar.

“This time, I have put an interesting reward with C-class rune equipment as well as other high-value rewards as bait. Most hunters who had confidence in their strength should participate.”

“Even if they can’t compete for the first prize throne, the other rewards are enough to make the hunters greedy.”

“At that time, using the tournament performance as a benchmark, the patrols will be able to recruit enough outstanding hunters, supported by other tests. Of course.”

The time is almost ripe. He will soon formally announce the tournament’s time, the rewards, and the rules of the preliminary round. The tournament ring was prepared for the preliminary round. For the competition method of the rematch, Tang Yu did not intend to announce it so early.

The format of the rematch will be beyond the hunters’ imagination of the awakened. Not only to make the competition a bit more exciting. But they can also show the power of certain high-level rune equipment through the rematch.

This was like killing three birds with one stone.

Tang Yu wasn’t worried about the hunters rejecting the patrol’s recruitment invitation. There were a lot of hunters who yearned for freedom. However, the patrol was not very binding to its members. Other than patrols training, patrols training, and patrols training, they got relatively plenty of free time.

That generous treatment is more than enough to crush the straw of hesitation in many people’s hearts.

“The number of new members recruited by the patrol this time will be a lot higher than the previous two times. Well, with the number of hunters attracted by the tournament, even if more are recruited, the average quality will be higher than the previous two times.”

Recently, with the sharp increase in foreign hunters, the pressure on the members of the patrol team was also increasing. They haven’t been out on a mission for a long time, but fortunately, there was now sufficient spirit power in the territory storage. Even if they have been staying in the shelter to maintain law and order, the patrol team members’ strength continued to improve.

But with only thirty or so patrol members, it would be too difficult to maintain the security of thousands of people.

Most of the time, the puppets were sent to maintain law and order, taking care of troublemaker hunters. However, puppets had a lot of defects, such as collecting fines, acting as judges, etc.

Expanding the size of the patrol can’t be delayed. It must be his priority.

“They shouldn’t be called as patrols anymore after the expansion.” Tang Yu switched the crystal ball screen.

A scene of the territory played in his mind, “Perhaps, it is necessary to divide the functions of these hunters in detail. Such as Internally and externally, there are also those responsible for intelligence.”

“Well… and the patrols’ welfare should be adjusted to some extent.”

The patrols’ welfare was very high, extremely high. Many adventurers risk their lives to earn points for exchanging equipment, auxiliary potions, and other items. Whereas the patrols could get them all just from spending some money.

Fairness isn’t Tang Yu’s motive. After all, the patrols were his ‘own’ men. He felt it’s worth it spending a lot of resources on diligent and loyal people who strive to improve. But if it was spent on lazy members, Lord Tang wasn’t pleased about that.

Under Roger’s drill, there were no lazy people in the patrol team. But some members lacked motivation. This he heard from Roger himself.

“In the future, the patrol’s welfare will be based on both individual contributions and progress. For the specific details… well, let Roger come up with a standard.”

Tang Yu decisively dumped the burden. No, this is what it meant to trust his followers. After all, he is a proper Lord.

“Now…” He rubbed his hands, “Let’s get down to business.”


Half an hour later.

Tang Yu came to the pub entrance with a solemn face.

He had upgraded the territory into level 5. The scale of the castle complex expanded again. In addition to that, the building level cap also increased, so was the territory scope. Now, he can build two new sub territories. Also, the territory fit raised from 20% to 24%. There are no special changes for the rest of the feature.

Only the 5 job legacy statues look more lifelike than before. And three more advanced job legacy options were available.

“None of this is important. What’s important is that the number of contract slots in the pub has increased.”

The number of contract slots for level 4 pub was eighteen. He initially had reserved the last 3 slots just in case he was lucky enough to find a summoning-related item at the market.

And he did find some.

However, B-ranked Adventurer Summoning Scroll (Guarantee B-rank adventurers), Warrior Summoning Scroll (Guarantee Warrior Job Adventurers), and so on.

These things, he didn’t need it!

He should honestly burn incense and bathe and pay homage to the Gods again.

“After the pub upgrade this time, there are 9 more slots. And now, there are a total of twelve empty contract slots.” Tang Yu pondered for a moment, “How about rounding up and just leaving two slots for backup. This time, I will summon ten adventurers in one single summon… Ten consecutive draws, it should give a little more power.”

It should be, right?

Tang Yu wasn’t sure. He was getting less and less confidence in his lineage. Moreover, there’s no 10 consecutive draws system in the pub.

Before summoning, Tang Yu had made a few attempts at fusion summon function. But the results were all the same, he still was unable to break through the B-rank limit.

The level 3 pub’s maximum summon probability was B-rank adventurer. The level 5 pub is still the same. The only thing he noticed was the number of fusions has become less. And each time B-ranked adventurers were summoned, the number of spirit stones consumed was less than before.

Lord Tang had a deep thought.

Inhaling deeply, Tang Yu closed his eyes tightly and slowly opened them again.

A huge and arcane summoning formation circle was quickly sketched out in front of him.

One, two …… eight, nine.

The speed of his summoning was not very fast. Every time an adventurer was summoned, he must first look at the profile of the adventurer. Tang Yu does not want to summon bad followers. Even if there is no problem with loyalty, character, or behaviour, it would be bad if they can’t get along with the people.

Briefly reading the profile, Tang Yu already knew a certain part of the adventurer’s life.

After that, he chose to sign a contract with the adventurer and summoned another. After that, he will let Roger or Elaine explain the things in the territory to the new followers so they will get familiar with the territory.

When the ninth follower came out of the pub. The scene outside the pub window was dark and full of starlit.

Tang Yu thought back to the nine followers he summoned. There were five men and four women, well, not all pure-blooded humans. It’s just that he hadn’t gotten to know these new followers in-depth in order to rush the summoning time.


These were the qualifications of the nine new followers. In general, they all have met Tang Yu’s expectations, it was probably because the pub had been upgraded to Level 5. Although he still can’t break through the boundaries and directly summon a transcendent class adventurer, the overall strength of the new batch of followers was good.

All were in the Eight Awakening stage or up. The strongest one had reached the Eleventh Awakening Stage. Enough to rival Elaine.

“Well, I’m not sure. The last time I saw her, it seems I heard she had a double breakthrough again. But now she was at the Twelfth Awakening Stage. So, who would win?”

After breaking through to the Sixth stage, he was crazy refining and absorbing spirit power. He could only get to the Eighth Awakening. Of course, along with his life lever raising, Tang Yu insisted on strengthening his body. They polished his spirit, condensing source power, and so on. This had slowed down his refining spirit power progress to a certain extent. However, every time Elaine ascends, she must have also finished tapping her potential before ascending higher.

“Unfortunately, there’s no potion master among the nine followers. But if I don’t sign the contract, the summoning price is too expensive.”

Tang Yu hesitated. But the probability of summoning a potion master is too low. If not for his previous luck when summoning Kevin, he wasn’t even sure if there was such an option.

Now. There’s only one last chance left.

The last of the ten consecutive draws.

Tang Yu took a deep breath and held both fingers together in front of his chest.

At this moment, he was not fighting alone! His followers supported him. Behind them, countless survivors stood to witness his emperor lineage.

“My turn! Smack it to death!” Tang Yu’s hand swung violently.

In front of his eyes, the huge array of runes once again emerged.

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