My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 282


Fanny just came into a new environment. Even in the middle of the castle, she remains vigilant. Her pointed ears twitch from time to time. Even the slightest movement of grass being blown by the wind, she will be the first one to know. 

She’s the real beast lady. It made Tang Yu have the urge to pet her wolf ears….


“From now on, the three of you will be a team.”

Fanny and the other two female followers were teamed up together, they didn’t look as cold as the Red Moon nearby.

All three of them didn’t object. 

Red Moon and the wolf girl’s team will depart from Tree Shade. Tang Yu didn’t limit them what to do and what not, as long as they can get sufficient information.

The strongest one, Gretel’s team, will depart from Luoxia in order to open the map.

In the end, Tang Yu pondered for a while.

“Have a good night rest. Tomorrow, you will depart. If there’s anything you need, talk to Elaine. Also, Gretel’s team. Since you will depart from Luoxia, pay attention if you find anything about the ‘black iron skeleton’ traces. Elaine will send you a copy of the information regarding the black iron skeleton later.”

“Finally, take care of yourself and your companion. I’m waiting for good news from you all at the castle.”


At the same time, somewhere hundreds of kilometres away from Luoxia.

The black iron skeleton ‘Bone Sky’ who was mentioned by Tang Yu, had changed into an ordinary-looking male youth skin again. He was walking in some mountains and forests.

The demonic beasts he encountered mostly ignored him. And he occasionally bumped into some alienated beast. But before they could pounce, they were crushed into pieces by the black light bursting from his palm.

“Extreme Martial Arts…” he muttered, looking through the dense branches in a certain direction. The aura around him vaguely vibrates—some of the demonic beasts in the vicinity hurriedly running away towards the distance.

“Business matters.”

He turned back, moving forward toward his destination and soon walked into a valley.

The black skeleton disguised, as a young man, closed his eyes and sensed for a while. He quickly stepped forward and plucked a dense bush—the imprint engraved in the soul fire resonated with this space node. 

The scene in front of him was distorted and constantly distorted, as if the dimension was changing.

Eventually, a modest black curtain was formed.

The ghostly cold voice came from the black curtain, “You failed?”


“…Yes. But don’t worry, I will keep my sanity and will never be swayed by hatred before realizing my clan’s great plan. I, Bone Sky, swear that if I fail again this time, I am willing to suffer the pain of being burned by the soul fire.”

The black curtain rippled like water waves and spat out several things from it, which Bone Sky hurriedly put into his space ring.

The black curtain continued to shrink. The distorted scene once again appeared as the space node seems to be closing.

The ghostly cold voice came out again. This time, it was a little horse and weak.

“Soon, the world barrier will be weakened again. Before that happens, we must complete the layout of our White Bone Clan so that we have a chance… only then, we will have a chance…” The voice reverberated until it disappeared.

Bone Sky, who was kneeling down on one knee, slowly stood up and left this valley.


One and a half-hour later.

Bone Sky stood at the edge of a cliff, looking into the distance, “This place will do. Although it’s far from a large shelter and I can’t get enough reward. But this will be enough to open the space portal.”

In the darkness of the night.

The place where he gazed at flickered with sporadic lights.

It was a medium-sized shelter with earthen walls—a large number of hunters and a variety of defensive weapons. Bone Sky jumped down from the edge of the cliff.

A few moments later, sounds of fearful screams were coming out from inside the shelter. 

The night is getting darker.


The next day.

The news about ‘Tree Shade First Martial Arts Tournament’ had been officially announced, including that one eye-popping reward.

C-grade weapons, D-grade equipment, body hardening potions, ninja potions, combat skills, etc.

It was only two days away from the start of the preliminaries. The adventurers in the territory were crazy about it.

Even if they can’t grab any mission, they have to take advantage of the last two days. They hunt down demonic beasts like crazy to improve their strength. The Fourth or Fifth Awakening stage hunters were also full of energy. Aiming to achieve a good ranking in the tournament. 

The square-faced man’s squad met with Zhou Jianhong’s adventure group early in the morning. His team was relatively small in number with six hunters. All of whom were in the Fourth Awakening stage and above. There was another strong person who was at the same Fifth Awakening stage like him.

The two squads met at the entrance of the commercial district and headed straight to their destination.


On a high ground.

Zhou Jianhong and the square-faced captain, along with the other members, were lying on their backs, observing the distance.

“That’s the Red Phosphorus Beast.”

The square-faced captain looked down the pointed direction and saw the very striking one among the herd of demonic beasts. The size was similar to an adult elephant before the doomsday. It also had two tusks, but the red phosphorus beast doesn’t have the elephant’s long trunk. Their limbs are shorter than the elephant but very thick with explosive power.

Its body was covered with red scales. The captain visually measured each piece of scale armour larger than his face.

“To deal with the red phosphorus beast, pay attention to two points.” Zhou Jianhong said, “One, is its scale armor. The temperature of the ed phosphorus beast’s scales is very high and could reach hundreds of degrees. Although it won’t immediately burn our skin, it will be a hindrance if we get too close.”

“The second point, the red phosphorus beast has the ability to breathe fire and the flames it emits have an extremely strong attachment ability. You must be very careful. During the battle, you should always pay attention to the red phosphorous beast’s mouth. Once you find its mouth bulged, remember not to stand in the area directly facing its mouth.”

The square-faced captain’s squad nodded very seriously at the critical information.

He exclaimed. “Captain Zhou, you are really careful in your work. You even discovered the characteristics of the Red Phosphorus beast.”

Zhou Jianhong laughed dryly, “This information was not actually investigated by us.”

“It’s not?” 

The square-faced captain saw Zhou Jianhong pulling out a small booklet from his arm compartment as if it was a precious treasure. “The Adventurers Guild has a special demonic beast illustrated booklet for sale. The price isn’t expensive. If we find certain demonic beasts that weren’t recorded within the illustration booklet yet, we can turn the information we collected to the guild and will be rewarded, handsomely.” 

“We will deal with the red phosphorus beast. These two will help you deal with the surrounding demonic beasts, you don’t have to kill them. After we finish killing the red phosphorus beast and get the heart, we will evacuate.” 

Zhou Jianhong opened the booklet and handed it to the square-faced man. There were creases on some page numbers, and certain types of demonic beasts have been specially marked.

“Of the demonic beasts herd, pay attention to those who had the strength of the Fifth Awakening Stage…”

The square-face captain and his squad members lying close beside him had their eyes fixed on the thick demonic beast illustration booklet.

[No. 056: Winged Demonic Tiger] [No.009: Six-legged Red Devil] [No.293: Digging Sandworm]


There were detailed records on each kind of demonic beast, including characteristics, weaknesses. Even some were more detailed. 

To the amazement of the square-faced man, the illustration booklet not only contained a written description, but also an illustration. Several pictures were attached on each demonic beast’s pages.

These pictures were taken from different angles. Mostly the corpses, but there were some pictures that showed the beast in alive condition. There were pictures of demonic beasts pouncing very closely with their claws.

It seems… it was taken during the battle!

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