My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 283


There were many kinds of demonic beasts. And the more profoundly recognized by ordinary hunters were common demonic beasts like demonic wolves.

Most of them have rarely seen, or rather, have seen from afar, but have not fought demonic beasts. And have very little knowledge of demonic beasts.

Originally, when the square-faced man saw such a large herd of demonic beasts, his heart sunk. But now he can read the detailed characteristics of the demonic beasts.

In the past, they had no detailed information about demonic beasts/

Sharp weapons, detailed information… if he didn’t need to travel hundreds of kilometres to find his family, he would just stay in the Tree Shade.


Time passes by minutes by minutes, hours by hours. In the blink of an eye, two days have passed.

It was the official opening day of the commercial districts. More and more hunters were pouring into the territory from the nearby shelter.

There were a lot of stores that opened that day. They were survivors who had successfully applied for Tree Shade loans. Some of them were hunters or even other forces’ investment in the Tree Shade.

The No. 1 giant in Lindong, General Lu, bought several adjacent stores. Making Tang Yu feel instantly… he was like an old friend!

Although the occupancy rate of stores was still at 1:2 and looked very sparse. But the commercial district had shown signs of prosperity.

The squad walked down the streets. This time, they were looking at the people coming and going with surprise.

“There’s a lot of hunters here!”

When they first arrived two days ago, there weren’t that many people wandering this street. Mostly they gathered at the Adventurer’s Guild. But now it seems 6 out of 10 people in this street were hunters.

The number of hunters was more than ordinary survivors!

There’s a lot of people whose aura was as strong as his!

The square-faced man could not understand this change.

The two men have established a sincere friendship in a short period of time. He was not surprised to hear, “Under normal circumstances, the number of ordinary survivors in a shelter is definitely much higher than the hunter. But the situation is different in Tree Shade.”

“The Tree Shade was established in a very short time. Maybe a little over a month. It was built on a ruin from scratch. Even if this shelter had developed very quickly, the shelter’s scale is still relatively small.”

There weren’t a lot of people who knew this secret information. The square-faced man couldn’t believe that Tree Shade was established from a ruin.

Zhou Jianhong laughed. “As far as I knew, the total of survivors in this shelter is around a few thousands. But today, I think just the number of hunters exceeds more than a few thousands.”

“Most of these hunters came from Lindong. The news of the Tree Shade commercial district opening had long been spread to Lindong. Of course, the thing that attracted these hunters was the large amount of rune equipment on sale here.”

“Only hunters could cross the wilderness to come here. And those who can reach this shelter are mostly not weak.”

The man sensed the aura around him and found what Zhou Jianhong said was true. Among the passerby hunters, at least they had the strength of the Double Awakening stage.

Zhou Jianhong explained. “Tree Shade and Lindong were separated by dozens of kilometers. Before, only Triple Awakening groups could reach this shelter unharmed. But now as more and more hunters travel between the two shelters, the demonic beasts on the road were slaughtered so the numbers of demonic beasts appearing on the road became more and more rare. In fact, even First Awakening Stage hunters could safely reach Tree Shade. But these people lacked courage and would run away from encountering weak demonic beasts. These kinds of people, even if they were given a good rune weapon, they won’t be of much use.”

Zhou Jianhong was unimpressed with this kind of weak people. He paused. “However, it’s better to settle in Tree Shade. But most people won’t give up their place at Lindong. It’s a waste of time running from two places. Not to mention the efficiency of mission completion rate also greatly reduced.”

“…I used to be a mercenary at Lindong. But after I arrive here, I have no intention of coming back. After all, we’re still doing the same mission of hunting down demonic beasts. Not to mention that only Tree Shade sells the rune equipment.”

“Take my adventure team for example. We have enough points, when we’re ready, we can take the official challenge for a star ascend mission.”

Today, the Tree Shade equipment supermarket had sales on basic E-class equipment. But the most attractive thing to the Lindong hunters was that they could buy D1-class weapons and defensive equipment with just spirit stones.

These weren’t attractive to Zhou Jianhong.

As they talk, the team had arrived at the equipment supermarket located in the middle of the bustling commercial area. The supermarket had just opened but was already crowded with hunters. More terrifying than stores on black Friday before the doomsday.

There were more than 200 combat puppets and 500 basic puppets around. The weapons in the hands of these puppets were flashing with cold light. As soon as a troublemaker hunter emerges, they will take care of them.

Most of the patrol members were also vigilant, patrolling around. However, there were too many hunters. When there’s a lot of people, fights are bound to happen. Before the supermarket opened, several fights had broken out. They fought in the streets.

Some hunters who knew the shelter’s capability restrained themselves. However, there were a lot of newcomers. No matter how much they heard about the shelter’s power, they thought a small shelter wouldn’t be as powerful as a large shelter.

Several incidents have been dealt with in a row, but still hasn’t been able to suppress the agitated hunters. Some people even wait too long to be impatient and have a tendency to storm the supermarket.

Until a few minutes ago, the square man’s squad had just witnessed the chaotic scene at the supermarket. But this time, the usually unruly hunters were forming a long line in front of the supermarket.

One of the patrol members acted as a temporary commander. When he saw that someone had purchased weapons and equipment and walked out of the supermarket satisfied, he said, “Next in, each person is limited to fifteen minutes, don’t blame us for forced eviction.”

The words weren’t polite, but the hunters who were called didn’t dare show any displeasure. Instead, they rushed into the supermarket door with an excited face. The hunters who were behind them restrained themselves.

From time to time, some people looked around with fear. It was a bright sunny day. But these hunters felt a dark cloud pressing their hearts. This strong suffocating aura comes from a high life level person’s oppression aura. They were afraid to attract the strong person.

Tree Shade was really too frightening! 

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