My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 284


In front of the equipment, the supermarket was the most lively place in the whole commercial area.

But other streets were also quite crowded. The owners who have already rented stores in Tree Shade, regardless of whether the stores were renovated or not, are taking advantage of this day to distribute flyers and attract customers.

A store with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters has undergone a simple decoration. At this time, the owner was directing many survivors to move things into the store.

At a closer look, the survivors were carrying some potted plants—most of which people had never seen.

Next door, the owner was also busy soliciting customers and laying out the store sighed and walked out of the store. Full of envy.

“Mr Yan. I didn’t know you were so rich. Without saying a word, you rented such a large store and hired two experts as guards…” The next store owner said that after seeing the two guards’ aura was stronger than his. His gaze was full of awe. “Our shelter is similar in size. How do you make money to support the shelter?”

He and Yan Tao were the directors of a small shelter.

Their shelter’s size was roughly at the same size with hundreds of survivors. A shelter this size struggled in the doomsday. Because their shelter’s distance was not far, and they had similar size and strength, they often exchanged supplies. One way or another, they get acquainted well.

They were struggling together, but in the blink of an eye, one or they skyrocketed to the sky.

The owner was a decisive person. After receiving the Tree Shade’s invitation and understanding their power, he immediately decided to take most of their property to the Tree Shade.

He spent most of his spirit stones he had rented out a 30 meters store. He bought tables and chairs, planning to do a food business.

After he investigated, he found out the food ingredients price at the tree shade was much cheaper compared to other places. Unfortunately, he could afford a large store. Most of the tables were placed outside the store.

But he didn’t expect his acquaintance who was also the director of a small shelter like him to rent a store with a 100 square meters size. And also, he hired two Fifth Awakening Stage guards!

The Tree Shade was relatively safe, few hunters dared to make trouble. Once any troublemaker emerges, the puppets or patrols will deal with them.

Hiring guards seems not useful.

However, the Fifth Awakening guards were a golden sign.

He hired many survivors to hand out leaflets. But the passing by hunters threw them away. There were a lot of crumpled leaflets in front of the store, but not many hunters were willing to walk in to take a look.

Mr Yan next door didn’t even hand out flyers. Passing by hunters standing outside the store felt the two guards’ aura in awe. At the same time, they were curious enough to step into the store.

The shop owner next door has mixed feelings in his heart. Yan Tao looked at Mr Chen next door. He knows what the man was thinking. He obviously can’t tell him the trick. It won’t be good to teach his competitor.

He put on a false smile. In his heart, he couldn’t help but recall that funny summer. A team of nearly 10 people came to his shelter in the High-speed rail trains station with a truckload full of goods. He traded spirit stones, minerals and herbs with the Tree Shade for a large number of guns and weapons, and even a Demon Slayer longsword.

At that time, it was not even called the Demon Slayer longsword. But Yan Tao learned about this weapon earlier than others. Tasted the sweetness, he later decisively changed their business. He took the initiative to go out to look for all kinds of rare minerals and herbs and went to the Tree Shade to trade. Over this period of time of finding materials for trade, he became more and more skilled in searching for materials.

Not only did he pull on all hunters in his shelter, but he also hired some people at Tree Shade. Forming a small team. Mr Chen, next door thought the two guards were hired today. He was unaware these two were part of his team.

In order to accumulate experience as a businessman, Yan Tao even gave up his search for metals and minerals. In the wilderness, there were too many materials that people don’t know about. While his team was committed to planning research. Through their assessment, they can distinguish which plant has a high value and which could only be used for decoration.

Because of his professional expertise and several transactions with the Tree Shade had proven to be more profitable, Yan Tao compiled a plant book. It contains more than a hundred kinds of post-doomsday newly emerged plants.

But Yan Tao suspected that the Tree Shade was more knowledgeable than his plant illustration book. Each time he brought the goods, the person in charge of handling the transaction could always distinguish the plants’ value and quality.

In fact, Tang Yu also had a comprehensive herb illustration book, including plant hers, foreign beast herbs and others.

But the herb and the demonic beast illustration book were different. The reason why Tang Yu sold it at a low price was that demonic beasts were humans’ mortal enemies. Publishing a book that describes the characteristics of demonic beasts greatly reduces hunters’ casualties who went out to hunt.

Which means more profit to the shelter.

But the herb and mineral illustration books were different. It was precious information that even he didn’t reveal too much information to Yan Tao, a long-term herb supplier. He just mentioned how to gather them.

After all, Lord Tang won’t accept if the herb quality was too poor.

This was the reason why Yan Tao was able to open this store. This was also the reason why he had many herbs. Although the Tree Shade doesn’t want it, it was still rare for most hunters.

At this time, Mr Chen stood in front of a mediocre-quality fishy herb with shining eyes, “…what you have here is the herb that can strengthen the body?”

Fishy herb was the main material of Body Strengthening Potion. This was not a secret. The herbs crushed and soaked into the water also had a certain strengthening function. Many hunters who couldn’t afford the Body Strengthening Potion would gather wild fishy herb to strengthen their body.

When Yan Tao heard this, the fake smile on his face suddenly became sincere.


The commercial district opening and the supermarket discount lasted for three days.

From morning to evening, the supermarket doors were still crowded.

While these hunters focused their minds on rune equipment, some of the more powerful hunters set their goal on another matter.

The Martial Arts Tournament.

The rewards have been long announced. The first place will be rewarded with three C-class equipment, including weapons, combat suits and combat boots.

Second and third place also get a C-class weapon.

This doesn’t even include the other auxiliary cultivation resources.

Such a bounty!

No hunters who aimed for a good result would miss this opportunity.

National Calendar, August 18th, 20xx.

Doomsday Calendar, March 5th, 0001.

On the second day of the opening, the preliminary round of the Martial Arts Tournament began.

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