My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 286


Tang Yu also arrived to watch the competition, sitting in the middle of the audience.

Among the hunters’ participants, there were many Sixth Awakening experts, which was a rare sight for ordinary hunters. But in Tang Yu’s eyes, these people’s battles were average.

Thanks to a great variety and dazzling special abilities that opened his eyes a lot, seeing these experts doesn’t mean much for him.

“Hey, unknowingly, I’ve become quite strong too.”

When he thought back to the first time he went to Lindong, he had faced the deadly threat of a sniper rifle.

But now, even if a sniper bullet shot him, it won’t cause fatal damage.

Ordinary bullets were impossible to hit him, but it’s different with a rune bullet empowered with spiritual power and comes with a tracking function. This kind of bullet would be quite a threat to him.


The preliminary round starts at 9 o’clock in the morning and is suspended at 12 at noon, with 2 hours of break time in between.

Starting at 2 o’clock in the afternoon and lasting until 6 in the evening. And then 7 until 12 o’clock in the midnight.

A total of three-time slots.

The martial arts tournament was arranged in a hurry and did not specify how many days of the preliminary rounds and how many days of the final rounds.

Everything will be depended on the progress of the tournament.

A total of 28 group matches of the first stage of preliminary rounds. Some last for a long time, some short.

Even some people stayed in the ring for more than an hour before being dismissed.

After 9 PM, the 100 player battle royal preliminary stage ended.

After one hour break, the second stage will begin, the loser’s challenge.

The challenge was one-on-one. The winner can have 30 minutes of rest time so that it won’t take too long. A few smaller sub-rings also opened at the same time.

Without any surprise, the rules that make the challenge rights required to be purchased causing not a lot of people to participate in the loser’s challenge. At best, there were only 200-300 people.

Spirit stones don’t grow on trees. Most of them were Double or Triple Awakening Stage hunters who were almost beaten to death at the previous round.

Who would have to pay the money to get abused again?

If they get injured, they will need to pay for the treatment!

Some people heard that after the seriously injured participants were sent to the Tree Shade Shelter, they miraculously recovered in a short time.

But their friends didn’t see any joy from the faces of the discharged patients. Their faces were as black as the bottom of the pot.

God knows how high the charges of Tree Shade Hospital are.

However, the participants paid voluntarily were quite wealthy. Unless they were fatally injured, these hunters would not pay for the recovery fee, although they will require a longer recovery time.

After some money calculation, some people figured out although the hospital charges were very high, the time to lie in bed unable to hunt down demonic beasts were even higher.

That’s why some injured participants took a trip to the Tree Shade Hospital and buy a ‘Dean’s Healing’ package so they could recover quickly and keep their status as winners.


The martial arts tournament was held, attracting over ninety-nine percent of the survivors of the shelter.

Lorraine’s bar has got a big screen with a live broadcast of the martial arts tournament. But unlike the usually busy and bustling bar, today it was a bit lonely.

The competition venue was not far from the bar, so most of the customers ran to the scene to feel the atmosphere, making Lorraine grit her teeth.

Now, the commercial district has become lively and bright with spirit stone energy based street lamps that illuminate the area. If the area was dark, probably the timid survivors won’t dare to go out.


Villa area.

At this time, a few sneaky figures were approaching the forbidden area.

Perhaps because of the restricted area, there were only a few street lights here. The light was dimly illuminating the castle wall that could be seen from afar.

The hunter with the black snake tattooed on his arm hid amidst the shadow of the trees around him. Walking in the shadows, a few members quietly followed behind him.

Like a professional!

Black Snake gestured at a few others, and they held their breath, smeared the darkness ahead.

They had already crossed into the forbidden area. Far away, they saw the fence full of green vines; behind the fence was the castle garden. They could cross the garden and enter the castle.

Black Snake clenched his fist and whispered, “Don’t go through the main gate. We cross the fence from the side and then sneak in through the window at the side of the castle.”

The team was about to move when suddenly, Black Snake’s ears twitched as he heard a strange sound, “Oh no! Someone’s coming! Could it be the guards of the castle? We’ve been observing for a few days, but we haven’t found any patrols outside the castle!”

With a determined face, he said towards the team members around him, “At this time of the day, the castle’s guards must not be wary. It’s fine as long as we’re not being discovered. We will forcefully rush in and search for valuable information fast and then leave quickly in the night.”

He grabbed his weapon and gazed towards a short distance.

Under the moonlight, a dozen meters away, several figures with the same numbers with them stunned, a few were decisive. Black Snake looked at them in the eyes, feeling familiar with the figures.

Isn’t that… it was them! It was an adventure group they had contacted to spy on information!

When the two sides met at this time, it suddenly became clear.

They’re allies!

The expressions of the people on the opposite side were equally unpredictable, and they were obviously already aware.

Black Snake reached out and pointed to himself, and then pointed towards the left. The leader of the team, on the other side nodded and pointed to the right.

A silent conversation, but they quickly reached a consensus.

Although they were allies, neither Black Snake nor the other group had any intention of cooperating.

The best outcome was to go their own way and not have anything to do with each other.

The group may not be as professionals as they were. In case their infiltration fails and attracts the castle guards, most likely, they will also be discovered.

After the two groups separated, they didn’t meet again.

Black Snake took his members and came to the left side of the castle, near the fence.

“The fence is not high; we can easily cross it. After entering the garden, pay attention to crouch your body down so you can use the dense flowers in the garden to hide from the line of sight from above the castle.”

Taking a deep breath, Black Snake swept his gaze across the faces of his team members.

There was tension, and so was excitement.

With a cold expression, he spat out one word from his mouth, “Go!”

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