My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 287


Their bodies bowed and bent, their legs exerted themselves like sensitive cheetahs, and they crossed over the fence in one go.


Landing on the soft dirt, the team quickly advanced forward.

Apart from the graveled pathway in front of the main gate, there were no streetlights in the garden. The darkness became their best protection.

Black Snake was in the lead; his legs kept running, “See that window? We’ll enter the castle through there later.”

As he spoke, Black Snake suddenly felt his body a little heavy, as if his legs were tied with a heavyweight. When he looked down, with the help of the moonlight, he saw his legs were wrapped around by flowering vines.

‘Was I running too fast and accidentally got entangled? There are too many flowers and plants planted here…’

Black Snake thought to himself, but the next moment his eyes snapped wide. He had clearly slowed down, intended to break free, but saw these flowering vines actively spread towards him.

Around him, the vines within the radius of several meters had come to life with rustling sounds as if they were crazy.

“Be careful, something is not right here!” He roared out low. He took out his combat knife out; a large vine was cut off, “Get out of here! Quick!”

He saw more flowers and plants in the distance also moved; some had their buds open just like carnivore plants. The vines rolled together and attacked forward like a whip.

This garden was too bizarre. Black Snake felt a chill in his heart. He didn’t know who was the owner of the garden plants here. Now, he only wanted to leave as soon as possible.

BlackSnake’s knife moved up and down quickly. He increased his running speed, no longer caring about the loud noise it would cause.

The team members were also panicked. Those who had the store-bought swords were fine; they could cut through the vines. But the spear-wielding hunters were desperate. Their hands and feet were bound, struggling to grapes the spears.

“Help, help!”

“No, don’t come over.”

“Not there -“


The mournful screams made Black Snake even more afraid to turn back. He just desperately waved the battle knife. He leaped with a strong charge and finally jumped into the castle from an open window.

Soon, two other members jumped into the window. They gasped in shock until they turned around to see the vicious flowers couldn’t reach them.

They felt relieved.

“Unicorn, Grouse… are you two the only ones survived?” Black Snake looked out the window, and two rumbles could be faintly seen in the distant garden.

If the person who was tied up was himself…

Black Snake shivered.

The other person with his arms tattooed with an open-winged bird muttered. “I’m not a Grouse. I’m Eagle. Boss, how should we enter the castle?”

Black Snake glanced around. They were in a corridor. The walls on both sides were decorated with crystal lamps. In addition to the few rustling sounds outside, the corridor was quiet. There are no other sounds… aside from their two companions left in the garden… probably being turned as plant fertilizer.

He hesitated for a moment.

He instinctively ran towards this window, which he selected early in the morning—forgetting the fact they had run to the other side.

Seeing the Boss didn’t hesitate to move, Unicorn and Eagle followed.

Unwilling to admit his mistake, Black Snake contemplated and said. “Have you noticed? We made quite a noise in the garden. I also faintly heard screams from the other side of the castle. The other group must have encountered the same fate as we do.”

“But still… there was no guard in this castle. What does this mean…”

Obviously, it was just an excuse. The more he said, the more his eyes glowing from confidence.

“Maybe there’s no guard in this castle. Think about this. The castle is inhabited by the Tree Shade Shelter’s high-ranks. They were already powerful, so they didn’t need guards. The outside of the castle was surrounded by a cannibalistic garden. Ordinary intruders would become plant fertilizer. If we’re not strong enough, we will have the same fate.”

Black Snake smiled wide, showing off his teeth. Both Unicorn and Eagle nodded but vaguely sensed something amiss.


After entering the castle through the window, the straight corridor was longer than they had expected. Unicorn was a little uneasy, “Boss, we’ve been walking for so long. Why haven’t we seen a single room?”

“Don’t panic.” Black Snake’s expression was calm, “As long as we don’t run into the castle guards, nothing will happen. As for the rest… the castle is so big, as long as we continue to look for things, we can always find valuable clues.”

As they advanced for several minutes, a change finally appeared ahead.

It was a wide hall with golden chandeliers hanging from the top, a red carpet on the floor, and a life-like statue standing to the left and right.

Black Snake showed a smile, “Look, there is a change. Even the hall is not guarded. It looks like our action tonight will be a smooth one.”

The team stepped over the carpet. Eagle gaze at the statue from both sides, admiring. “I can’t imagine the owner of this castle had good taste. These statues are very realistic. But these animals are a bit unintelligible; the shapes are weird.”

Unicorn disdainfully asked, “That’s just decoration.” He gestured with a battle knife in his hand. “Strength is the king. What’s so beautiful about this kind of broken stone? I can easily destroy these broken stone sculptures into–“

He hadn’t finished his words yet.

Unicorn’s sweat hair suddenly stood. He seemed to see the eyes of the strange beast sculpture looking at him.

It must be an illusion created by the enemy.

Next to the two-headed dog stone sculpture, the beast snapped around.

Four eyes were staring at him with murderous intent. Their originally closed mouth opened, revealing sharp teeth.

The stone sculpture came to life!


A few minutes later, Black Snake, Unicorn, and Eagle were running wildly through another narrow corridor.

At this time, the Eagle tattooed man’s arm has disappeared. Blood kept dripping, the man’s face twisted from the pain.

Unicorn was also severely injured, scorched, and blackened, turning into a black-skinned unicorn. Only the Black Snake was in better shape.

However, his mind was broken.

He lost his calm expression.

Walking through the garden, the flowers and plants came to life.

Walking by the stone statue, the statue also came to life!

Their intention was originally a spy-style secret infiltration! But how the hell does it suddenly become a different genre?!

Even if Black Snake had been prepared to be discovered by the guards, he would use his trump card…

But these stone sculptures…

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