My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 288


Huffing and puffing.

The team gasped for breath. They were so thankful for the narrow corridor. If not, they won’t survive this long. They couldn’t hold on any longer. However, the stone sculptures seem to be tireless.

The corridor leads to a crossroad. Black Snake didn’t think which one to take. When he saw the left fork, two hunters panicked and ran out.

They looked familiar. Aren’t they that allies we bumped into outside before the garden?

The two sides exchanged glances and understood each other’s situation. There were pursuers behind them, so they could only take the other path in the crossroad.

However, before the Black Snake step, a burst of loud footsteps came into his ears. With his eyes, he saw the several remaining forks. Damn… several hunters are running wild. It was more than one person, maybe four or five people.

There are so many allies!


The allies were stunned. Now, all of the corridors had stone sculpture pursuers while they had nowhere to run.

Black Snake’s gaze swept over his allies… Their strengths are not weak. Otherwise, they wouldn’t last until now. He had a ruthless color flashing across his face, immediately opened his mouth, and spoke with a low tone, “Gentlemen, now we have no way to retreat. But we still have a way to choose one of the corridors and fight. With our number of people, as long as we work together, we have a chance to escape.”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded heavily.

They were now grasshoppers on a rope.

Just now, when their numbers were small, they couldn’t deal with the stone sculpture chasers behind them. Now, they have gathered more than two dozen experts. There were only three or four stone sculpture chasers in one corridor; can’t they still do it?

They also do not need to kill the stone sculpture, as long as they seize the opportunity to deal with it.

Countless thoughts flashed in their minds. A lot of people have secretly resolved it. As long as they can escape death, they won’t come back here.

The exchange only lasted a few seconds. These people were acting decisively and quickly chose one of the passages to break into.

Their opponent was a cheetah stone sculpture.

The crowd rushed forward, having taken out the bottom of the attack.

Swords clashed, a roar exploded.

The next moment


Amidst the smoke and dust, the cheetah leaped elegantly. Raising its claws towards the hunters and snap snap snap. Slashing the hunters unconscious.

When the claws enlarged in front of his eyes, Black Snake’s heart still couldn’t figure it out. There were many of them, and they could last for a while now. Why did they suddenly defeat each other?

This can’t be real!


Castle, Top floor.

Tang Yu did not go over to watch the evening game. Initially, he intended to train in the castle’s built-in training camp but did not expect to happen to see a good show.

“Fantasy blockbuster… no… Castle defense module 1.0 beta… video recording… complete.”

In front of his body, the crystal ball was suspended. The crystal ball lens has long recorded all kinds of things that happened in the castle before.

“The Castle defense module works better than expected.”

Tang Yu pondered, he had long limited most of the power of the ‘wreath of thorns‘ and ‘guardian stone sculpture’. It was the reason why Black Snake and others were able to survive for so long. Otherwise, when they first pass through the castle garden, those people would have to be turned into plant fertilizer altogether.

The psychedelic passages also worked very well.

The spies seemed to run around the castle for a long time. But in reality, they only kept going in circles until he finished testing and let go of the Guardian Stone Sculpture’s restrictions, and those people were taken out in a heap.


The Martial Arts Tournament was still in full swing.

Last night, the first round of the preliminary round of the 100-player battle royale ended. The second round of the loser’s challenge also took place in part, with a small change in the number of winners.

And this morning, the loser’s challenge from yesterday continued at 8 AM, which lasted until 10 AM. and the final… was put on hold for tomorrow.

Leaving almost a whole day for the participants to relax and rest also let the martial arts tournament brew better.

The official handicap opened by the shelter also took advantage of this time to accept more bets.

At this time, the audience was guessing who would win the tournament. But they were also curious about how the finals will be conducted.

That’s right. The way of the final was still not announced until now.


The square-faced man sucked in a bowl of noodles into his mouth, “Congratulations on entering the final, old man.”

Zhou Jianhong was sitting next to him. The same iron bowl that was bigger than a basin was on his table. In order to meet the huge meal demand of the hunters, the catering outlets in the business district, which are also keeping up with the times, have launched a jumbo set.

The square-faced man quickly loved the noodle bowl. The price was quite cheap. He couldn’t help, and he called the waiter, “another one…no, two bowls.”

Since he stayed in the Tree Shade, the square-faced man also participated in the tournament. He wasn’t able to enter the final; he more or less still has some regrets.

“Hey, I’m still not strong enough.”

This time, it was said that there are more than 300 Fifth Awakening hunters participating in the tournament. He is only in the middle and lower reaches of the Fifth Awakening, so it was expected that he couldn’t enter the final.

It just makes the square-faced man feel more and more like there are people outside his reach.

“Elder brother Zhou, I’m betting on you.”

Zhou Jianhong let out a bitter smile, “The final… I guess it’s just going through the motions; this time, the C-level rune equipment rewards attracted too many experts to participate. The ones who are really qualified to compete for the top three are undoubtedly those big brothers who have broken through to the Sixth Awakening stage.”

But since he had come this far, he had to do his best to try. At least, fighting with experts of the same level would also allow him to gain a lot.

Someone walked inside the restaurant and passed by them.

The young man had a faint awakening aura. He looked like just an ordinary person inside the restaurant who was eating.

Zhou Jianhong, however, felt that this young man looked familiar. After staring for a while, he finally remembered and hesitated, calling the man, “Mr. Tang?”

He was a little unsure how to address him.

Tang Yu turned around but immediately recognized Zhou Jianhong. They have met many times at Lindong. Although he wore a mask most of the time…

He simply ordered a Big Mac set with foreign beast meat and sat opposite Zhou Jianhong’s team. Tang Yu did not have the slightest hint of being a director of the shelter. This made Zhou Jianhong completely relaxed, and a few people chatted.

Naturally, they talked about the upcoming final.

Zhou Jianhong was quite principled and did not ask how the final was conducted… Perhaps he is also clear with his own strength. Not to mention that he had a slim chance of getting the top three, or even top ten. Even if he learned about the final in advance, it wouldn’t be of much use.

Tang Yu pondered for a while and spoke. “No hope, it’s not necessarily true. The way of the final battle will be different from what you imagine. The strong will have a higher chance of winning, but the weak also have a chance.”

“As long as the action is fast enough in the finals, Brother Zhou may have the hope of winning the top three.”

Tang Yu said very vaguely, not mentioning the slightest topic of how the final will be conducted.

Zhou Jianhong and the square-faced man were a bit puzzled, yet the words of having the hope of winning the top three were firmly in their minds.

The words of the shelter director are not false, right?

After finishing lunch and strolling through the streets, the square-faced man was still a bit confused. The young man who had no strong aura just now was actually the director of the shelter?

But he didn’t underestimate him. He had noticed the strong aura of the Tree Shade experts. Perhaps this young director had even reached the peak of the awakening.

Next to him, Zhou Jianhong thought about what Tang Yu just said. He was, even more, looking forward to the final tomorrow.

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