My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 289


Doomsday Calendar, 3rd Month, 7th day.


The Martial Arts Tournament arena.

The audience who had bought tickets had already sat in the stands early. A lot of seats in audience seats were still empty during the preliminary rounds. But now, they had to take time to watch the finals, even if these high and mighty figures were busy.

After all, in the finals later, there will be a battle between the big brothers no one can afford to miss.

One after another, the strongest people who participated in the final also came to the venue. These people were arranged in the audience side of the rest area.

Some of the participants verbally tested their opponents, while others closed their eyes and waited for the match to begin.

“Look, it’s Wang Wu, the captain of the Blazing Fire Battle Group. He’s a boss level powerhouse!”

“Purple Rose of the Rose Mercenary Group is also here! What an amazing woman.”

“That Sixth Awakening big brother over there seems to have appeared out of nowhere. It looks like he’s very strong. He might be a strong contender for the top three this time.”

“The Silver Wolf Mercenary Group’s vice leader was said to be the strongest person in the shelter with 200-300 hunters under him. I never thought he would also participate in the competition.”

“Hey, I bought the bet for the silver wolf vice leader for the first three. Although the odds are a little lower, with the strength of this big man, there will be a steady profit.”

A day of preparation time, the identity of most of the hundred-strong people who entered the final has long been dugout.

These people may not be like stars who people recognize when they walk down the road. Yet their names and their battle records resounded all over the Lincheng area.

With so many hunters in Tree Shade, there are always a few people who have met these strong guys, so their circle wasn’t big. Soon, the appearance of these strong guys was memorized by the spectators. Even the ordinary survivors understood the hunters’ strength.

Ordinary, elite, expert, big brother.

Zhou Jianhong’s strength was also counted as a well-known expert. But in this final, he was only a supporting role or not even a supporting role. He could only become the background passers-by.

To set off the strength of the big brother.

These backdrop contestants were not even bet by the audience. Only the dozen big brothers became the focus of attention.

The time came at precisely eight o’clock.

Shay dressed in formal wear and ascended to the ring. This time, he had no-nonsense and went straight to the point, “All contestants, please follow our guiding staff and go to the competition venue. The way the final will be conducted is a bit special. We, Tree Shade, have prepared a place for all the contestants where they can play their strength to the fullest but don’t have to worry about casualties.”

The hundreds of participants left.

The Department of Municipal Affairs staff and the hunters brought several huge screens onto the ring, arranged in a hexagonal shape so that all the spectators around the venue could clearly see the live broadcast of the upcoming final.

“Spirit stones filling is complete, screen number one debugging is complete…”

“The second screen debugging is completed…”

The viewers in the audience seat were asking at their companion, looking more and more puzzled.

“What the hell? How did the final being broadcasted?”

“Since it’s not in the competition venue, it seems the final is not between hunters. Maybe it’s participant vs. demonic beasts? And the number of slain demonic beasts and the rank will be added to the points?”

“No way! I came here to see the battle between big guys. What’s the point of hunting demonic beasts?!”

“I can’t agree with that. After all, it’s the big brothers. Even if the opponent is a demonic beast, we can learn a lot of postures. Maybe the reason they didn’t hold a direct battle was that in the preliminary round before, more than two dozen hunters were killed while countless people were seriously injured…”

Even if the use of sharp weapons was restricted and the patrol members around the area were ready to drag out the fallen participants who had lost the fighting ability, the battle was not a sparring match. This the participants know, and the audience also understands. There were cowardly ordinary survivors who covered their eyes because they’re afraid to watch. But this battle was indeed too cruel.

Even ordinary survivors had seen corpses.

In the wilderness, there’s a lot of hunters who died by their own kinds’ hand.

In addition to the companions of the deceased participant, no one would even care who was killed just now.

“The hunters that died in the previous round were mostly ordinary hunters. The impact is not that big. But the final round is different. Most of them were Fifth Awakening Stage experts and a few big brother hunters. Once the battle reached the fierce stage, a few dead big brothers are…”

The Sixth Awakening big brothers were mostly members of top teams or a vice leader of a large regiment. If a lot of strong people died at once in the Lincheng Area hunter circle, it would stir a lot of shocks.

Tree Shade, as the organizer, will also receive a lot of pressure from major regiments. This was the reason why they changed the final, right?

As the hunters with the best analytical skills nudged the others to understand. They were also disappointed to see the game had gone from a battle between big brothers into demonic beasts hunt.

The audience talked for a few minutes, and the big screen in the ring finally showed up.

What appeared on the screen was lush foliage. The camera was constantly pulling up. Through the screens, a thick forest was presented in front of the audience.

“This is the final match venue, the Forest of Death ……”

Shay picked up the microphone to explain, “But the forest of death is not real, everyone. Please look over here.”

The picture on the screen turned into a corridor with small rooms on both sides, and at that moment, the participants were walking into the rooms on both sides in turn.

Some sharp-eyed viewers noticed that in each room, only one participant entered.

Shay continued, “The Forest of Death is a product of our shelter’s research. The construction of a spiritual space. Yes, it’s like virtual reality space but slightly different. In each special room, the person’s spiritual power acts as the medium. You can be in the spiritual space, and in reality, your body can be condensed exactly the same.”

“And our final will take place in the Forest of Death.”

“It should be noted that the spiritual space can only copy the physical body and ordinary clothing and will not copy the rune equipment on the participants’ bodies into it together. If any hunters need to change their clothing, please do it now.”

This was not only said to the audience present, but also through the training camp’s facilities, into the ears of every participating hunter.

Shay paused to let the audience and the participants digest this news before continuing, “At the start of the finals, everyone was required to fight barehanded. But since we have prepared a final venue in the Spiritual Space, we will naturally no longer restrict the use of weapons.”

“Throughout the Forest of Death, there are all kinds of light spheres of all sizes, as long as you touch the light sphere, you can get a piece of rune equipment to arm yourself to enhance your fighting ability.”

“This tournament ranking points used the survival time and the number of participants killed multiplied by a correction factor. The final points derived from the top three, and also the first, second, and third runners-up of this tournament.”

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