My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 29


Chapter 29 – The Farm


Chen Haiping was stunned.

Does Leader Tang didn’t know how to grow crops that he thought it was easy to grow crops? Even if we managed to grow the crops, by the time the crops fully matured, our shelter would be gone by then.

However, looking at Tang Yu’s self-confidence, Chen Haiping didn’t think that was the case anymore. These days, whenever the leader showed this expression, that must be a good idea.

For a moment he felt confused.

“Now let’s go to the crop planting site.”

There was a gap between the eastern and western villa area. There’s a valley in between the areas.

That was the place where they originally planted crops.

In addition to the entrance of the valley, the nearby area was surrounded by steep peaks. Across these peaks was the mountain behind the castle. But the mountain was steep, even if a demonic beast was going to cross these peaks. it’s just as difficult as crossing the city wall.

As a result, as long as the entrance of the valley was guarded, that place was relatively safe.

No wonder Wang Tai ordered to grow crops there.

At a glance, a piece of reclaimed farmland could be seen. Occasionally, some growing crops were seen.

The problem was, most of the crops had been trampled down by demonic beasts, leaving the ground covered with messy traces. Chen Haiping had ordered some people to clean this place but it’s still messy. Originally, this place was lacking of sunlight, the soil nutrient wasn’t good and there was little to no fertilizer, making the growth of the crops slow. After the demonic wave attacked the shelter, these crops were basically abandoned.

“These crops can’t be saved but…”

Tang Yu thought that was a good place to plant crops. Lack of fertilizer, sunlight or the crop growth cycle was not the problem as long as that place was a relatively safe place. Not just against the demonic beasts, but also from other survivors.

If the crops were planted in an open space, when the crops have fully matured, Tang Yu couldn’t guarantee the crops’ safety if other survivors had evil intentions.

He should never underestimate the roots of human’s nature.

Then, the next thing to do was…

Tang Yu selected an area, opened the system panel and slide through the resource building list.

Chen Haiping who had been following him grow anxious.

He couldn’t figure out what the Leader’s plan was.

However, the food crisis was critical and could no longer be delayed.

Suddenly, he saw Tang Yu’s expression became solemn. His eyes gazed at the messy plot of land in front of him, he stretched out his palms.

‘This is…?’

Chen Haiping sighed in his heart as he fixed his gaze firmly on the plot of land.

Shortly after, he saw a lot of woods flew mid-aid from the branch destroyed by demonic beast. Countless stones also followed, and soon, a three-story building appeared in the open space. It looked like a mill.


Even though that wasn’t the first time he witnessed such miraculous phenomena, it’s different from the city wall construction.

Back then, the city wall was growing up from the ground. But after all, there was no complicated shape. But this mill with windmill above it was different. It carried complex structure that he couldn’t even understand.

Chen Haiping looked at Tang Yu’s outstretched hands.

It seemed like his hands turned into a pair of invisible giant hands and carved the whole building.

The construction’s speed was extremely fast!

This ability was beyond his imagination. At this level, he couldn’t figure it out.

The changes didn’t stop at the mill.

The pair of invisible giant hands touched the ground spreading around the mill as the center. The land was overturned, the pothole was smoothed, and a ditch had appeared. The formerly messy land changed to a fully cultivated fields.

Eight acres of land, with a mill in the center.

This was the whole farmland! He changed it with just the touch of his fingertips.

“The farm construction is completed. 500 units of spirit stones, 150 units of wood, and 50 units of stone had been consumed. “

Wood and stones were plentiful.

The consumed 500 units of spirit stones could feed hundreds of survivors in the shelter. It’s more than enough.

That was a long-term investment.

As a man with more than 10 thousand spirit stones, Tang the Lord considered it quite cheap. If only he got enough resource materials, he would build two more farms to fill up the entire valley area. The harvest scenery would be quite spectacular when all the crops had fully matured.

The system was powerful.

After witnessing many shocking events, Chen Haiping’s shock resistance had also risen.

Wasn’t that just building a house?

During the doomsday, was it strange to build a fully furnished house?

As the clerk of the shelter, he’s now more concerned about the actual problem. “Leader, is there anything special about these farmland?”

“These farmland contains special energy on its soil. When using it to grow crops, it’s not just easier to grow but also promotes its growth.”

“The growth speed is…” Tang Yu yawned halfway, “probably between ten times to dozen, depending on the planted crop types.”

In fact, he didn’t understand it, he relied on the system’s description.

The function of the farm was to accelerate the growth of the crops, as for the principles, soil changes, etc… Anyway, what he knew was that the soil was no longer an ordinary soil. As long as the crops could mature quickly, that’s more than enough.

Nothing else really mattered at this point.

Tang Yu continued, “In short, arrange the survivors to sow crops. The field nutrients here are sufficient. It’s not a hard job and give rewards to survivors who perform well.”

Chen Haiping nodded.

He was almost shocked by his shock resistance.

It could accelerate the crops growth by tens to dozens of times. Before the doomsday, it’s all just a fantasy. But now it felt incredible.

If someone else were about to tell him about this, he wouldn’t believe it.

Chen Haiping stood there for some time, knowing that Tang Yu would not make jokes about such an important issue. He estimated how much food these acres of farmland could provide to the shelter.

Soon, he lost count.

With a dozen times growth rate, it’s more than enough to supply the nearly 100 survivors of the current shelter. Even if the numbers multiplied by ten, it would not be a problem.

In the future, the shelter would grow even bigger. There would be more and more survivors. With these farmlands, they would never run out of food.

If one farm’s not enough, they could build the second, third, and more farmlands.

No wonder why Leader Tang had always been confident in establishing the shelter.

Before today, Chen Haiping felt there wasn’t a hope to establish a small shelter here. But when he saw Leader Tang talked and laughed as he waved his hands to build city wall and the farmland, he knew there’s a probability that the shelter could develop into a medium-sized shelter with tens of thousands survivors.

They had masters, city walls, and food. Considering the aspects, it’s already considered a medium-sized shelter.

The food crisis had been solved. Chen Haiping prepared to call two trustworthy survivors to sow the field.

Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind and he frowned, “Leader, now that we have so many survivors in the shelters, we have some difficulties in the management. Especially with those foreign hunters. They became even more unruly and hard to restrain. I’m afraid there will become a problems in the near future.”

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