My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 290


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With Shay’s narration, the screen once again turned back to the forest.

The camera kept scrolling up, and some strange shaped demonic beasts could be seen flying through the sky. When the camera pulled closer, even the pores on the magical beasts could be seen clearly.

The audience outside the field froze in awe.

Spiritual space, virtual reality was completely beyond their imagination.

Is this what human technology can do?

However, as the camera pulled up to the very top and encompassed the entire forest of death, the audience could see that the forest was surrounded by a circle of gray fog.

No doubt this is not the normal environment!

For the existence of spiritual space, even if they still find it hard to believe, what’s in front of their eyes tells them that this was true. That was what the ordinary audience thought. The big boss sitting in the front row was even more surprised.

“We won’t die in the spiritual space. That means we can fight and kill as much as we want. If I trained with this…”

They weren’t stupid and quickly figured out the key point. 

The construction of the spiritual space was very realistic and detailed; even they can simulate demonic beasts.

If they can fight in it for a whole day, the experience they gain will be more than a month’s worth of fighting in the wilderness.

They looked at the young figure in the center of the audience seat with complicated expressions for a while.


The preparation time has passed, and the participants officially entered.

The hunters in their own solitary rooms in the training camp closed their eyes. In the next moment, they appeared in a dense forest.

Around each participant, there was a translucent light screen that covered them. On the light screen, a five-minute countdown was slowly decreasing.

The screen on the stage also changed.

The figures of the contestants appeared on the screen, and after a short pause, they switched to the next person.

Flaming King V, Purple Rose, Silver Wolf Vice Leader… the big brothers appeared on the screen, including the Fifth Awakening hunters that the camera didn’t miss capturing.

“Huh? Why is this guy naked?”

The screen usually only causes viewers to talk when a big shot appears; however, when this ordinary passerby contestant appeared, the chatter was even greater.

Compared to others who were either in casual or sportswear, this hunter who was wearing only shoes but not any clothes was quite noticeable. Even the camera lingered for a few more seconds.

“It seems to be a captain of the Heavy Motorcycle Mercenary Corps, tsk, the world has gone mad.”

“No, didn’t you see any naked participants undressing just now?”

“Must be taken off before entering the room. It’s a solitary room, and experts always had certain eccentricities. I guess this one’s just too crazy.”

The analyst hunter didn’t underestimate him and said. “Don’t you hear the host speaking just now? Spiritual space can only copy ordinary clothing. That person must have worn a full set of rune equipment into the chamber. As a result… the body cohesion was copied, but the rune equipment did not follow the appearance… thus it came to this.”

The naked participant was flustered. He did not expect this situation at all. When he heard the rule instructions, he thought that the body defense equipment will become ordinary clothes. Even if it doesn’t, he thought they will give him a set of novice clothes. Who would have thought he would appear naked with no clothes?

The Heavy Motorcycle Captain knew that this game was broadcasted to the audience outside. He hurriedly covered his vital points, eyes swept around looking for some branches to cover him.

However, he was instantly in despair!

A semi-transparent light curtain covered him. It was sturdy and won’t disappear before the countdown finished. In the light curtain, there is not even a trace of turf. Apart from the surrounding scene, the space is completely separated.

The strong naked man could only crouch down and curl up like a kitten. The competition has not yet officially begun. He has not yet fought with other participants, but he already suffered heavy injuries.

What a heavy mental blow.


The finalists were randomly distributed in various locations in the Forest of Death. Each participant was separated from each other by a considerable distance. At least, they could not see other hunters within the light screen, nor could they see the light sphere representing rune equipment.

There was a lot of equipment, yet the forest was huge.

In the light screen, Zhou Jianhong swept his gaze around and frowned in thought.

“Although there is no time limit for the finals, as the process goes on, the demonic beasts in the forest will become more and more powerful until the participants are unable to resist and are kicked out.”

“There are no points for killing demonic beasts. The only way to score points is to kill the participants. With the finals’ points mechanism, even if one person fails to kill at the end, the score is bound to be low.”

He thought of Tang Yu’s tips to move fast. Originally, he couldn’t figure out the meaning of this sentence, but combined with the competition rules he just learned… he managed to get the point.

Once the five-minute time was up, the light shield shattered.

While others chose to hide first and make plans later, Zhou Jianhong jumped directly onto the treetops and moved quickly between the trees, while his eyes sharply swept through the surroundings.

Soon, he spotted a white ball of light and a cyan ball of light, and there was a demonic beast guarding right next to the two balls of light. Without hesitation, Zhou Jianhong went forward, swung his fist, and hammered this demonic beast guarding the side of the ball of light. Instantly killing it.

“Sure enough, the demonic beast at the beginning is not strong. Now is the best time to find the rune equipment.”

He reached out and pressed his hand on the white ball of light, and the next moment, a tight-fitting combat suit, was automatically put on.

In order to avoid certain inappropriate scenes, Tang Yu adjusted certain rules of the spiritual space so equipment will become automatically put on when touched.

However, Tang Yu still did not expect that someone entered the arena naked.


The outer world.

The broadcasted screen jumped randomly between the contestants. And once a battle between hunters exploded somewhere, the camera switched quickly to follow.

At this moment, the screen was showing a contestant carefully moving forward in the forest of death. The next moment, the camera switched to somewhere else, somewhere in the forest of death, burst into battle.

Or more appropriately, chasing. 

A young man was fleeing in a rather distressed manner. Behind him, a sturdy man with a scarred face chased him at an incredible speed. And at once he got close enough to him, he held a long sword and stabbed the young man at the waist.

The camera stays on the youth’s stunned and frightened face, and the next moment, it disappears as a point of light.

The big man with a face full of scars licked his lips, very satisfied.

“It’s the leader of our Black Wolf Heart mercenary regiment, Black Panther…”

“Why is your leader not called Black Wolf?”

The members of Wolf Heart snorted coldly. “How can you understand the mind of the team leader? Our team leader broke through to the Sixth Awakening more than a week ago, which is considered powerful among the big guys. I placed the bet on our leader killing more than 5 people. I was worried that the forest would be too big and some contestants would be eliminated by the demonic beasts. Now it seems that our leader is very powerful. It’s not difficult to kill five people!” 

As he spoke, the scene in the forest shifted for a while. A figure rushed out from the dense bushes and looked surprised to see the Black Panther with a face full of scars.

Outside the field, the hunter of the Wolf Heart Mercenary Group was so excited that he almost jumped up, “I know the guy who rushed out! That’s Zhou Jianhong; he’s only a Fifth Awakening Stage hunter. For sure, he can’t escape our leader’s palm. Humph! That’s two people. Who’s next?”

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